from Tanya

Dear Helga,

I recently discovered your website and thought you and your readers may be interested in some reflections of a dance teacher. I have been running my own dance academy for the past ten years and almost all of my students have been female in that time. Even so I would have taught around fifty boys, along with a few thousand girls. Out of those fifty boys I would estimate that I have managed to get more than forty of them into some sort of female clothing, often in front of an audience.

I have been fascinated by seeing boys dressed in girls dance wear since I was a girl and I shared a class with a boy for several years. Unlike myself when I teach boys our teacher never encouraged this but she didn't discourage it either.

The boy in our class was called Sam. The girls all were required to wear leotards to class, it was a time when this was common. If you forgot your leotard you could miss class or practice in underwear. Sam had to wear shorts and a singlet which meant he wore black Lycra school knickers and a white singlet. There were two older boys at the dance school who wore loose black shorts and a singlet, but Sam always wore the knickers. He did dance classes with me from age six until about sixteen. The knickers were worn every year, were always tight on him and his bottom was often only partly covered. I noticed when we were young that when the knickers rode up he had some bruising or redness on his bottom, clearly from a spanking (which was common and to some extent normal back then). Like many of the stories on this site Sam had a single mother, so I knew these were maternal spankings.

The marks continued to appear even in his later teens, so I knew he was being spanked at sixteen which was very unusual even back then. Most kids were spanked in primary school but it had stopped by the time puberty started. I had one girlfriend who was spanked in her teens but we all thought that was weird and it had stopped by the time she was fourteen.

But back to Sam - they were definitely spanking marks. On several occasions his whole bottom was red at the start of class and by the end of the class this had returned to his normal lightly tanned skin colour. As you can probably tell, Sammy and his mother featured heavily in my early fantasies. Keen to find out details I began to form a friendship with him around the time we turned ten years old.

He told me that he didn't even want to do dancing but his mother made him do it. He was scared of his mother and despite not wanting to be there he tried hard to dance well while in class to avoid further punishment.

I asked about the knickers directly and repeatedly and he pretended for several years that they were dance shorts. I wore the same type to school under my PE uniform so I knew they were not and I told him so but for years he would pretend. Eventually he admitted that they were knickers when we were about 12 or 13. I told him that I knew that and so did all the girls in the class, to which he was mortified. Still he kept turning up each week in the knickers.

For performances our teacher always gave him something different to wear. Often these were typical boy clothes but when we were 12 he had to dress as a toy soldier, which involved white tights and a red jacket. The tights were semi transparent and his white underwear was visible, especially when we went on stage. From close up it was clear these were panties as the edging had that tell tale frill along it. When I teased him he said they were boys briefs but they were clearly white nylon panties.

Unfortunately around that time Sam developed a crush on me and while I often fantasised about him and his mother I was not interested in being his girlfriend. He was so upset by this that he refused to talk to me as we got older. But I still have a book of photos I took of him in his different outfits, unfortunately none of them were at class as this was before mobile phones were everywhere so I could only photograph him at concerts. The boys I have taught have not been so lucky!

I will leave it there but I'm happy to answer any questions you may have or write more on my experiences at a later time.


How nice to hear from you Tanya and thank you so much for writing such a wonderful letter. As a dance teacher that has managed to get boys into girl's clothes you are just the sort of forward thinking strong confident woman we seek. Your story about growing up with young Sam was so heart warming, your sensitivity for his home situation and obvious acceptance of his wearing girl's panties, I'm sure it brings many delightful memories.

I am delighted to share your letter with my readers and would love to hear more about those instances were young boys were offered the opportunity to have the pleasure of wearing girl's clothes.


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