from Marie-Christine

Hello Auntie Helga,

i am a feminine crossdressing lady with a love for being a sissy maid from time to time. After having such an experience once with a friended couple - I sent you a letter about that - I thought about to become the maid even for my wife too.

After a while that we has a cleaning lady at our home she had to quit and my wife was looking for a new cleaner. It was difficult and she was not lucky to find one for a few days. So I asked her is she would be ok if I would do the cleaning at home under the condition that I were allowed to wear a suitable housekeeping dress. I had seen one from Simon Jersey in black with a white apron and i loved that one immediately. So I wrote a application to become our new housekeeper to the business mail address of my wife. When she came home from work that day she smiled and said that if I really like to do that than I could have that job. And she was ok with me getting the uniform dress.

Some days later the maid uniform arrived and I did my first cleaning. My wife is not at home normally so this day I changed into the dress and did all the heavy cleaning but I remained dressed until she came home to find me. She was happy that all the cleaning was done to her needs and she agreed to take some pictures of me while cleaning in my dress. I have enclosed some of my pictures.

Meanwhile i asked about getting another maids dress from a fine Italian brand and she was ok with that. So she ordered a lovely plum coloured maids dress for me to do the housework in it. It's only one day a week that I do the housework dressed in one of my maids dresses for her but maybe she will get used in seeing me dressed as a maid more often and is ok with that. Maybe some day she let me be her personal maid too.

Sometimes I meet a nice lady friend who became something like a Mistress to me. I helped her sometimes out dressed in my maids dresses and did the cooking, the cleaning and the serving the dinner for her. It was so nice to be treated like a real maid and she welcomed my services. I really hope that I will have to work as her maid from time to time too.

I hope you like my story and the pictures (you can chose which you like) and would share it with your beloved readers.

Best wishes and a sweet curtsey,
your maid,

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Thank you for your letter Marie-Christine. What a lovely thing to do for your amazing wife, I'm sure she will be delighted to have you at her beck and call. Beautiful uniforms, neat, tidy and professional. I also notice as I'm sure my readers will, is how happy you seem to be at this job.

Auntie Helga

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