from Jerry

Dear Auntie Helga,

I'm here today looking for some feedback after my wife showed me the petticoat website about a month ago. When I saw the website I thought it was fictional and the boys and men were Photoshopped onto women's bodies. My wife convinced me to read more and it was not a fictional website like I thought. Now let me explain why I'm even writing you in the first place. You see my wife and I both worked for the same company having good jobs until my division was sold leaving me jobless. I looked for a new job without any success while my wife was promoted to a higher position.

So here I am at home getting lazy while my wife was working harder and had less time to look after the house. One night she came home with a plan for me which was to take over looking after the housework since not having success at finding a new job. My wife explained we didn't need the money that bad with her promotion and bonuses but what she needed badly was a maid. To be honest I wasn't thrilled hearing her say maid but it was only fair I look after the housework since I was home all day.

The weekend following Doris started to teach me how to do everything she always looked after with some exceptions. I had no idea how to do laundry, ironing, cooking and cleaning but I learned. Doris started calling me Mary the maid and shared with me how happy she was with me taking over something she had no time to do. Before long Doris was talking to me like an employee convincing me having structure and treating my housework as a job was good for me and her too.

The night she showed me the petticoat website things changed. Doris talked to me about dressing the part while I worked as her maid through the day which I thought was a crazy idea. We both looked at the website together with Doris confirming her request was far more normal than I was making it out to me. No matter what I said to get out of going forward with her idea it wasn't working. My wife was convinced I should dress like a maid since I was working as a maid. A few days later Doris came home with bags of clothes with me thinking wow she must have had fun shopping. Little did I know later on Doris was going to have me dressed in them.

Auntie Helga I never ever tried on anything women's before and had no idea what I was doing. Each morning Doris helped me pick out my panties and bra along with everything else until I stood there ready for work in one of my maid uniforms. I felt so stupid dressing like a woman but Doris liked it more and more. Doris went off to work with me reviewing my list of chores for the day which included having dinner ready at the set time. All day long I worked away just like a female maid would do without thinking WTF was I doing.

Every night Doris would come home, do her walk around ensuring I did what was asked of me then sit down for dinner. After dinner I would clean up and then was allowed to take off my maid uniform and be her husband again. At first I felt humiliated to dress in a maid uniform all day and have my wife see me that way. Doris told me all along I would get used to my new job and at some point prefer it over the corporate world. Part of what she said was true not having to drive to work or put up with all the corporate BS.

My main reason for writing today again was for some feedback Auntie Helga and maybe clarification. My wife has created a position for me as her maid and I dress just like a female maid. Now my wife wants me to take on a fulltime role as her maid and even put in me in chastity like the sissymaids on When I asked why the sudden change Doris explained being in chastity and assuming a fulltime role as her sissymaid would help me focus better. She went on to tell me the best sissymaids are those in chastity and it makes their wives so much happier.

It wasn't something I wanted to do but Doris was not taking no for an answer so we went looking for chastity devices together. She found the one she liked and bought it for me straight away. That night after shaving myself which was something else Doris wanted me to do she put the chastity device on me and put the key around her neck on a chain. I keep getting off topic Auntie Helga. Do you feel what Doris is doing is preparing me to be her sissymaid? Do you feel fulltime is better than what I described earlier? Do a lot of women have fulltime maids or do most have day maids like me?

Doris is keeping to her plan and for the most part is the same person I married. She is always nice to me and lets me know how good a job I have done. Even when I make a mistake she talks to me like an employee and not mean like some women in the letters on What do you think will happen when I get a call for a job? I'm thinking Doris will want me to stay as her maid and not go back to work. This is all confusing to me and I thought I was a smart man. Finally Doris has talked about the importance of feminizing me like other women have done to their husbands. Do you agree with feminizing or should I say is it that common?

What are your thoughts on my situation?


How nice to hear from you Jerry and thank you for writing. I am delighted to see that my little site is helping your marriage. I also appreciate the background information as that helps me understand your feelings about your current situation and to answer your questions more effectively.

First off, this an opportunity to make your wife's life so much easier and will strengthen the marital bond. It certainly does sound like she is planning on your becoming her sissymaid and I do feel that fulltime is best. Many women have fulltime sissymaids and Doris deserves your commitment. I really don't see your need to return to the outside world to work, you have a job, as her maid and I suggest you take it on completely.

Feminization can be a very important aspect for some Mistresses and if she wants that for you, then I feel you should agree and show her some enthusiasm. In fact, I suggest that when she comes home today, you greet her at the door with a curtsy and welcome her home, refer to her as Mistress Doris and do so with a smile.

Auntie Helga

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