Letter 15
from Kate W.

Hello Nanny Susan,

I was prompted to write after reading a request from Margaret regarding where to purchase a dummy large enough to completely prevent speech. It's clear that Margaret wishes to use the dummy as an effective gag. I had a similar problem in the early stages of my husband's training, and decided I needed to address each training need separately. There are times when an effective gag is necessary, and I generally used a pair of my silk knickers, tightly rolled up, and a pair of tights.

These gags were only really necessary when his resistance was at its highest and he required restraint to ensure he remained dressed as I wanted him. The gag allowed me some peace and quiet while I left him for ever longer periods to accept his eventual fate.

The real benefit though, is that this allowed me to use the dummy as it was intended. A proper baby's dummy, not an adult imitation, and something designed to pacify, control and humiliate a sissy adult male. After two hours with a large gag in his mouth, it was actually a pleasure for him to take his smaller dummy and faced with the choice of the gag being forcibly replaced, or voluntarily taking his little pink dum-dum, there was only one choice for the poor thing. Over a relatively short space of time he came to accept that his dummy was his most pleasant alternative and soon became very reliant on it.

I have, of course, got complete control and he is kept sissified for long periods now. Without doubt making him accept his dummy has played a large part in his transformation. I read an article in your excellent magazine some while ago, I think it was written in the 60's but is still as relevant now as it was forty years ago. In it the lady said that whilst there were a number of devices available for determined ladies to control their husbands, the dummy was by far the best. I think the letter is still on your site and would encourage anyone thinking of training their sissy husband or boyfriend to read it first.

It pleases me whenever I'm out shopping and see a mother with a young boy who is far too old for a dummy, still sucking hopelessly on his babyish soother. Deliberately or not, the mother is creating another sissy boy for the future, as presumably once the child gets to 4, 5 or even older, and is STILL dummy-dependant, it will be a case of when, not if, they return to the dum-dum in older life. I know that was certainly the case with my husband.

The dummy remains the biggest single way I exercise control. It is taken every night, during the day at specified times, and after every meal. It is always popped in his mouth whenever one of my friends telephones, to prevent interruption. He still visits the same chemist every week to buy a new one, and even though the assistant changed recently, the new lady knew exactly what he had come to purchase, and they now tell him (in a suitably loud voice) if they have started selling a new style of dummy, or asking him sweetly what colour he would like. I always carry at least two in my handbag wherever we go, so he is under constant threat of it making an appearance, and if he displeases me then it is popped in while we're in the car.

Occasionally I still revert to restraints and a large gag, although this is much rarer these days, but it's still nice to watch him wriggle in his stockings, nappy and dress.

Hopefully this will be helpful for Margaret, and other ladies facing similar problems. Thanks again for your great site, keep the dummy discipline advice and articles coming, and best wishes for the future.
Kind regards,

Kate W.

Thank you for your thoughts and advice on dummy discipline Kate, it sounds like you have your hubbie under very good management. Large dummies are notoriously hard to find - it's a great pity that the manufacturers don't seem to have heard of nursery discipline, even though wives and mothers have been using it for decades. If I could find a directory of all the dummy manufacturers in the British Commonwealth I would send them all a note.

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