My wife and I had got into the car to go to the mall to pick up some things for our party that evening. We had not gone far when a young man who was driving fast hit our car. My wife was not hurt but I was pinned in the car for a long time then I was airlifted to the hospital. I was taken to surgery right away, it took two hours to finish the surgery. When I woke from it I was in a daze for a couple of hours and then sent to ICU. The doctor came to meet with us when he finished his work on others. He told us that I had torn something that I did not know but he told us that I would not be able to have sex any longer. I was so shocked and began to question him more hoping there was something they could do. But it was to no avail and we had to accept it and try to move on. The doctor said I should find a counselor and try to get through this.

Sharon and I spent many hours talking and trying to make sense of this. The first thing we did we hired and Lawyer and he told us this was a very rich family and that the boy was out on bail. It was not long before the settlement came through I could not be there so I gave a letter that my wife would have the right to speak for me.

When she came home she said she had opened an account with the money. As it was a very large amount of money we were set for life. My wife bought a new car and said her old car would be fine for me and I agreed. Then she said we should buy a new house since our's was in need of some repair and to that I agreed. We bought a really nice house it had four bedrooms and four baths and a half bath. She and I bought some more furniture which included a new master bedroom and three guest rooms.

Everything was so nice until one day Sharon said she was depressed. I was not surprised she had not had sex and that was something she and I loved it so much. We opened a discussion about it she said she would not leave me but she needed sex, she also said that what we were doing was OK but not what a woman needs. She then told me that she had a thing that she thought I would like. She took me to her computer and opened up Petticoat Discipline Quarterly. She showed me how to open it and she left the room.

I began to read the letters and I was shocked at first and then I remembered when I was a teenager and a girl name Sandra and she and I played games and petticoating was a part of that. Sandra and I never had sexual intercourse just playing around. I really enjoyed it. I went to Sharon and told her about the thing with my old friend. We began talking about it and spent time reading the letters and she really thought she would like to be my Mistress. She said will you be my submissive. Thoughts went through my head for a minute and I said yes. Sharon said you mean Yes Mistress, don't you?

It id not take long for her to begin taking total control of my life. She told me that we were going to a special shop that my sister told me about. I suddenly realized that she had told her sister about our agreement for my new life. I ask her why she had told Debby her sister. She said I was to shut up and do as he was told. With that, she slapped my face and said that if I did not do as I was told she would give me another one. Tears came to my eyes I had never been slapped in my face but I knew I did not want to get slapped by her again. She told me to follow her and we went toward the bedroom and told me to remove all my clothes.

I got naked and she said that I was to remove all of my underwear except one pair for doctor visits and I would not be using them very long. In just a minute she came back with a hand load of panties. All of them were what I call Granny panties. She put them in my empty dresser. Sharon said that I was to pick a pair. I just reached in and pulled out a pair that was white with a sign on the back that said "Cindy is my Sissy" the material was very thick she told me that if Tiny (she had named my penis) you won't be embarrassed. I pull them on only to find they were too big. Sharon went to a bag she had in her sewing box, took out a big safety pen and she pinned them so they would be tight. The pin was right in the middle of the belly like a diaper would be pinned up.

My life took a weird turn I became her sissy slave and did everything she told me to do. One night Sharon said that she and some of her friends were going out and I was to all of her panties and bras were to be hand washed and I was also to do these separate to mine. I ask whose they were and she said they are some of my family's. She said you know my sister Carol always wanted to make you her slave she never liked you at all. She also remembered the night you told her to go fu** herself. She was so glad when I told her about your new life.

I was told to wait by the door and if anyone calls just let them in and serve them whatever we have. I stood there in the big white panties. Not long after the doorbell rang. I was sweating and hoping Carol. I opened the door to see Carol and her husband who was dressed as a little girl and his dress was very short. Carol told him to turn and bend over so Cindy could see your pretty panties. He did and I saw them they were pink with a sign that read "mommies little girl". She told him to turn back and his face was red as a beet. Sharon came down and shouted at me for not getting Carol a drink. I ran to get her the drink but I was still in deep trouble.

Mistress Sharon told me to come and lay over her lap. After I was over her lap she pulled my panties down to my ankles and she began spanking me with a hairbrush. Before she was done I was crying like a sissy and my butt was red. I slobbered like a little girl. Mistress suggests that I remember this because the next one will be for Carol to administer. The women were about to leave when the door opened and there was my Mother-in-law. She said does anyone need a baby sitter. Both Carol and Mistress Sharon said why yes we do but please do be mean with them they are the learning stage.

The door closed behind them and I knew this was not going to be a good night.

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