I was at play with me friends and we had a great ballgame. I was rounding third base when I tripped on the base and took a tumble and I tore my jeans and my new shirt. I knew I was in trouble. The couch called and ambulance and I was taken to the hospital for checkup. My mother came to the hospital. She was afraid I was hurt much more than I was. She was crying when she first came in but the nurse told her it was not as bad as it looks just some scrapes and bruises. The nurse told me I could get dressed and Mother picked up my clothes and she asked me what on earth I had done. I laughed and said I slid into the third base. Mother looked at me and said well this will not happen again.

When we got home after a long chewing out. We went in the house and she picked up the phone and I heard her say to Mr Jones my couch and that I would not be playing ball anymore. I heard her say I mean it no baseball. The next day was Saturday and when I got up I ask my sister Jane where mom was, she said you don't want to know. I ask her what that meant. She said Mom told me not to say anything about it until she gets home and she out a word I did not want to hear she said sissy Mom said for you to clean your room before she comes home. Mom came home my room was extra clean. Mom said you have had several accidents this year and three trips to the Hospital and I think if you were a girl you would not be getting these things happening. My eyes got big and I said OH no Mommy don't do this I will be good I promise. She said you will not get out of this Sally. I began to cry and beg but she just keep doing what she was going to do. She took all my clothes off of me with the help of Jane. Before I knew it I had pink panties with ruffles around the top and lag openings. I knew i could not stop them so I stopped fighting them. She put a pink under top and a blouse that had little ducks on it. Then she held up a skirt that was so short mI ken I would be flashing the panties. My hair wa not real long but I had to sit while Jane put ribbons in my hair. Then she put socks that came up to my knees. She went to her closet and came back with some tennis shoes that were pink with purple strings. Mom stood me in front of the mirror and I saw a tall little girl I again began to cry. Mom took me in her arms and hugged me.

The next day was Saturday and the big game was to start at one and I sat in my room whimpering. I heard the door bell ring and my Mom called me to come down. I walked down hoping she did not let one of my friends come in but yet she did. Tommy looked me up and down and he said you can't come to the game looking like that. Mom said OH yes she can and she took me over to Tommy and she told him to take Sally to your game she loves baseball. Mom said you go along sweety and be a good girl and Jane will come also. I was shaking like a leaf all the way there and I ken Jane would not help me. When I got there the couch ask if I was going to play in the outfit. Jane said no she is not a silly boy Sally is going to watch.

My life from then was one joke after the other I spent three years in that kind of dress. I am now in Collage and I must confess I still wear panties and often dress in women's clothes but never outside of the house. Maybe one day I will find a woman who will be my Wife and I will hopefully get one that likes to make me dress in my sissy outfits.

Thank you Ms Helga

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