from Lorelei

Dear Auntie Helga,

When I found the computer printout in the pile of bills, I had to smile at my wife's playfulness. When I read it, I knew we were into something brand new. Reading about "Domination and Submission" most certainly raised my heart rate. Late winter in the upper-Midwest is not a pleasant time of year. Skies are gray, trees are bare and the ground, where you can see it, is brown. The dampness with temperatures in the 30's makes it unpleasant to be outside. To be offered a space where the restraints of "place, time and mind" could be escaped sounded very appealing.

I don't know how long I sat there staring out the window not really seeing anything while I thought about my wife as a 'dominatrix.' I could not imagine her as the stereotypical dominatrix of the internet surely. I also found myself thinking of being free of the responsibilities that made up my life. Every work day I got up thinking about how to manage the 30 people in my department. I wanted to keep the division head happy. Weekends I woke up thinking about what had to be done to keep our house in good operating order. Above all I wanted to be a good companion for my wife. Now she was offering me a space where I didn't have to decide anything, just be and behave as instructed. 'To simply be' brought back long-forgotten memories of my undergraduate philosophy course discussions. What I needed to do, what I wanted to do, was a simple. I would find my wife and say, "Yes!"

When I stood up, I realized I was trembling and had a strange sensation in the pit of my stomach. It wasn't fear or embarrassment but anticipation. I was breathing very shallowly and it felt like I was blushing wildly. I had to hold onto the back of the chair for a few moments. I found my wife at her work table and panicked. I had no idea what I wanted to say. When she looked up at me, all I could do is kneel down so I could look her in the eye. Her normal smile was there, but there was something special in her eyes. I think I simply said, "Yes," barely above a whisper. She told me to give her my hands. She turned them palms up on her legs and held on to me for a long time. Finally she asked me if I had finished paying the bills. I had forgotten all about them once I found the internet printout. She sent me back up stairs to finish them. Then I was to take off all my clothes and bring the barbering tools to the kitchen. I was to get a chair and wait for her.

Now, I spend a lot of time naked whenever it was warm enough, but my wife had never told me to get naked to sit waiting for her. It was hard to concentrate on the bills. Bills done, clothes off, sitting naked in the kitchen made the feeling in my stomach sink into my penis. I didn't know what to do with my hands. I wanted to grab a hold but she hadn't given me any instructions about this. The internet printout had made it clear I wasn't to do anything but what she told me. I decided to put my hands on my thighs so I could touch my penis with my thumbs. The longer the waiting went on the more excited I became. Naked though I was, it felt like my body temperature was in the 100's.

After a very long time she joined me. She told me to shut my eyes and keep them closed. I could hear the scissors and started to feel hair fall on my shoulders and down my chest. When she touched my chest with the scissors I flinched and yelped but soon got used to her playing on me with either the scissors or the comb. My penis ended up with an extra layer of hair. When she said, "Done," I found myself on my knees sweeping up all the curls I could reach with my hands. She sat down and watched.

When I was finished, she then told me to go into the shower and shave off all my body hair! A shock ran through my body, but I didn't want to do anything but obey. I did worry about shaving my penis and scrotum. It was harder to shave my legs in a shower stall than I would have thought, if I had ever thought about doing it. One look at myself when I got out of the shower showed me how poor a job I had done. I started over again standing at the sink. One look at the razor explained at least part of the problem. The blades were clogged up with hair. I started rinsing it in the sink after about every stroke. I started with my legs by resting each one on the toilet lid. Then I did my arms and my chest. I had done the poorest job on my genitals and very carefully shaved them again by holding the glans of my penis and moving the four-bladed razor toward the scrotum. When I called my wife, she came in and ran her hands all over me. That's when I knew why women shaved their bodies. I had never known what 'smooth' really was before! I didn't want her to stop, but she did. I'm glad I obeyed! Smooth all over was a wonderful experience. She sent me out into the living room to sit and wait for her again. She wanted me on one of the high chairs from our breakfast bar.

She used Velcro straps to tie my hands and arms to the chair and my ankles to the legs. She used another strap around my waist to attach me to the back of the chair. Then she spritzed me all over with an aroma from the early days of our sexual romps, Jean Naté. Right before she left, she felt me up and down which seemed to be a promise of good things to come. She made me wait a very long time. She had me stand before her with my hands in the air and turn slowly around while she would occasionally touch me.

When she told me to follow her into the bedroom, it took me a moment to get my bearings. She took a seat on the rocking chair that was decked out like a throne all in red. She had me stand before her and she instructed me in gracefully kneeling before her. I was to put my left foot forward and put my right knee on the rug. At the same time I was to put my left hand on my left knee. Then I was to lower my left knee to the rug while my left hand gracefully fell to my side. Standing required me to bring my left foot forward and place it on the floor with my left hand on my knee. Then I was to stand up onto both feet with my hands demurely on my thighs, fingers extended. When she was satisfied that I could gracefully kneel down before her, she had me practice sitting back, again gracefully and without using my hands for balance, until I was sitting on my heels with my knees as far apart as I could get them.

She told me to look down and repeat after her, "You are my Goddess and my Mistress." I must have been stammering because she told me to take a deep breath. I was able to mumble "You are my Goddess and Mistress Mistee." I had to repeat my pledge until I could say it in a convincing way. I wanted to look at her but she insisted I keep my eyes down. Then she told me to repeat after her, "I will honor and obey you until death do us part." I could happily and easily renew this pledge that I had made so many years before! I desperately wanted to look at my Mistee and hold her, but she insisted I keep my eyes down.

She then instructed me in the final phase of what she called the "Greeting Posture." She told me to lower my forehead to the rug and stretch my hands straight back toward my heels. This too took some repeated tries. When she was satisfied that I was minimally competent, she told me to remain completely still in this posture. She moved her right foot out from under the hem of her robe and told me to kiss each of her toes. To my surprise they were painted a bright peppermint red. Once again my first attempt was not satisfactory. She told me she wanted to feel my lips and tongue on each of her toes.

This time I started by licking each one like a candy cane before I tried to get it between my lips and suck on it. I could sense her moving as I did it this way, and she praised me for doing it properly. I was told to kneel straight up, again and always, gracefully, and this time to look at her. She said to me, "You are my Lorelei, to have and to hold, to protect and command until death do us part." Without so much as a thought I said, "I am your Lorelei to be had and to be held to be protected and commanded until death do us part!" An incredible feeling of comfort and safety suffused my whole body and I found myself rocking back and forth.

I don't know how long it was before she stood up and went over to the bed and collected a white gown. She told me to put up my arms and dropped down onto me. She told me to stand and arrange my "wedding gown." Then she held out a white robe for me to put on and tied the sash around my waist. She gave me the most wonderful smile. She reached out and took my hands and after awhile put them around her waist and took me in her embrace. We stood in a space where the normal constraints of time where gone. It was as if I were one being with her. Both of us were teary and almost dancing as we rocked back and forth. "Lorelei, my dear," startled me from my dream state, "it's time for you to make us grilled cheese and tomato soup." Grilled cheese and tomato soup have become ambrosia for me.

Mistee's Lorelei

Thank you for your letter Lorelei. What a wonderful beginning to your life of servitude. Many men feel relieved and liberated to no longer have the responsibilities of their boring and drab lives, instead finding joy and peace in the submission to their dominant wife. We would love an update at some point.

Auntie Helga

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