Dear Miss Nera
by Mummy Nera

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Dear Miss Nera,

I am writing to inform you that your daughter, has breached our school dress code. She has been placed in isolation away from other students, pending disciplinary action.

During morning registration all female students' skirts, are to be inspected. Our school dress code clearly states, all skirts must be worn at knee length or below. We choose to have this strict dress code in place, to keep sexual tension to a minimum between female, and male students.

Today, your daughter has failed inspection for the fourth time. Her skirt length was seven inches shorter than the respectable length, so short in fact her underwear was clearly on display, this is unacceptable. We take our school dress code very seriously, and I have no choice but to exclude her from school for the first three school days of next week.

Miss Nera, in the past we have had female students act out against our dress code, we do recommend nappy discipline as a corrective punishment for this behaviour. We have found the most effective way to carry out this punishment is to only allow her to wear her unacceptable skirt length, with nappy clearly displayed underneath for all to see. During this punishment she will be required to use her nappies fully. We can arrange to have our school nurse change nappies for her, or you may come into school to change her yourself.

We also suggest you in force this punishment while she is excluded, and then for the last two days of the school week. If she refuses to attend school during her nappy discipline punishment, or returns without wearing a nappy. We as a school will have no choice but to extend her nappy punishment for a month.

We also recommend regular 'cold spanking' punishments which can be carried out publicly at school by our head mistress. This will take place during morning registration, and further domestic spankings carried out by yourself at home. This ensures your daughter is kept from breaching school rules again in the future.

I look forward to hearing from you Miss Nera.

Kind Regards,
Miss A Clark

Dear Miss A Clark,

First of all may I thank you for bringing this matter to my attention. The way my daughter has been acting out against the school dress code this week is unacceptable, and I am happy for my daughter's 'nappy discipline' and 'public spanking' punishments to go ahead during school hours.

In the last few weeks I have noticed my daughter's behaviour changing at home. Bedwetting is becoming a problem for her. She would find this terribly embarrassing for me to say, but in the last week she has been having to wear pull ups at night time. I was worried it could be due to stress with her school work, but now upon reading this letter I'm sure her bed wetting phase is down to seeking attention.

I will be carrying out various other punishments including the 'cold spankings' as you suggested. At home for the next month she will be subjected to strict nursery discipline. She will be made to use nappies at home fully, she also will be changed in front of her other siblings, and made to use a dummy. Being the tiny girl she is she will be fed in her little sisters highchair, and made to sleep in her sisters cot with plastic sheets. This is to reinforce the fact she is not to act out in this way again, and she will learn to do as she is told, as her school or I will not tolerate this kind of behaviour.

I understand you have had other female students act out in this way before, and this punishment has been effective. Therefore I trust your judgement that this punishment will work for my daughter. She will be told this is for her own good, and both her school and myself have her best interests at heart. I thank you again Miss Clark for bringing this matter to my attention.

Kind Regards,
Miss Nera

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