Advice from Nanny Susan
I want to be found out
from Jim

Dear Miss MacDonald,

I have been cross-dressing for many years now, and have never been caught. I often think how humiliating this would be if I was caught by my sister in law, and many of her girl friends. I want this to happen, but once done I know how much embarrassment I would have as they laugh at my expense. I am trying to get this to happen, but I am so afraid to do it. What do you think, and do you have any ideas?

I think it might cause unhappy repercussions within your family, and I would not try to consciously engineer it. It is greatly preferable that the female initiate things for family benefit, not that the male initiate things and cause family discord.

Encouraging housework
from Gerda

Dear Nanny,

I want to ask you for advice. Our household consists of one lady, me, two sons and a handsome husband. The three men do everything outside, but never any housekeeping. I would like to feminise them a bit. I was looking to find my husband a pretty apron, but I only could find the barbecue - type ones, that I don`t think are suitable for petticoating at all. Were do I find a proper ladylike overall?

They are not sissies, unlike perhaps most of your readers , but perhaps you can give me advice on how to feminise them a little bit. Sometimes I want my men doing something to help me in the kitchen, but how do I organise this?
Are we too old-fashioned?
Love ,

Barbecue aprons! Come and get it, The heat is on... there was even a stupid and tasteless one with an impression of a woman's bra and knickers on the front, which women really did find offensive. Have a look at the new link that I have on the 'Links' page for frilly plastic aprons. Just the thing for naughty boys who won't help with the housework.

Sturdy rubber bloomers for hubbie
from Helen

Dear Nanny,

I think that the magazine you produce is fantastic, i came across it about two months ago and have read nearly all the articles. I am a 43 year old woman who believes strongly in nappy discipline, and my husband is kept in nappies with rubbers at all times whilst at home, and
wears a pinafore with a good sturdy plastic apron as he performs his daily household duties. I make sure that his terry towelling nappies are nice and thick, so much so that I now need a more sturdier pair of rubbers, i.e. proper amber bloomers. I would be very grateful if you could pass on to me a site here in the UK that would cater for my needs.

Have you looked at the 'Links' page? And can any readers help here?

Lonely in Kuwait
from Baby Fluffy

Dear Nanny,

I know that petticoating works, as I am one of your loyal readers, and have been reading your magazine for a long time now.

My problem is that I live in Kuwait, a very closed-minded and conservative country compared to Britain and other countries. Although compared to the Arab world, Kuwait is remarkably open.

But the problem is that I can't find a mummy. This lack of petticoating is killing me, and makes me frustrated all the time, as I seek love and care, and want to be treated as a little girl, instead of a 26 year old man. I started looking, and asked many ladies about what they think, and everyone has made fun of my ideas, which makes me cry and cry for many nights.

What's wrong when a young man asks to be treated as a baby by women? Yes, I am a strong believer of gynosupremacy, not in its brutal form of domination, but in the warm, loving form of treating men as babies, to submit to the desires of women. To be their tools, and to live to make women happy.

My heart is always beating hard whenever I imagine the smell of a loving plump female mummy for me, or when I imagine myself wearing a nice petticoat, and find a big smile on the face of a woman for making me her baby.

Please advice me on how to deal with this problem, as this country has doomed me, and sentenced me to death, without the love of a caring mummy.
Yours truly,
Baby Fluffy

I can't really help, except to say that you at least have a friend in 'Petticoat Discipline Quarterly' magazine, and that you should build up a happy and trusting relationship before you broach the subject. Most women will accept it as one part of a more normal relationship, but do not rush into the subject.

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