from Sandy

Hello Helga,

I have been feminizing my husband and he now has a very girlish look. His hair is long and styled. He wears C cup glued on breast and is in chastity. His little penis is a short nub. He is my maid and goes by Emily. Recently I have began dating an older wealthy man. Don is his name and he is all man. Don had been introduced to Emily and was really impressed. Don said Emily really looked the part of a ordinary uniformed maid. I explained Emily was being punished for being a sissy.

Don has come up with a kind of reverse cuck scenario that Emily now finds herself in. Emily lost her job to COVID -19 and has all free time. Don has a very large house. Emily has been hired by Don as a live in maid. She was made to sign a binding contract becoming Don's hired housemaid. When I come to visit Emily is strictly prohibited from treating me as nothing more than a guest. To Emily I am Don's girlfriend and nothing more. When I am home I actually get excited thinking of Emily trapped at Don's. Serving all day in her cute maid uniform. Performing her chores in her 3" pumps with no breaks.

Don's male friends come over and Don has passed Emily off as a female maid he hired. This is such delightful revenge for me. Seeing my sissy husband reduced to a strong willed man's maid! Don has continued Emily's feminization with permanent make up. He also wants to get her breast implants. I am not sure where this is headed but Don and I have a great relationship and Emily is getting what she deserves.Thanks for many ideas Helga,


How nice to hear from you Sandy and thank you for sharing the good news about your sissy husband and his new life as your boyfriend's maid, a new twist to this lifestyle.


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