I was fourteen when I went to stay with my aunt Sara she was very beautiful. I liked her very much. She called me to come to the kitchen and get some potatoes and wash them. I walked in as she was bending over to get a pan out of a lower cabinet. Her skirt bottom went up and I saw her shiny pink panties. I suddenly got a hard on. I could not talk for a few seconds and she ask me what was wrong she said I looked real red faced. I said I got a chip in my throat. I went to the Pantry and got out the potatoes I ask her what size pan did I need to put them in. She said that she would get one and again she bent over again I got to see her underwear again. When supper was ready she ask me to say Grace. After Grace she ask be what I liked to do. I said about anything, I like to play cards she ask what kind of cards I liked. I said Solitaire and Rummy mostly. She said do you play Double Solitaire. I told her I like it a lot. I told her that me and my sister Cindy played Penalty kind. Sara ask me how do you play that. I told her the loser has to do a get a Penalty she said that sound like it could get naughty. I blushed and she said Oh I see you play that way. Sara said we should play some when you feel like it.

That night I went to bed and I lay there thinking of things I would liken to see Aunt Sara do. I lay on the bed a I fell off to sleep and woke up to the sun shining through my window and Aunt Sara calling out come on lazy bones. She said breakfast and she wanted to go to town and get a few things. She lived about ten miles to town and as soon as breakfast we were off to town. On the way to town she said that she had forgotten to wash the dishes and that who ever will have to wash them we both laughed.

While we were in town she sent me off to look around for about an hour. She handed me five dollars. I had never had that much money at one time ever. Time seemed to pass by fast and I was on my way back and she was coming out of a young girls clothes shop. I did not think much about it. On the way home she ask me if I like sweet stuff. I said I do what kid don't. We spent a lot of time laughing.

We got home and she ask me to feed the chickens for her and she had somethings to get done. I fed the chickens and I played around outside. I was walking on the edge of the watering trough and I slipped and fell off into the mud. I washed off in the water and did my best to get the mud off. When I got to the kitchen door I called out to her. Aunt Sara told me that she had just put my clothes into the washer she told me to take off my clothes and put them on the porch I came into the porch and Aunt Sara handed me some clothes and she told me to hurry and to get dressed fast.

I took the things and started looking through them. I saw a dress that was like one that little girls and I had seen homemade the sleeves that were puffy the dress had a ribbon behind my back. I picked up a pair of pink cotton panties and socks that were pink with purple little cartoons. I had never wore anything like them but Aunt Sara looked at them and said they were Mary Janes. Tears began to swell up in my eyes. I had never wore any girls clothes. I knew I had to put the things on and not before I had was crying.

Aunt Sara called me to come on down and let me see my pretty little girl. I walked out of the bathroom and saw Aunt Sara and her friend from next door. They began telling me how pretty told me I looked. Aunt Sara told me to twirled around and let your skirt lets your skirt fly your skirt rise up. She then told me my panties were so cute. Every thing was so sissy like. Sara said that she could not wait to see how the other women like them on her. My whole evening was scary and humiliating. I got mad because they kept laughing at me. Sara ask me if I wanted to go to bed sweety. I said yes I want to go to bed. They both took me up to my room. They told me to take off my sissy dress. I could not get it off the fasts. I pulled the dress up and it got stuck and they had to work it off of Aunties and I stood them trapped over my head. She got it off and hung it in my closet. She then told me that she loves her pretty little sissy panties. Each thing came off and put in a special piece was mooned over as if it were so pretty. I stood naked and she went to my dresser and she picked out a faded purple pair of bloomers and her pajamas. They had pictures on them of baby girls. She put socks like baby girls would wear.

The next morning I woke up at the call of Auntie for me to come see what we have this morning. I walked slowly down to the kitchen and I saw four adult women and five little girls and the laughing and they would pinch my cheeks or pat my butt. I started to run back up but Auntie told me to stop and to not be a sassy little sissy. I stopped and I began to cry and asking her to let me go back to my room. Auntie said oh no baby you will have a great summer for you to be my sassy sissy. They all laughed and I cried. The whole summer I was teased and so many thing they did to me. I was put in diapers, sissy clothes and I had to dance for the little boys as well as the big boys. The older girls had a ball making me cry or having to wash out their panties and bras. I also had to watch Shirley Temple on television and I had to play the parts and wore the same kind of clothes she did. So many times I spent over Auntie knees and other girls and boys.

I am sure I grew out of a lot of things from the summer, I hope you liked this story. I hope to enjoyed my summer also. See you next year or before.

Sissy Love

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