Letter 13
(From Madame Vol 14 No 7)

Dear Mistress Superior Candida,

In my deepest humbleness, sincerity, and respect, I am on my knees writing this letter to 'Madame', and humbly beg you, Madame, for your very kind help. May I please beg Madame to grant me the information I seek? I fully realize my total humbleness and inferiority to a very superior mistress.

I am a 45 year old sissy, very well-behaved, emasculated, Caucasian, and 5' 8" in stockings. I am completely docile, servile, obedient, passive, very shy, quiet, and extremely schoolgirlishly modest about my body being properly covered at all times.

I have been raised by an austere aunt who believed in, and practised, old fashioned petticoat and bloomer discipline on me. I was the only male in a house full of females: My Aunt Harriet, her three daughters, housekeeper, and a very close friend of auntie's, my 'Aunt' Sylvia.

We were given private education. Auntie Sylvia and the housekeeper had complete control over me. They were authorised to punish me for my faults, and I was taught to address the housekeeper as 'Matron'. She trained me for all kinds of housework. I became a lowly scullery maid, kitchen maid, laundry maid, and scrubwoman. I was hard-working, very well mannered, obedient, and a very well-behaved and very modest sissy. I grew up fearful of, and in humble respect and obedience, to all women.

I am especially frightened of 'superior' ladies. They could be very cruel and full of contempt for males under dress discipline, which I experienced. My three cousins laughed at me and teased me, calling me all sorts of unkind names such as 'Pantywaist', and 'Miss Pansy Pants', in my starched linen petticoats, full-cut bloomers, baby girl dresses, aprons, pinafores, short ankle socks and Mary Jane shoes, with my hair in rollers, hair clips, bobby pins, and berets, that Auntie Sylvia or Matron dressed me in.

The girls used to pinch, poke and slap my face, bottom, and legs. I learned to do a full, proper curtsey before every girl and lady, and kept my head bowed until I was dismissed from their presence. As a boy I never had any friends. I never saw any other little boys, because Auntie never invited any to her home. Only girls were invited. They, and my cousins, were in excellent physical condition. When they hit me I would cry. I developed a deep feeling of inferiority and became completely submissive. All my life I have humbly respected, worshipped, and entirely dedicated my life to the truly dominant lady.

I have discovered 'Madame' magazine, which is the finest female domination magazine in the world. Your excellent magazine was written for submissives like me. I beg to pay homage, to worship and serve the proper English lady with the proper reverence they deserve. An English lady is the epitome of refinement, culture, stature, elegance, glamour, sophistication, high standards, and principles. I humbly beg to be trained by, and serve such a lady.

May I please beg 'Madame' to please recommend an English contact magazine with the publisher's name and address, so I may write and place an ad for a governess, matron, or nursery nurse who could train me for such a lady? I will pay for my training lessons. Is it possible Madame Candida may know of a training mistress to introduce me to? Someone who could train me properly and efficiently to meet all her demands. Thank you mistress.


The description of the 'English lady' in the second last paragraph could be a description of my old friend, Sarah Fraser, although she may not see herself as English at all (the most conservative Cornish people see Cornwall as a separate kingdom). If I had received this letter myself I would most certainly have passed it on to Sarah, who I think would have taken pity on S.T. and accepted him at her house, because his need for submissive petticoating is so heartfelt.

I really think that if this household had trained him as a petticoated housemaid, then it was their responsibility to find a suitable partner for him. This is usually the case in the reminiscences of boyhood petticoating that I have encountered, and it shows that the mother or aunt has the best interests of the child at heart. Otherwise life can be very lonely and unfulfilling.

(Edit: Published in our Christmas Annual 2001)

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