By Lesley (and Penelope)

PDM IN THE 21st CENTURY - 2007

This was to be a very sad and yet momentous year in the history of the site.

Having established the pattern of weekly updates things continued in the early part of the year with very regular, and very good quality, Sunday treats. January's updates commenced with an idea from me, introducing the Annual Petties Awards. Inspired by the raft of showbiz awards ceremonies at that time of year I awarded "Petties" for best letter, best photograph and best illustration, which generated some lively correspondence over the following few weeks. Also, and how prescient this was to prove, I awarded Susan a "Lifetime Achievement Award"for her services to petticoat discipline literature. Little did I know!

Other January highlights included an excellent short story, "The Hen Party" and the first of what was to prove a series of very good letters from Angela S describing her petticoating of her husband following her discovery of his crossdressing experiments. Later letters saw her taking him out in public in his very frilly petticoats and then recreating her wedding pictures outside the church with him as the blushing bride! Petticoat discipline indeed.

February also featured a nice letter from a teenage boy forced to spend his summer holiday working as a waitress at his aunt's hotel and another superb Lana picture of a petticoated husband, which happily seemed to be becoming increasingly her subject of choice. Jennifer also contributed a photo of Stephanie Jane to add to the disappointingly few people who were following my example of displaying my own petticoated husband on the site.

Lana was again on good form with another petticoating illustration in March and the most interesting letter was from a young man called David Turner recalling how he had been caught out experimenting with wearing his sister's school uniform in public and paid dearly for his misjudgement as he was "read" by a teacher from the very same school.

On the 18th March Susan announced that due to ill-health she no longer felt able to publish the site and doubted that it would continue. Surprisingly an update did appear the following week, with another note that Susan had managed to put together one more set of letters but warning not to expect more...

To general astonishment throughout April the site continued to publish with no further mention of any difficulty! Was Susan actually still at the helm? We will never know. Angela S's story continued, I contributed an illustrated piece showing my experiments to dress Penelope like a 50's housewife, Lana produced another masterpiece (a really brilliant fairground scene) and a beautiful letter from Sherrie described how, whilst working as a cleaner she had discovered the secret crossdressing wardrobe of the house owner and took full advantage of the situation!

In May I started recounting a very exciting experience for me as I became involved in the petticoating of the shiftless son in law of my good friend and confidant Vanessa. I updated this ongoing situation over several very enjoyable months. Lana was again on form with another depiction of a hapless petticoated husband.

I continued Vanessa's story in June, which also once again featured Lana's art, plus another very welcome picture of Stephanie-Jane submitted by Jennifer. In July a very similar letter from "Timothy Carter" to that sent in by "David Turner" in March detailing his capture by a group of schoolgirls whilst trying on his sister's uniform made me wonder if this was not the same story with names changed to protect the innocent!

There was no update for the last week in July and very truncated ones dated the 5th and 12th August.

This last was simply finished with the words "THE END" as indeed it proved - for that era of anyway.

We have subsequently learned that Susan MacDonald passed away some time after this final update, we know nothing of her passing, as indeed we knew very little of her life. We petticoat discipline devotees will always owe her a great debt for seven years of wonderfully enjoyable letters, pictures and illustrations, all of the very highest quality. As the site ceased to be updated it appeared that we had lost this wonderful source forever.

Little did we know that a whole new era was close to its dawn.


Some time in September or October of 2007 I received a communication from a lady signing herself "Auntie Helga" advising that she was intending to resume the publication of Petticoat Discipline Quarterly and asking if I would continue to contribute to the site. No doubt this enterprising lady had trawled the files of PDQ and was contacting regular contributors with a view to gathering material to form the basis of a revived website. I was, of course, only too happy to agree, but who was "Auntie Helga"?

The answer was a lady who has become a valued friend and confidant over the past 12 years and whose efforts to continue to produce a high quality specialist website over such a sustained period of time are deserving of my utmost respect. Helga, like many of us, values her privacy but permits me to provide readers with a little background. A native of the USA who also spent some time in the UK, Helga first encountered petticoat discipline with boys she met in her youth and then successfully petticoated her late husband, who, like my dear Penelope, became her regular maid. Helga became a correspondant of Susan MacDonald and, through her, the publisher of PDQ and other specialist websites. It appears to have been at his instigation that Helga decided to attempt to revive and continue Petticoat Discipline Quarterly and, in November 2007, the first issue under her stewardship hit the web!


The headline of the index page of the first issue was "Things are changing... but also remaining the same" and how true that was. Helga printed a brief editorial outlining her aims for the site, which was dedicated to the memory of Susan MacDonald. I had the honour and privilege of having my letter welcoming Helga's new venture published on the front page, together with one of my very favourite pictures of Penelope looking rather fetching whilst hard at work in his pale pink maid's outfit, beautifully made by my friend Ros.

The December issue was Helga's first masterpiece and set the tone for the very high quality content that was to come. As well as excellent letters from regular contributors Angela S (describing how her mother became involved in Michael's ongoing humiliation) and Jennifer (continuing Stephanie Jane's thorough petticoating) there appeared a landmark first letter from Sallyann Spencer who was to become a regular, and at times outrageous, correspondant who described in this first epistle how she had married and petticoated her partially willing husband James - what a story this was to become in the next few years! This classic month also featured a very intriguing photograph on the front page apparently taken at an event in the USA, showing a proud mother displaying her thoroughly petticoated and very ashamed-looking 19 year old son, I would have loved to know the story of the events leading to that, it doesn't look as if he is at all happy with the situation!

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