Letter 1
from Dani

Dear Miss Susan,

First of all, I am thrilled to find your site back on line. I would check periodically, and had sort of given up hope. Then just this past Sunday I was surfing the web and typed in petticoated.com and to my delight there was a new issue! I must say that I truly missed not being able to share in the education, encouragement, and pleasure that your site offers to those submissive men and dominant women who have discovered and understood the truth, wisdom and pleasure of petticoating.

To be held under the sweet control of enforced feminization is the ultimate training and discipline for a male. As you state so brilliantly in your comments "it would be difficult to find a case in which deep love and respect by the male for his wife or sister was not an accompaniment to their overwhelming power in being capable of bringing him to such exquisite and piquant humiliation".

It's not just about cross dressing. It is about being under the complete and total control of a mature dominant woman whose superior feminine and matronly presence is in itself sufficient to reduce, dissolve, and transform the basest of male tendencies and desires into the pure sweet and delightful consciousness of a submissive and vulnerable little girl, whose only desire is to submit to the feminine principle through emulation and service, because he knows it is the only way.

There is absolutely nothing unfortunate for the lucky male who finds himself in this situation. The privilege of being expected to relinquish all masculine power and serve a woman while being allowed to dress in the clothing of the superior sex maintains a state of prolonged and continual exquisite humiliation, and sexual and psychological bliss.

As you can see I am a male who has embraced the idea of petticoat discipline. As I continue to accept the fact that I am a sissy, my desire to dress and act like a sweet little girl deepens. My next acquisition will be a pair of white, patent leather Mary Janes with a one inch heel. They will look so sweet with my white lace ruffled anklets, lace-topped stockings with large satin bows, and my white lace and satin Communion-style dress and petticoats. The dress is short enough to expose my silk, ruffled panties.

My other favorite type of fashion is a traditional French maid uniform. This would be my working uniform and would most likely require heels appropriate to the task. Higher heels for general standby service, and light duty such as ironing, and more utilitarian footwear for heavy housework. Actually the piece of the working uniform that excites me the most is a dainty lace stand-up crown, which when placed on my obviously male head, signifies my proclamation to my superiors and to myself that I am a total sissy.

My purpose in describing this is to convey that whether I am dressed as a little girl or a maid, my inner sissy nature requires that I be in service to a woman. In this state it is the only thing that excites me. I am consumed by the need to submit, serve and emulate. I know that an ongoing relationship requires constant discipline, and training as well as regression into little girlhood in order to maintain the exquisite bondage of enforced feminization. Unfortunately, at this time I am alone in my fantasy but I do long for the day that it can become a reality. That is, to find dominant woman who wants this kind of relationship with a submissive male. At this point I don't have a clue as to how to accomplish this. I live in southern California, and would appreciate any thoughts.

Thank you for the opportunity to express my needs and desires and my gratitude for your forum. I love every bit of your site, and would enjoy seeing more pictures of sissies in their blissful environments. Also, the letters are wonderful.
In submission,


Thank you for the compliments, and I am glad that you are finding the site beneficial. I don't know how you would proceed in Southern California, but you have described the bliss of submissive petticoating, which so many males seem to find, very well.

I don't care much for the sight of heels, especially on the kind of little girl shoes that you describe, but I suppose that is just a matter of individual preference.

Welcome back to the sensibly petticoated pages of PDQ, and I hope that you enjoy the current issue.

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