Letter 11
from Ashleigh

Dear Susan,

I wanted to say that I have been looking at your site with my wife and it has struck a tremendous chord with us, and especially with me. It is a relief to know that we are not alone!

I am a very lucky man. Since adolescence, I have known my role was to be submissive to a woman, and to show this, I long desired to wear satin and silk petticoats and skirts. I remember at about 14 trying on several layers of slips, underskirts and old fashioned dresses in the attic of our house, where my mum's amateur drama group stored their costumes. The sensual feel of satin on my skin, the rustle of layers of soft fabric and the gentle sway of the long skirts just melted me.

Of course, then and subsequently, I did this in secret, scared of being caught, and I often struggled to stop, thinking I was strange or wrong.

But then, about seven years ago, a girlfriend I was seeing (I was 30 by then), suddenly presented me one night with a camisole, stockings, a pair of panties and a full slip. She told me to put them on as she said she knew this was what I wanted and it interested her. We made the best love ever, and after that she got me some more clothing.

Unfortunately, after about a year, we split up and I was alone again. I met someone else, but she early on expressed "disgust" at men in skirts - I had not said anything at that point - and I was resigned to losing the fulfillment I had gained.

But then I met my wife, Deepa, and after a few months together, I explained how I felt. She was a bit taken aback at first, but after seeing me dressed in a skirt a couple of times she agreed she liked it on one condition - that we went the whole way and I submitted to her.

I can only say i was delighted. I now call her 'Mistress' six days a week (one day off) and six days a week , at home, I am dressed in long skirts and petticoats. I have to wear a chastity band at all times, I kneel on the floor until she invites me to sit beside her, do all the housework and at night I wear long satin nighties to bed. My beloved spanks me quite often to keep me in check, and I always wear female underclothes, especially bridal panties from Satique - so I was pleased to see their banner on your site.

So I just wanted to say thank you for your advocacy of petticoat punishment - although it is not always a punishment for me. Some days, I do wish I could go back, but that is just the remnants of the old male in me, the final embers. I am happy as a submissive man to my wonderful wife, and so grateful and humble that our desires coincide and complement each other so well.

Please feel free to use this letter, if you like and if it is good enough, and I would love to contribute anything else to your site that you would like.

"A husband-in-skirts"

It sounds perfect to me, and you are very lucky. Any contributions would be welcome - would your wife be interested in writing a letter from her point of view? The wife's point of view in a petticoat government home is very important to my male readers, because so many of them find it difficult to find a partner who is happy to have a submissive, adoring husband.

All the best to both of you for the future. It should be a long and happy one.

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