Baby Sophie's Visit to the Lingerie Shop
A husband and wife find fulfillment in enforced babyhood
by Saffy

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The shop was located down a side street a short distance from the centre of town. Michael had passed it on a number of occasions, but had never taken that much notice of the window display before. As Rachel led him to the entrance he could not help noticing how old fashioned it looked. Apart from a small selection of modern lingerie much of the display was taken up by numerous items of ladies' corsetry that Michael thought long since obsolete. Bras of all type were featured, including a nursing bra that looked almost identical to the one that Angela wore. At the back of the display were two mannequins wearing fearsome looking girdles and garments that reminded him of ladies' bathing costumes, except that some of them featured four or more dangling suspenders along the bottom. He vaguely recalled seeing such garments from his boyhood featured in his mother's mail order catalogue.

A beautiful old-fashioned undies shop. Husbands who had to accompany their wives
into one of these were always a picture of blushes. It's a pity that there are so few left.

As the door opened a bell rang in the depths of the shop. Rachel ushered Michael into the apparently deserted interior. A long glass-topped counter took up almost one side of the rather cramped floor space, behind which were a great many wooden drawers with glass-fronted panels. On top of these were piled numerous cardboard boxes that looked to contain many different styles and sizes of bras. The remaining space was taken up with racks and display units for all kinds of lingerie including girdles, teddies and provocative basques, with long suspenders in black and red.

Around some of the walls plastic female torsos displayed bras with cups that jutted out in an almost overtly sexual manner. There were several mirrors on the walls, a couple of easy chairs, and a couch for the convenience of the female customers. Michael had a distinct sense of unease - the sense of femininity in these places was overpowering, and he could not help feeling like a nervous stranger in a foreign land. Rachel must have read his thoughts as she remarked, "Don't look so worried Michael, you will soon get used to Mrs. Danvers' little shop".

After a few moments a lady emerged from a curtained partition at the rear of the shop. Mrs. Danvers was an elegant woman in her mid 60's. She had a rich, buxom figure, and seemed to have an almost motherly air, although her style was anything but motherly. She had clearly been quite a beauty in her youth, and her grey eyes betrayed a hint of steel that Michael found disturbing. From a gold chain around her neck hung a pair of half-moon spectacles.

"Good afternoon, Madam," she addressed Rachel formally, ignoring Michael completely.

Her voice displayed a pleasant timbre, but Michael had the same impression of grit just beneath the surface. He felt that this was one woman that one would be very unwise to cross...

"Good afternoon Mrs. Danvers, I believe you know my sister Angela... Angela Martland?"

"You must be Rachel," said Mrs. Danvers, her face breaking into a warm smile. "Please call me Miriam my dear; any friend of Angela's is a friend of mine".

"This is my husband Michael, said Rachel. "Or Baby Sophie if you prefer..." she added with a knowing smile. There was a pregnant pause while Mrs. Danvers absorbed this last remark. The object of the remark shuffled his feet nervously.

"Ah, so this is Sophie," said Mrs. Danvers mockingly, as she gazed straight at Michael through her half-moon spectacles. Michael felt rather like a specimen slide under a microscope as the steely grey eyes considered him. "Angela said something about her brother-in-law undergoing sissy training," she remarked to Rachel, almost as if Michael were some sort of inanimate fixture in the shop.

"That's correct," said Rachel with a broad smile. "Although we're still very much at the infant stage, aren't we, darling?" she laughed at Michael's discomfiture.

"How do you control him my dear?" asked Mrs. Danvers.

"With this," replied Rachel opening her handbag and producing one of Sophie's dummies.

Mrs. Danvers clapped her hands with delight. "How wonderful!" she exclaimed. Her eyes betrayed a hint of pain, and her voice took on a hint of regret. "My late husband Arnold loved his 'dum dum' as well, despite reluctance during his early training," she added sadly. "Eventually he couldn't get to sleep at night without it. I think you will find that most males become dependant on their little 'comforters' if you persevere long enough," she added. "May I?" she asked, and Rachel held out the dummy for her to take.

"You know my dear, this is the single most important item for controlling the male, far more than nappies and other baby accessories," she went on, holding it out. "The threat of using it publicly often makes them come to heel with alacrity," she said with a sly grin. "It was only necessary on a few occasions with Arnold. Although I often made him use it when I had him strapped into the back of the car. It made the journey so much more pleasant without his idle chatter."

Mrs. Danvers now turned to Michael. "What's your name, baby?" she said with a smirk.

"Answer the nice lady," said Rachel.

"You can call me Aunt Miriam," said Mrs. Danvers smiling at Michael. "I'm Baby Sophie, Auntie Miriam..." murmured Michael hesitatingly.

"Auntie Miriam can't hear you," said Mrs. Danvers with a glint in her eye. "Has the cat got your tongue little lady?"

"I'm Baby Sophie, Aunt Miriam..." said Michael, only rather louder this time.

"That's better," she responded. "Now tell me, Sophie... which pretty little baby does this dummy belong to?" waving it in front of his rapidly colouring face.

"It's... it's... mine," stuttered Michael, blushing to the roots of his hair.

"Well then, ask for it nicely," said his tormentor with a grin on her face. Michael glanced at Rachael, who seemed to be enjoying the humiliation of her husband.

"Can I have my dummy please?" croaked Michael, wishing the floor would open up and swallow him.

"Of course you can darling," said Mrs. Danvers pushing the rubber teat of the dummy into his mouth. "Is that better?" she said, stepping back and winking at Rachel.

"Yeth Auntie Miwiam", said Michael, the dummy turning his speech into baby talk.

"Now you suck on that 'dum dum' like a good little girl while I talk to your mummy".

"You have 'her' well trained," said Mrs. Danvers turning to Rachel. "It's always a pleasure to meet a well behaved husband. I find petticoating turns them into ideal partners," she added. "Now my dear, what can I do for you?"

Rachel explained that now the initial phase of Michael's training was over she felt that it was time for Sophie to start to grow up a little. "I was wondering if you would be kind enough to fit her with a training bra?" said Rachel.

"Of course my dear," I would be delighted," said Mrs. Danvers producing a tape measure from her pocket. "As it's almost closing time I will pull down the blinds on the door to ensure we are not disturbed," she explained, while she quickly went through the routines of closing the shop. Michael nervously glanced at the large selection of boxes stacked behind the counter.

"Now young lady," she said in a 'don't you dare argue with me voice' tone of voice. "Take off your shirt so that I can measure you properly". Michael reluctantly removed his top and felt the warmth of her body as she wrapped the tape measure around him. "Hmm, size 38". "Since this is a training bra we'll go for a cup A or possibly AA," she added with a grin.

She went to the back of the shop and returned with several boxes that she laid out on the counter. Michael's gaze fell on the boxes, which featured attractive young female models wearing each garment. "Pretty, aren't they darling?" chuckled his wife, noticing the look of distaste in his face. "You had better get to used to the idea, because from now you will wear a bra under your male clothes as well as under your baby dresses!"

As the realization of Rachel's words sank in he began, "Buth Waychel...", the words muffled by the dummy teat still filling his mouth. "Don't you dare question me," warned Rachel. "Or I will make you wear padding in the cups as well!"

Mrs. Danvers opened the top box and pulled out the contents. "Hold out your arms little girl," she ordered. She suddenly reached down and tugged at the waistband of his trousers. "What's this?" she exclaimed, "A nappy?" Michael saw at once that the top of his plastic pants was visible above his trousers.

"I always make him wear one," explained Rachel. "Just in case we get any 'accidents', isn't that right baby?" "Go ahead Miriam, perhaps we should check for 'wetties' anyway," she added with a grin.

Putting the bra down, Mrs. Danvers deft fingers unfastened Michaels's belt buckle and unzipped his fly, allowing his trousers to fall to his ankles. Already humiliated more than he thought possible, Michael's head hung in shame as Mrs. Danvers stepped back to get a better view of Rachel's husband, naked apart from a disposable nappy underneath a pair of soft, translucent plastic baby pants.

"Actually Miriam, baby is potty-trained, but I always feel it's wise not to take any chances," explained Rachel.

"I do so agree," said Mrs. Danvers, still smiling as she reaching for the bra on the counter. She held the bra out and dropped it over Michael's outstretched arms. "Turn around," she ordered as the straps were led over his shoulders and the sidebands brought together. Experienced fingers quickly secured the rear fasteners and adjusted the shoulder straps so that the dainty cups of the junior bra encompassed Michael's nipples.

Michael had never worn a bra before and, although it felt quite strange, the sensation was not unpleasant.

"What do you think?" said Mrs. Danvers looking at Rachel.

"I think it really suits her and the cup size is just right at this stage," she replied. "How does that feel darling?" she asked her near naked husband.

"Ith nice," replied Michael with some difficulty, the dummy making any speech sound absolutely ridiculous.

"She's so adorable," laughed Mrs. Danvers giving him a kiss on the cheek. "I think we'll just try a few more," she said Rachel. "I would suggest that she wears her bra for a few hours each day. Within a few weeks you can have her wearing one all the time," she added.

Several more bras and styles were tried, the women preferring some styles to others, while Michael stood quietly sucking his dummy and wishing the whole experience would end quickly.

"You must bring her back when she is ready for larger breasts," explained Mrs. Danvers. "I would think a cup size C or perhaps a D would be suitable for her," she winked at Rachel.

Rachel chuckled. "Well a D cup would certainly give her some idea of what we have to put up with," she added, prodding Michael.

"Well then, a D cup it shall be," agreed Mrs. Danvers. "I have a good supply of silicone breast forms that I keep for my mastectomy customers - and some of my other male clients," she added with a grin.

"I rather think she has a bit of a paunch developing," observed Rachel, rubbing Michael's tummy area. "I think a girdle would be in order as well."

"An excellent idea, my dear, we have a wide range of suitable garments for training the male figure," replied Mrs. Danvers, her hand sweeping around the shop for effect. "Perhaps some firm control panties to begin with, then a panty girdle later on? Why, in no time at all you could have him trained for a firm control corselette, such as one of these."

She showed Rachel one such garment in pink elasticated material with wide shoulder straps, very firm bra cups and six broad suspenders dangling from the bottom edge. There was some discussion about the relative merits of various types of foundation garments. Michael could hardly believe that Rachel was actually considering making him wear such a restrictive looking garment.

"I will tell you a little secret my dear," whispered Mrs. Danvers conspiratorially to Rachel with a wink. "I fit far more men for these garments these days than women."There are a number of 'pillars of the local community' in this town that wear ladies' corsetry supplied by myself," she added with a broad grim. "But I am always very discreet about such matters of course, especially if one's bank manager is a valued customer." To which remark both women laughed. Rachel found that remark especially humorous and dabbed the tears from her eyes with her handkerchief. Eventually, she regained her composure and paid for the five bras they had selected. Rachel decided that she really liked Mrs. Danvers. Her rather severe outward appearance masked a genuine sense of humor and Rachel felt that here was a woman she could trust.

It was agreed that Michael would continue to wear one of the bras that had been purchased for him. Mrs. Danvers wrapped the others and handed the carrier bag to Michael to hold. "Can't have you going out like that, can we baby?" She knelt down and pulled Michael's trousers back up over his nappy and plastic pants, giving his bottom a little smack as she did so. "I hope you are not wet young lady," she said as her hand gently patted the front of Michael's plastic pants.

Turning to Rachel she said, "Please feel free to pop in any time you are in town and your little girl has an 'accident' in her panties. I have a stockroom at the back of the shop where you are welcome to change her nappy. In fact," she paused momentarily as if an idea had suddenly occurred to her, "I still have some of Arnold's old baby things at home. There's plenty of space in the stockroom for his old playpen and pram," she added as an afterthought.

"You have a pram?" exclaimed Rachel sounding interested. "I've looked all over for one large enough for baby, but without success..." Still standing in the middle of the shop miserably sucking on his dummy with his new attire shamefully exposed in its lacy femininity, Michael listened while Mrs. Danvers explained how she had acquired a pram for her late husband.

"You see my dear, some years ago I heard that a repertory theatre in the area was closing down and that there was to be a sale of props. Knowing that such theatrical companies often perform pantomimes and such, I thought that there might be such an item for sale," she explained. "No one else seemed terribly interested, so I was able to purchase it for the reserve price." Noticing Rachel's interest she went on. "Perhaps you would care to call over for coffee next Sunday, if you are free of course," she added. "Please bring Sophie here and we could try it on for size," she went on awaiting Rachel's reaction.

"That would be splendid Miriam, I am sure Sophie would love it!" grinned Rachel, noticing Michael's distinct lack of enthusiasm.

"Arnold spent many happy hours strapped down in it," explained Mrs. Danvers. "In fact I was rather thinking of getting rid of it... it takes up so much room, it would be delightful to see it being put to good use once more," she added. "It is very well made, by a company called 'Silver Cross' I believe, accurate to every detail with strong anchor points for attaching the baby's harness. Anyway, I must not keep you any longer my dear, it has been delightful meeting you and little Sophie here."

"Give Aunty Miriam a kiss," ordered Rachel removing the dummy from her husband's mouth and returning it to her handbag. Mrs. Danvers presented her cheek to Michael who tentatively planted a kiss there as ordered.

"She's so adorable," she remarked pinching his cheek. "If you need a babysitter at anytime, I would be more than happy to offer my services. It seems so long since Arnold passed away..."

Rachel could see sadness in her eyes as she spoke. Not wanting to embarrass her new friend she handed the newly purchased items to Michael. Saying farewell to Miriam she pushed her blushing charge towards the door and out into the street.

(To be continued... .)
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