I am Sharon and my husband who was Steve and is now Cindy Ann. Things got all out of hand after only two weeks of wedding bliss. I wanted to be a good wife and prayed I would have a good husband but that was as I said short lived.

Steve came home one Friday night and crawled into the bed smelling of whiskey and roses. What I mean was he was drunk and it was for certain he had been with another woman. The next morning I let him know I would never put up with a unfaithful husband and I even thought he was acting out like that again I would be gone like the wind.

I went to my mother in tears a few weeks later after finding Steve drunk again. Mother was very strong and I guess I learned to be strong after this. Mother and I got in my car and off to my home we went. I knew she was going to have it out with Steve. Well when we walked in the house he was sitting in front of the television watching football. Mother walked over and turned off the tube. He said what the F*** do you think you are doing, he told her this was his house and she could take her daughter and get out of his house. Before he could move she grabbed his ear and lifted him up off the couch and told him to drop his pants. He tried to get loose but it only hurt more. He undid his pants and dropped them to the floor. She sat on the couch and pulled him over her lap. Before ten swats he was begging and crying like a little girl. Mother said go to my daughters bedroom and return with a pair of her pink panties he dashed away like the house was on fire. Why I did not know but he returned with them in his hand. She asked him what kind of a man wears panties? He said I don't know. She reached out swiftly and had the ear again and said you do know so tell me. He said a sissy!

She said put them on now and say to your wife I am your sissy from now on. He lifted each leg into the panties saying what she had told him to say. He soon had them over his butt and them mother said That from this day forth you will wear only panties never men's underwear. He said yes Ma'am it sort of sounded like a teenage girl saying it.

Mother told me that from now on I would be the Mistress of the home and pointing at Steve and said CINDY will be your slave or maid what ever you want it to be.

Mother walked out and on her way said if you need me call me. I looked at Steve and said there will be some big changes around here do you understand my little girl. He said yes but please don't make me wear panties. I said you will wear more girls clothes than panties. If you want to play golf with the guys you earn the right to play. Never promise them until you ask me if you can go play with the boys. I told him to gather up all of his male underwear. He was soon back with them and I handed him my robe and told him to put it on. I then told him to take the things and put them in the trash can. He had to walk out to the back yard to get to the cans. I am sure he was panicking. He got back and I said put on some of your clothes and we are going shopping Cindy.

I had laid out a pair of my jeans for him and a tee top that had no frill only it was made of silk. He squeezed into the leans and tee. I told him to check them out in the mirror. You could see a panty line and I gave him a fanny pack for his billfold and things men normally carried. I drove and allowed him to ride on the passengers side. We arrived at the Vanity Fair walking in the sales woman came over and with Cindy having long hair the woman said how can I help you girls today?

I said that Cindy here needs some new panties and bras and some nighties. I also said she had just became a girl and needs a lot of things. The lady then looked down and saw something in the front of the jeans and she said oh I see well let me help her. I watched as she picked out a few things and she lead him to the dressing room. After a few minutes she had him step out so I could see his pretty matching panty and bra set. The day went wonderfully.

We got back in the car and off to the Mall for some new jeans and dresses for my little Cindy girl. I want you to know she was very embarrassed when the young girl at the shop found out she was really a he. She had a ball along with a couple of other girls fitting her with jeans and slinky dresses and hair ribbons. After that we went to the cheap jewelry store for ear piercing and necklaces and rings.

When we got home I called mother and my sister Connie over for a modeling of Cindy's new things.

I have since bought a leather paddle and a ball gag and many other sex toys that Steve would never had bought. Believe me she is now so nice and sweet and after work she comes home and changes into her maids uniform and she asked for her chores for the evening. Thee has not been a football or any sports on our Television since Cindy came.

Sharon for Cindy Ann

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