I first met Mistress Rose at a bar near where I lived in a fairly nice home. I worked hard everyday and had no wife or any family in this area so meeting someone so pretty and thinking she wanted to be with me was a surprise. Mistress Rose was soon taking me to her place for what she called a fulfilling night of fun. When we got to her place she did not take much time getting me naked and she was still dressed in her black dress that had a slit up the left leg and her stockings peeking out calling my name.

It was not a reach to get me to wear her panties that she slid down her sex legs. I had them on my ass so fast. My mind went quickly to how I used to steal my sisters things and wear them as I satisfied self with my hand. I thought of the times I was almost caught and the night my sister walked in my room and pulled the covers off and exposed my secret. She took dozens of pictures and I spent the last four years of living as her sissy slave. Now here I was working miles from home and I am under the seduction of a beautiful Mistress.

When she opened my closet how did she know I had a few pretty dresses hid in the back of the closet? Now I was wearing one and on my knees kissing her wonderful feet. Sucking her toes and then she made me lick her wet slit and telling her I would serve her every whim. Each night I go to her house and she makes me serve her and her friends as a french maid or as whore according to who she has over that night.

Last night I was thinking I would never go back to her place again but then at the office my secretary tells me there is a call from some woman about some gathering tonight. I answer her call and say yes Mistress I will be there at seven.

Then one Monday morning I came to work to find a pair of purple satin panties laying on my desk with a note.

"Sissy Tina since I have paid Mistress Rose all of that money to turn you into a sissy slave it is time you become my sissy slave. You will do everything I tell you to do. Look at the web site on your computer. I pushed the button on the keyboard to see picture after picture of me prancing around in slut outfits and maids outfits and diapers and sucking men off and licking out Mistress Rose. The letter went on to say from now on you will be my wife and we will be married in one week. When you get home tonight you will find your wedding dress and all the sexy undies for your wonderful day of fun. Well fun for me." It was signed by Saundra my secretary.

I waited all day for her to come into work but got no call or did she answer her phone. I got home and sure enough there was a white wedding dress and lots of satin things. There was a note for dial her number and just listen. When the phone answered her voice explained that she knew I was looking at sissy sites on my computer and that she had always wanted a sissy slave. When she had read a story I had sent to a couple of web sites she knew I was hers for life. She had hired Mistress Rose to train me for a life time of serving her every desire like a good sissy slave. She also told me to look in my guest room closet as I looked I saw it was filled with women's clothes and there was a note these are yours and you will be come Jenny Souther my wife if you want me call back and say only yes or no. I walked to the phone after about five minutes and said Yes.

Were married as she said and have been in a strong relationship as her wife and not only that but her sex slave sissy.


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