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"Here we are, Anita. Fresh as daisies and looking forward to our girls' walk in the sunshine."

"Gina darling, you look bewitching." Anita caught her sweetheart in the doorway and pressed a warm, lingering kiss on her glossed lips. "And your little girl – isn't she ravishing in her satin ruffles. Come in out of that heat; it's nice and cool inside." They held hands a moment longer but then switched to holding their husbands'.

"We've come to see your little baby girl, now that she's home from the Sissification Hospital. Ohhh, let me see her. Isn't she adorable in her ruffled panties and baby bonnet! Look how pretty your girlfriend has become after being away so long, darling."

Sissy crept forward from behind his wife until he was on line with her shoulder. His lip trembled as he took in the wide white petticoats supporting the dress of pastel pink satin, and the sad looking face in the bonnet, with no eye make-up or lipstick. "Polly?" he said, and swallowed. "Polly? Is that you?"

As he watched, his girlfriend's face crumpled into misery, turned away from him with a wail of embarrassment and buried itself into his wife's lemon silk bosom, crying: I'm a babeeeeeee, I'm a lickel babykins, ohhh, booo-hooo-hoooooo!"

Sissy watched the shuddering of the huge bow of damson pink satin on the top of his girlfriend's bonnet and clasped his cheeks in both hands as he tried to take in the change. His wife put her arm round her delicate little darling and pulled him into a hug. This was meant to help, but Pollyanna's moans and grunts were heart-rending from his wife's chest. Anita smiled over the damson bow.

"Sissy darling, he has been babified," she explained. "Now he needs me to be his Mommy, to hold him in my arms and cuddle him into my breasts. He's a very soft and sensitive baby girl. Come through to the living room and I'll explain what has happened before we set off for any walking. Polly is a little bit upset right now, to see how different you are from him, so I'd better give him his pacifier to suck."

The two wives and their sissies sat opposite each other on the deeply cushioned brown leather settees. Sissy, his face covered in his white gloves but peeping through fingers at his beloved girlfriend, leaned into his wife's shoulder for some kind of comfort, while Anita gave her husband his big primrose pacifier to suck on and smother his cries of distress. He pushed his pink patent high heels as far ahead of him as he could so that one knee could find the other beneath his plastic pants and slide together in baby-soft helplessness. The women exchanged looks; they had to reassure the bruised hearts of both their husbands.

"Now then, Sissy," said Gina, lifting her husband's dress ruffles from her breast and speaking into his starched bonnet, "I think that's adorable, that Pollyanna wants to be a baby now. Look, she needs to suck her pacifier like a little baby girl." Her words fell on deaf ears as Sissy's bonnet began to shake with heartfelt sobs. Anita, sitting opposite, still with her husband's face buried against her bosom so that he showed the visitors the buttons down the back of his dress, tried to help.

"You are still her girlfriend, Sissy sweetheart," she said with a smile. "You can help me to get her dressed and change her diaper when she has a fit."

The pink dress in front of her shook with wriggles of anguish, so that his white lace collar fluttered all round his bonnet. Her words hadn't helped Gina's husband either.

"But I want cuddles in lovely girly dresses," he cried, parting his hands so that both wives could get the impact of his misery, "and looking through our purses together – and sitting at the mirror while she does my hair." His voice was never so girlish as when he was close to tears like this. "And now that can't happen because – because she isn't in love with her dresses any more."

The shrill wail of his voice make Gina gather him in two armfuls of blue satin in a tight, rocking hug, while Anita cuddled her own distraught sissy even tighter than before. The warmth of her embrace stopped his leg slithers but there were still moans of unhappiness from deep inside the bonnet on her shoulder. Anita caught her sweetheart's eye and nodded her to play the trump card they had talked about. Gina nodded back, looked down at the stiffened blue bonnet on her shoulder, and slowly lifted her husband's chin until he was looking at her with signs of smudging round his eyes. "Sissy - maybe you can be babified too? Then you could hold hands all day long in your playpen."

Sissy gave a girly gasp, and burst into tears. "No, noooooooo, I don't want to be a baby," and he sobbed to catch his breath, "I want to be a girl, in pink and blue dresses, with soft panties!"

Gina grimaced and looked up at Anita. "Sissy loves the feel of silk and satin panties round her itsy bitsy places," she explained. Her friend tried her own words of comfort.

"Pollyanna loves the feel of petal-soft diapers, in silk georgette, all around her soft botty and her tummy and under her legs."

"Sissy darling," cooed his wife beside his bonnet, "you can dress Polly if you want to, in her diapers and petticoats, from the skin outwards."

"My babykins would love that," said Anita, smiling as if there was nothing in the world she would like more than for Sissy to change her babyish husband all day long, "especially with you wearing your Lolita dresses while you dress her up." Sissy's white gloves parted slightly inside her bonnet and he caught away his tears with a silk knuckle of each hand.

"We could even find some nice little-girl dresses and pinafores for you to wear while you're dressing and undressing our baby," said his wife, "because she is still your girlfriend, and I know she still loves you with all her feminine little heart."

These thoughts sank into both husbands to the sound of the air-conditioning, until in a few moments, Sissy got up and sizzled across to sit behind his girlfriend, where he examined how Pollyanna's dress would unbutton down his back. The two wives gave him and his girlfriend a few moments to think about things, then Sissy's fingers played with the soft, rustling edges of his girlfriend's pink dress. "Are you going to buy me some new dresses, Gina?" he pondered, his eyes lighting up as he looked deeper into the sweet fabrics and pretty lacework in front of him. "Dresses for a girl of – maybe – five or six? Just for when I'm changing Pollyanna.

"Yes I will," replied his wife. "I will be taking you to Lacy Jane's tomorrow - and I'm sure Anita will bring Polly too in his new stroller."

Sissy pushed his arms right round his girlfriend's dress and clutched him in a sweetheart's embrace. Behind his pacifier, Pollyanna's grunts became a lot less distressed and a lot more cosy as he sensed that he was in safe, loving hands, especially since he knew he would need changing in about a minute's time.
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