Stop your sniveling you should not have been in your room wearing your cousin's pink panties and playing with yourself. You are two years older than she and her panties are two times to big on you. I am only glad your father had not lived to see his son become his daughter. Just sit here on the front stoop in the little dress and her panties and see how the other little boys like what you have become.

This what I was hearing as I was hoping no one would come by our house. My mother had caught me doing this and I was being punished for my sin she said. The dress I had on was way to short for me to pull down over my knees to hide the pink ruffled panties and the fact that I had peed myself from the humiliation. Just them Margaret one of my school mates came by and saw me. She walked up to me and asked why I was wearing those clothes?

My mother sat on her rocker over by the side and said tell the little girl what you did sissy boy. I was so humiliated as I stammered that I had been wearing my cousin Sally's pink panties and doing something bad and mother caught me. Now I have to sit here and let everyone see me. Margaret said you look like a pretty little girl to me. Mother laughed at that statement. Margaret ran off and soon returned with two there girls and one boy and said "see I told you" they were all laughing and pointing at the sissy.

Later that day mother allowed me to come inside and she told I would get my fill of wearing girls clothes and maybe that would teach you to be a man. All that weekend I had to wear different dresses and panties and petticoats to the store and to the park and every where my mother took me. She told her friends she could not trust me to leave me alone because I might play with myself again. One lady said her brother had done the same thing and her mother made him wear a pink diaper and mittens to bed at night so he could not play with "IT". One other one said you could raise him as a girl if that is what he wants to be, my nephew to this day he is married and still is his wife's sissy maid.

Mother allowed me to wear my male clothes the week after that but I was caught a few times more and was humiliated again. Now I still like wearing the satin things and pretty dresses so I guess I am always going to be a sissy. I am hoping one day to find a woman that would like to own a sissy and be my wife or husband as she see fit.

Wanting Sissy

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