Letter 14
from Curtis

Hi Miss Susan,

I wanted to tell you about my first petticoat punishment. It was when I was 13. It was a Sunday morning, and we were all getting ready for church. It was in the summer so I put on some kakhi shorts, and a shirt and tie, since I had seen my sister, who was two years younger, but was taller than me, in a pair of shorts. Things were going well until I got out to the breakfast table and my mom and dad said that I couldn't wear shorts to church - I needed to wear dress pants.

I told them that it was the rule that my sister wear a dress or a skirt to church, and that she was wearing shorts. They said that they were culottes and were ok. I said well I was wearing kakhi shorts, and they were just like pants only shorter. I was very upset that my sister could wear shorts, but not me.

Well one thing lead to another, and we got into a verbal argument, and finally my sister said he doesn't know what its like to wear a skirt to church Mother, he wouldn't understand. My mom said, "Do you want to wear a skirt to church? That would be short for the summer weather."

I said "Fine," in all my arrogance thinking they wouldn't go through with it, and anyway I wanted to have the last word. Well, with that my mom told my sister to go pick out an outfit for me to wear, and I was to stay and eat my breakfast. After I finished my breakfast my mom took me to my sister's room were she had picked out an outfit.

I nearly fainted. It was her Easter dress from like three years earlier. It was all white, with lace everywhere. it had a very full, attached petticoat that made the dress pouf out so that my thighs would be bare almost up to the legs of the panties she had chosen. Yes, she had the matching fancy panties covered in lace and ribbons to go with it the white tights, and glossy Mary Jane shoes to go with it too. I felt dizzy, and my insides had turned to water. It was at that moment that I really understood what petticoat punishment meant.

I had to put it all on and it felt funny and quite different from boys' clothes; so soft and slippery. It made you feel funny and weak all over. But it felt nice too, but I couldn't admit that to myself. Nobody said anything to me after that till we were all getting ready to leave. I was staying in my room thinking that they put me in this position, and now they would have to leave me at home. But no. my mom came into my room and said, "Come on, let's go." She said she had a curly wig for me that my sister had worn in a school Christmas play.

I said, "I can't go out like this." She said, "Sure you can; if your sister has to, so can you." So I was dragged out trembling by my mother, and it was late spring and there was a little bit of a breeze. It lifted the petticoats up, and kept them up because I couldn't control the skirts, which kept being lifted by little gusts and breezes, and when I got to the car my sister told me that I had better watch the wind because I don't want everybody to see my little panties. She was grinning cheekily from ear to ear, and she was absolutely right. She had seen through me, and she must have understood how terrible and confusing it was for a boy undergoing 'petticoat penance.'

We went to church and that was uneventful. Nobody said anything to me or anything. When we were on our way home, my mother and father decided that we were going to eat out, so we stopped at this little restaurant I hadn't hit my growth spurt yet. I was only less than five feet tall - now I am only 5' 6". My mother said that I really needed a baby's high chair, and one was brought. My sister thought this was great fun, although I didn't have to use it.

Petticoat penance was very effective in my case. I never argued with my sister again, and although she was the younger she was very much the boss from that day on.
Please continue your excellent publication,


Thanks for those sweet memories, and I am glad that petticoating worked as it is meant in your case. You certainly describe very well what it must be like. You say that this was your first experience. If there were others, then please write to us again.

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