My birth name was James now its Jamie Sue. My story began when I was born as my Mother wanted so to have a girl child and I was not. Her hopes were dashed when she found out that she had another boy. I was the last child she had of four and she was told by the doctor later that she could not have any more children. Growing up mother decided that I would be her little girl. I was almost six when I found out I was different than the other of her children. The first six years I had my own room which my father had built onto the house just for me.

I was at a girl friends house when I had to pee and she showed me to the restroom. I pulled down my panties and she said in a surprised voice "oh you are a boy, I said no I am a girl like you and she showed me her "parts". I went home and asked my mother why I was different than Sally. She told she knew one day this would happen. That was when she told me her story about wanted a girl child so badly. She was crying as she explained. I told her that it made no difference and that I was glad to be her girl. She wrapped her loving arms around me and kissed my cheek. Over the next few weeks she and I had long talks about how I was not to let anyone else know just yet. I spent many days wondering how I would have to study other girls and be like them.

My brothers knew and they were told never to tell me but now they knew I had been found out so they just went along with mother's plan to keep it hidden. I am twenty two now and work in my father's bank as a manager. All of the other women in the bank know and don't seem to care. One of the girls has a brother whom I will be going on a date with this weekend. I don't know what to do but I am sure it will work out well as he knows I am not a real girl.

I am not sure why Joe decided to go out with me as he also knows my story. He has made advances toward me before he knew and even try to kiss me once. Mother is so happy about the date and she has bought me a special dress and shoes as well as panty and bra for the date.

You see I am hoping that this date works out because I and mother have waited for the day I would be married to a nice young man just as any girl would. He us to arrive at any moment and i still have twenty minutes, running about in my panties and bra looking for my silver ear rings and necklace. I am shaking as the door bell rings and I hear father saying come in and sit she is not ready and says "women you know". I can hear Joe and Dad talking about deer hunting and other guy stuff.

When I am ready, Joe stands at the bottom of the steps as I come down, he smiles and says how sweet I look. In his hand is flowers and I feel all shaking inside. My first date and I am so happy. Jumping ahead ten years and Joe an I are married and he is happy that he married me in a small at home service (not legal of course but still we are happy.) I will write more as my courage grows.

Joe's wife Jamie Sue

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