from Katrin

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have been reading your online magazine for many years and and always felt very intrigued by the contributions of my fellow readers, both women and sissies alike. I need to put first, that am not one of the males that have been petticoated and feminized by a female relative with the objective to correct negative male behaviour. On the contrary, during all my upbringing I felt rather being forced to be boyish, something I deeply inside never was.

I always envied the girls for their gentleness and, of course, the lovely colourful dresses they were allowed to wear. In my early years I even tried to be bad just for the reason to be put into a dress as punishment. It's amazing because at that time I did not have the slightest clue that something like petticoat punishment or male feminization existed at all.

It is only consecutive that I begun to indulge in my feelings of femininity when I grew older and started to live on my own. We humans, however, are not made to live just on our own and I was steadily looking for a woman that would understand my deepest desires. Eventually, after many years, I found a partner who wasn't just understanding but also encouraged my longing for becoming a submissive maid and sissy.

I am now living in a female led relationship in which I am the one who obeys and serves as the sissy maid I am. Of course, when my Lady took me under her wing, I was a rather uncut gem and that needed lots of training and behaviour modification to efface any vestiges of male traits that I have been acquired in my male upbringing. As for instance, my Lady insisted right from the start that would have to maintain strict chastity and so it was more than consequently that I was fitted for a full chastity belt, that did not only prevent me from masturbating but also kept my male genitalia safely tucked between my legs. Out of reach, out of sight and out of mind, as my Lady used to say.

Another of the skills I had to acquire and improve is the art of needlecraft which leads me to the underlying reason for writing this letter. In all the letters women or the feminized males have written in the past it was rarely mentioned that sewing has been part of petticoating and feminization of males. I find it almost peculiar as proper dressing seems to be an essential part of petticoating and isn't it more than obvious that a male that undergoes a strict regimen of feminization should be encouraged to learn to sew their own clothes? Apart from the fact that needlework can be considered a very useful pastime for a sissy in training. My Lady insisted right from the start that I would have to learn sewing as she would not intend to spend a fortune in clothes that are suitable for a sissy maid.

Of course, I did not start with the dresses sew nowadays. My first projects were simple such as lacy handkerchiefs or frilly panties. Later on I ventured on a simple petticoat or a skirt. Even though I would not dare to call myself a perfect seamstress, it is undisputed that practice does the trick and the more of practice I had the more complicated in the making my dresses or other garments became. By the time I even learned designing patterns and creating designs so my Lady just needs to tell me her conception of the dress she wants me to see in. Of course, it not only she who thinks of new dresses for me and whenever I have a design of a particular garment in mind that I would like to have, I need her approval. As I wrote, we are living in a female led relationship and I need to have her consent to buy the fabrics I need.

I would be more than happy if my letter and the samples of the sissy clothes I made so far would encourage other readers to have the feminized males and sissies trained in this wonderful art. I can not imagine that my Lady and I are the only one on this planet.

I allowed myself to attach two pictures of my last two sewing projects of which I hope they might find your approval. Last but not least I would like to apologize for my language which might not be always in the polished style you are expecting and deserve but English is not my first language. Nevertheless I hope it is fairly intelligible.

Sincerely yours,


Picture #1: Dress "Ivory Sissy" made from ivory bridal satin with a lace front. Under the dress I am wearing 7 layer petticoat made from tulle with organza trimming. Mincing ribbons and hair bow are made from the same fabric.

Picture #2: Sissy suit "Girly Boi" made from pink stretch satin. The suit zips up the back and is completed by a pink blouse with puffy short sleeves, lace front and white high neck collar. A suit like that is ideal for a sissy boy that still struggles with being put into dresses.

1.10.0818-tn 2.10.0818-tn
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Thank you for your letter Katrin. It seems as though what you failed to do as a child you have certainly succeeded as an adult. Congratulations on finding your special partner. I agree that sewing should be a part of any proper petticoating, not only is it a gentle relaxing pastime but productive as well as your beautiful creations speak to. Most of us that sew, and I do, started with small projects but you are doing amazing work far beyond anything the majority of us can do, really, very impressive.

As faithful readers will know, I typically leave the grammar and language of the author intact for the most part, our contributors come from all over the world, not all are fluent in English, Katrin did quite well in opinion.

Auntie Helga

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