from Debbie

Dear Helga,

Having discovered my husband's obsession with petticoats and websites devoted to enforced petticoating and feminine domination, I reassured him that I still loved him, that I found it all quite a turn on and that I would set about making our home a haven of femininity.

So, two years on, our mirrored wardrobes are filled with silk and satin frocks, the chests of drawers are overflowing with shiny lace hemmed silky half slips and petticoats, frilly satin panties, gorgeous 36G bras, suspender belts and girdles and dozens of packets of seamed nylon and silk stockings. In one drawer there are frilly plastic adult baby panties along with his colourful adult baby magazines and booklets which he used to hide from me! I still allow him to continue purchasing these magazines and he has amassed hundreds of which we love to read together when we're dressed in our prettiest frocks and silken lingerie. We go on line together to the lovely sites he'd visit when I was out! He loves "Prissie's Sissies", "Prim's Pansies", Mrs Silk, and all the Feminine Domination, Adult Baby sites and Sissy sites, and now I love them too! If we visit an AB site I insist he wears his elasticated baby panties over his lacy silk panties. He must always wear stockings and suspenders even though he's still a"baby" because he loves the swishing of his petticoats over his nylons just as much as I do.

I love rustling petticoats, always have since I was a little girl. I spank him over my lap when he gets too excited and then nestle him in my arms before having him caress my breasts for a while. Then he will be suckled while l stroke him through his panties, whispering, "mummy wants to make you feel all girly and feminine, darling, all girly in pretty petticoats and panties, bras and stockings. Are you going to feel all lovely for mummy while she suckles you darling hmm?" And I kiss him on his lips as he explodes into his pretty elasticated baby panties beneath his rustling petticoats! "Mummy's here darling and she's very proud of you!"


Thank you for your letter Debbie. Your acceptance and participation in his fetish is quite admirable and I hope that as others read of this it might help in their relationships as well.


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