from Lesley

Dear Helga,

Over the past few years my contributions to PDQ have involved my collaboration with Castre on illustrating episodes in the life of Penelope and currently my series reviewing the history of this wonderful site. However I have not contributed any new material about my lifestyle with Penelope as, quite simply, your readers have already been acquainted with most aspects of our petticoat discipline regime over the past 20 years and I felt more of the same was not really likely to interest anyone particularly, enjoyable though it is for me! However an exciting recent event I thought more than worth recounting for readers pleasure.

Last month was my birthday and I decided that we would celebrate by Penelope treating me to a day out and night in a very nice hotel about 50 miles from our home. The twist was, he would entertain me, and spend the day as, my girlfriend! He was astonished when I sprung this on him. We have travelled away before, as readers will know, but to spend a whole day, on very public view, "en femme" was certainly going to push him well beyond his comfort zone!

On the morning I was very particular that his clothes, hair and makeup were immaculate. The image I was seeking for the day was two smartly-dressed mature ladies on a "girls day out" and it was important that he fitted the bill, you can judge the results for yourselves from the attached photos. Conservative skirt, polo neck and jacket, low-heeled shoes, understated makeup and neatly short hair fitted the bill and hey presto - we were in the car and off for the one hour drive to Christchurch a pretty little town with a nice harbour about 40 miles away from our home. On the journey I described my plan for the day to him, he thought I was teasing - very wrong! This was, I was determined, going to be a memorable birthday.

On arrival at Christchurch we parked by the beautiful riverside quay and headed off into the attractive little town centre for a little retail therapy. There are a number of very nice little boutiques in the quaint old High Street and I determined that Penelope should participate in the full "girly shopping experience" We tried on several items and I ensured that the shop owners or assistants were involved to heighten Penelope's discomfort, he became very agitated when I would insist that he "promenaded" in the skirt or dress in the shop and I asked the owner's opinion. Nobody seemed to bat an eyelid and some very constructive comments were made! I enjoyed a number of opportunities to "assist" him in the fitting rooms, always ensuring that I managed to leave him quite aroused - very frustrating for him and exciting for me!

We bought a nice long summer skirt for him in one shop and a very nice top for me in another, in both cases, of course, he had to pay and complete the transaction! We even found a nice pair of ankle boots in his size in a charity shop that I thought would go nicely with his outfit for the evening. Eventually, to his relief, we went back to the car to drive the short distance to the hotel.

This provided another opportunity for some boundary-pushing. I insisted very firmly that he deal with the check-in process which I knew would be fun (for me!). The very helpful young lady on reception looked puzzled as he handed over the booking details, she checked again on her screen, and politely queried the fact that the booking was in my husband's name. Penelope became very tongue-tied at this so I thought I had better intercede, "oh no, my husband made the booking for me but my friend Penelope is actually treating me to this as a birthday gift, aren't you love?" Penelope hastily agreed but his trial was not quite over as the young lady asked "Oh, but you've booked a double room, I hope that's alright". This was too good an opportunity to miss, quite brazenly caressing him I replied "that's fine, we enjoy sharing a bed, don't we Pen?" The receptionist seemed highly amused as she handed over our room key!

Once we got to our room I soon had my hand under his skirt caressing him through his knickers until he was nicely aroused before, to his astonishment, looking at my watch and announcing that it was time for our cream tea and leading him to the door before releasing my grip and telling him to tidy himself up as there "would be plenty of time for that later!" As we passed reception on our way to the restaurant the young lady very politely asked "is everything alright with your room ladies?" before mentioning that a twin room had become available if we would like to change. I turned to Penelope with a laugh, "no thank you, our bed looks very comfortable doesn't it Pen?" The receptionist again looked most amused as Penelope nodded agreement!

The cream tea was a lovely experience. Many of the clients seemed to be pairs of ladies on spa days so as two girls together we were not out of place. I insisted that whenever we needed some assistance Penelope called the waitress and asked for what we needed, once again pushing him out of his comfort zone. Did the staff guess our secret? Not sure, but they gave no indication, perhaps they just thought that as a "same sex couple" one of us should be a little butch?

As we finished tea and Penelope was eagerly anticipating a return to our room, I "firmly suggested" that, as it was a lovely early spring afternoon, we strolled out on to the hotel's very pleasant sun terrace and sit for a while enjoying the views across the river. So, taking him firmly by the arm we did just that. We spent a (for me) very amusing half-hour or so taking in the view and exchanging polite conversation with ladies on nearby seats. Penelope must have been close to bursting as we exchanged pleasantries, with a number of people, who, again, appeared to show no suspicion of the real gender of my "buxom girl friend", if only they knew what was going on under his skirt!

So finally, when I was happy that my "girl friend" was aroused to a suitable height, I led him back to our room, where I got him to open the bottle of fizz we had brought with us, drink a toast to my birthday and put him to work with his skillful tongue under my skirt, and how well he did! What a birthday treat, sitting back sipping champagne whilst my petticoated husband pleasured me! Once I had been brought to a wonderful climax I permitted him to put his tongue away and laid him on the bed. Raising his skirt and lowering his knickers I teased him for a while as his member throbbed delightfully. Only when he had begged to be allowed to accompany me as my girl friend whenever, and for however long, I wished, did I slide on to him and bring him to his own shattering orgasm. Not at all bad for a "mature couple"!

After a respite and shower I helped Penelope get ready for the evening dinner in a nice suede skirt and matching top, coupled now, of course, with the new boots we had bought that afternoon. We enjoyed a lovely meal in the restaurant with very attentive service from the young Portuguese waiter, nothing too much trouble for "the ladies"! And so, after a nightcap in the bar, off to bed.

What a superb birthday treat. Penelope had to admit that, once he had overcome his initial terror, and realised that nobody seemed to be taking too much notice of us, he had "quite enjoyed the girly experience" and reluctantly agreed that, if I insisted, he would be happy to accompany me again. For my part, I loved it, the feeling of power over my "husband/girlfriend" was a real erotic charge, the whole thing a highly sensual experience. Also it was interesting how little reaction we got from the many people we encountered. Did they not "make us", or is it now, in these enlightened times, just an acceptable situation?

So yes, I will "be insisting" and we will be doing it again!!

The photos show Penelope on arrival at the quayside car park, enjoying the early spring sun on the hotel terrace, drinking a birthday toast to me and ready to go down to dinner.

Very best wishes to all in this dreadful time, we were lucky to get our treat in a week before "lock down".


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Thank you for your letter Lesley and belated Happy Birthday. I'm sure our readers are impressed with your wardrobe choices and thank you for including the beautiful photographs. The destination seems quite charming and the time spent relaxing together must have made for a wonderful, exciting and memorable birthday.


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