from Rose

Hello Helga,

I have taken chrissie, my sub husband, out fully dressed a few times since the 'mask' has been a norm now. We have never been out before while he was dressed. I usually go out of town or away from our area. Check into a hotel with all our toys and then have fun with chrissie,

Last night I dressed him very methodically or carefully. He had on his large bra with his 'DD' breast forms. Then, his garterbelt, black stockings. To insure he would waddle, I selected two large folded towels and 2 large diapers planted between his legs and held in place by a very tight girdle. Over this I had him put on his tight ALL IN ONE girdle. Then came his low 4 inch heels, a model pair of pants and a blouse.

I made him prance around and he waddle as he walked, what I wanted. He was going to wear his long coat that would cover everything once buttoned up, and with the mask, a large one, and his long wig, he could past as female.

We were going to a strip mall where it wasn't really busy at night and I wase just going to allow chrissie to prance/waddle around. We have done this before, several times with the mask, and were very successful and not detected.

So after his make-up and wig was applied we headed out.

Well not far from the hotel we came across a couple that we past, uneventfully. But, I notice chrissy was trying and was successful NOT to waddle as we past the couple. I notice his ass under the coat was not swaying as I wanted it to do with each step. The beauty of a full length coat, you can stuff large breast and anything between you sub thighs or legs undetected once it is buttoned up.

SOOOO, I pulled him around we we headed back to the hotel. I commanded him to undress down to his diapers. I removed his diapers and the two towels.

I went and got the largest butt plug we had, it was huge, and lubed it and shoved it into his pussy, he was moaning loudly. I told him "I want to see that ass and hips shake when you walk, you were not waddling out there, you slut!"

"You will this time for sure!"

I grabbed the duct tape and wrapped up between his thighs and his ass cheeks, his waist, the butt plug was not going anywhere. Next I added another towel, so he has three folded towels between his legs now, I then carefully duct taped those very tightly between his thighs. His legs are now spread wide but I wasn't finished. I added the two large diapers and again duct tape them tightly paying attention to the taping. Then I instructed him to pull his girdle up over all this, which almost didn't make it. He had a very large package between his legs now. He was redressed and I made him walk for me before we set out.

WOW, he walked like a drunken ho. What I wanted. To tell you the truth my panties were getting wet. His ass swished all over the place and as mush as he try closing his thighs the walk got worst. I handed him his mask and coat and out we went again

My, what a difference, as we walked we had a few people that turned around by nothing embarrassing. He was certainly walking with a waddle and his ass and hip were uncontrollable. I loved it.

We walked the mall for maybe 1/2 and returned to the hotel. As for his punishment for making me re-dress him, well he spent the evening tied tightly to the hotel 'luggage rack' I tied a cock onto the top rail of the rack and he was to service it as I sat there and watched TV.

After about 20 mins I removed the cock and inserted my very wet panties into his mouth and strap a ball gag over them. I applied nipple clamps to his nipples and clamps to his balls and pulled them down to the bottom rail. He stood strapped into the luggage rack just moaning thru the gag. Music to my ears.

You should really take advantage to this 'Mask wearing' while it last. You would be surprised as to what and who you are pasting as you walk around out here... hehe.


Thank you for your letter Rose. I suppose we all try to make the best of a bad situation and truth be told, masks do come in all forms. Some even hide the identity or even gender of the wearer, others have a kinkier side. We all share in your amusement playing with your sissy, thank you for sharing once again.


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