As you have read part one you by now know that my life is totally changed. I do not have a life of my own. I can not do anything and I do mean anything. Mistress Sharon has gotten very strict if I do something and she did not tell me to do it I am punished. Mistress will say that I am too stupid to be a real man or that I am such a little pissy ass sissy. Mistress told me that she is what she going to be so wonderful as she continued to work with her and keep her in line and that I would just do anything I say. I have lost everything I owned in my past life. Mistress has either sold or given them away. When she sells it I have to be with her when she sales or gives away. I have to hand them to the old friend who wants my stuff and I have to thank them for taking them.

One of the men who got my top of the line Golf equipment, those I had to give to him, I had years in my eyes thinking of the game and how good I was at Golf. He simply mentioned that his wife had passed and he did not have a golfing partner. Mistress said "I will buy your wife's clubs and sissy can play along with you. They both agreed. Mistress said you must be lonely since your wife passed, he said yes the worst is the lack of sex. He said I might be out of line but we did not have a normal sex life, all she could do was give me blow jobs. Mistress said that is no a problem Sissy will do that for him want you, Sissy, I was crying when she told me to stop that and thank the man. I said I am sorry sir please forgive me. She said you know I think right now would be a great time to have your little cock sucker to show you how good she can do that. My ex-boss said why yes that would be fine.

We walked into the house and into his bedroom. Mistress said remove your clothes, Sissy. My heart dropped and I was sort of whiney but I did remove them and got on my knees. He said that my mouth was so warm and wet. Before long he was shoving it into my mouth and pumping so fast and deep. I was gagging and I wanted to get done. Soon his cum was going down my throat. He took my head and began pushing in and pulling up. Before long he went weak and he sat on the bed. He said if I would have known you did this I would have moved you up and you would have got a nice raise.

He and Mistress went into another room and I waited for their return. Mistress said I got a great thing for you, he is going to allow you to come to his house and you can be his sweet little cock sucker isn't that wonderful. I knew not to say anything negative so I said yes Mistress it will be wonderful. He hugged me and said OK I will see you on Tuesday night and you will be staying the night.

That Tuesday night he welcomed me into my house for what he said was going to be a great night. Mistress told me that if I did not please him I would not be so welcome back home. I knew she meant that she would take me down to where the homeless live and drop me off, I was not going to go there if I could help it. Not long after she left, he said come with me and we went to his bedroom. When he walked in he said all of this is yours. I looked on the bed at the clothes he had bought, I had to act as if I loved them.

There were several pairs of V. S. clothes. He said put these on. I was out of my clothes and picked up the bright pink panties and stockings and after they were on he gave me some garters and Bra along with a shawl on my shoulders. He said that he liked my makeup. He said OK now let us get to it. He said come and lay over my lap for your little spanking. When I got close enough he tweaked my cheeks and kissed my lips. I almost threw up but managed to hold it down. I lay over his lap and he began spanking me and saying what a bad girl I had been. It was one night I will never forget and might later tell you more about it.

Mistress woke up on a Friday morning and said I was going to have to be good tonight. I said yes Mama. Not even know what she meant I had just become numb to what she wanted. Mistress said that there was going to be an auction here tonight, doesn't that sound wonderful. I said yes Mistress with a smile on my face not wanting to get her mad. You see this is my wife and she had become my Mistress and I had nothing to say about it. The day went by ever so slowly and the people started coming. I had on my Maid's uniform. There were five other Maids and we each had to be on our toes as we all knew what our Mistress do if we failed them.

About an hour after the Auction started I saw it was the Mistress was renting a Sissymaid. The bidding started with me first. I was told to crawl up the steps to the stage and stand and do some turns as Mistress talked about the Sissy Maid. I looked out and saw a woman that I had dated before, Sandy. Needless to say, this woman won me for a week. I was in awe, I did not know what to do. When Mistress took me to the room to give me to her I told her about the woman and she said oh how sweet that is I hope you will be a good girl.

She sent me to my room to pack my clothes, I got everything I thought I would need. I was thinking about how did Sharon get me into this life. I met her at her car and she opened the door for me to get in and said it is only right for a little girl to have her door opened don't you think. I said yes Mama. Off we went to her house and she took me into her home and I wondered where she had got the money to buy such a big house and all the things she had. Sandy said I was so glad to see you in your new life. I blushed and said thank you.

She said you remember how you walked out on me. My eyes got big and I remembered I had left her. I said I am sorry she said not as much as you will be during this week. She ordered me to undress except for my panties. I started to beg her not to do this but I remembered Sharon. When I was down to my panties she said to get on your knees Sissy baby girl and she laughed. I crawled behind her and I could look up and see her red Satin panties wigging as her ass moved to the rhythm of each step.

When we got to a big door and when opened you could see a lot of her toys and workbenches. She said stand up darling. I stood and she took my penis and pulled me to the horse. She said you going are not to get a hard-on sissy. I told her a short story about the wreck. She how sweet that must have been. At that, I knew she was going to have her way with me. She told me to bend over the horse, she strapped me over it. She walked behind me and began to rub my butt, her hands felt so wonderful as it glided ever so soft and I was whimpering like a puppy.

She said how nice I see you are enjoying this part. I said nothing and she walked to the wall and I could see her picking out a Cat-o-nine tail from her tools that hung on the wall. She lifted one and slowly pulled it through her hand and let it come out and snap in the air making a sound much as a whip should. She let the leather slide over my pantied butt. She spoke in a low seductive voice, I shivered as she lifted it to her shoulder and quickly struck the air was filled with the whisp of the Cat-o-nine tail. It fell hard across my butt I did not yell or cry out. I knew that if I had cried out she would have not counted that one. I felt the forty strokes and was so much in pain that I had learned to endure.

The week went by and soon I was back with Mistress. Over the twelve years, I had loved Mistress as much as she was my wife. This story has no end. Sharon died and I have all of her stuff and I am looking for another Mistress that will make me her Sissy Maid. I did think I will be sending more about my life. One thing for sure men try you might like it.


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