from Debbie,

Dear Helga,

My name is Debbie girlfriend to Sean who talked with you maybe yesterday about me. He close to being in big trouble talking about me to you another lady on internet. So many times I punish him making him wear panties for laziness and big bras for talking about woman in mall with large breasts. I fix him by making him pay for laziness and remarks to nice lady with large breasts. Sean must learn respect for all women and ladies no matter what color or shape.

I know how to teach any man like Sean so he learn or I kick his ass. Today Sean tell me about you a very nice lady he say and about website with sissymaids. In China we have what we call lady boys like sissymaids in a way but I like your idea to control sissymaids and make them wear pretty clothes. When Sean show me your website about sissymaids I read all about it and Helga I must say it is very good. Now I tell Sean he will be my sissymaid no matter what he says I make it happen.

I talk with my sister and she knows where to have sissy dresses made for Sean and she has all information about him now. Inside I was thinking wait for sissy dresses until I go shopping and find cheap dress so I buy shoes with heels for Sean. When I come home I take him to bedroom a and tell him put on dress and shoes for me of I hit him with my stick many times. He look like man in dress so I will make changes to him when sissy dresses come here. Maybe make him shave legs right away to make legs look pretty in pantyhose like woman.

Tonight he cleaning like sissymaid and I will make him learn more tomorrow. I write to you to say it is okay if he talk with you about sissymaid now. We don't know you but I like you already with nice website to train boys and men like Sean. You can talk to me too if you like me Helga. Some people don't talk with me because I have bad English and that okay with me I have Sean who love me. Helga I see many things about sissymaids so can I ask you what you think?

What I like to know about dildo and chastity for sissymaids. When I read many Mistress like dildos and chastity for sissymaids. I would like to screw Sean with dildo if you agree with me. He likes sex with me and I like it too but when not having sex I like to use chastity on him if you agree. Please talk with me sometime soon okay? Maybe we can talk on email and teach Sean about sissymaid living with me as boss lady. Ha ha I am already boss lady to Sean and he knows I am the boss every day. I hope we talk soon Helga.


Thank you for your letter Debbie. How nice to hear from you, yes, Sean has been writing me and I have been advising him to accept your authority and obey you, I also asked him to have you write me. I am very excited for you to have him become your sissymaid, I know it is going to be a wonderful new life.

Your English is very good and I'm sure we can have some great conversations. Shaving his whole body is best I feel, no need for all that ugly hair. I do agree that you should use a strapon dildo, you will love it. Once he is in chastity, unless you really want his penis, his tongue should be fine.


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