from Sissy Katie

Dear Auntie Helga,

I have a regular day job in an office, but that doesn't mean I may dress like a regular guy. After all, I'm a sissy. I'm the maid in the evenings and weekends. I'm locked in a CB-6000S continuously except for regular, supervised cleanings and inspections.

My day starts with removing my floor-length, latex nightie, shoulder-length latex gloves, latex helmet and long latex stockings that I must wear every night. I am not a fan of wearing latex! I sweat and it is not comfortable for in any way, especially in the summer! I shower then dress for the day. At this time, I must appear and pretend to still be a male. Dry, I dust perfumed powder on crotch and torso then slip into a cotton corset liner. One of my corsets is next. I used to have a thirty-inch waist, but after two years of being corseted 23/7 and diet, my waist is now just a little less then twenty-seven inches. I must lace the corset to no more than twenty-three inches, about a four and a half inch reduction. It is actually more because Mistress had declared that twenty-three inches is to be my displayed waist and measured over my corset. However, I don't actually display it at work.

Though I have, I don't usually have to wear diapers to work, but I do wear a plastic diaper cover. Over this, I clip on a black garter belt with fourteen garter straps. Next are black latex stockings (I already stated I'm not a fan of me wearing latex and I clip on just six of the garter tabs to hold them up. Over these I wear opaque black nylon stockings held up with the other eight garters.

I top the garter belt with a pale pink, fairly thick plastic diaper cover. Mistress had padded, sleeveless 'vests' made for me to conceal the contours of my corseted torso. These lace in back just like corsets and there is a heavy zipper from the top to my waist and another from the bottom to my waist. The vests have six garter tabs. Two get clipped to my latex stockings and the other four to my opaque nylon ones; these are industrial strength one and three quarter inches wide. To just pee and lower my two pairs of plastic diaper covers, I must un-clip all twenty garter tabs then re-clip then before pulling up my pants.

My panties are long-leg, pink cotton and have tier upon tier of ruffled lace from my knees to just above my ankles. My male slacks just keep the ruffles hidden, but I have to be extra careful not to display the lace and that isn't always easy, especially when using a stall in the men's room to pee. Next is a black bra without any forms or other padding filling its cups then a lace trimmed, back buttoned, white cotton camisole. It has long sleeves and, like my panties, there are tiers of lace ruffles from above my elbows to above my wrists.

After I have all my undies on I tie on a ruffle trimmed bib-front apron and step into a pair of six-inch heeled pumps and go down to turn on the coffee and prepare breakfast. When I serve her, Mistress will cup my crotch to check that my chastity is in place, that I've two pairs covers and she feel at the top of my thighs for the twenty garters though I doubt she actually counts them. She'll then raise the back of my camisole and apply a padlock on the waist of the padded vest; there will be no removing it or loosening of my corset until she unlocks it.

Outwardly, I dress and pretend that I'm still a guy. My long-sleeve dress shirts are really blouses with their buttons on the left and French cuffs. Mistress has chosen light pastel shades for their colors: pink, lavender, yellow green, and bright neckties in the same color family. The slacks I wear don't have zippers; they also have the buttons on the left and my belt tab points to the right. Likewise, my sports jackets, blazers and suit jackets also have left side buttons

Sissy Katie

Thank you for your letter Sissy Katie. I am delighted to read about your work attire, more sissies should be dressed appropriately when doing their jobs. You are so fortunate that your Mistress insists on proper underwear, I also suspect that many of our readers may have concerns their Mistress might get ideas from reading your delightful description and find themselves so attired.

Auntie Helga

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