My mother was very much into petticoat training for discipline. I was raised by her and she was very strict. The first time I remember having to wear girls clothes because I had stole a quarter from my sister. Mother made me wear my sister's panties and one of her old dresses that was just long enough to go past the panties. Then she made me sit on the porch swing with a baby doll. Some of my friends came by and they laughed at me and went and got others including a girl I really liked. Mother came out about that time and told me to stand up and she told me to jump up and down I did it knowing my panties show. She then told me to face the house and bend over all the kids got a big laugh from that.

As I got older she would dress me up if I had done something she did not like and she would make me go shopping with her and she made me hold her hand all the way. She would tell me to pick out two pairs of pretty panties for my collection. Then I had to take them to the checkout and pay for them. The sales ladies all got to know me. One lady said I see you have been a bad little girl again. Mother would say Sissy tell her what you did and I would have to tell her.

When I was fifteen I met a girl name Jackie and she did not know about my punishments. Believe me it did not take long for her to hear about the sissy boy that she was telling others she liked. One day Jackie asked me to walk her home. We went to her house and her Mom was not home from work yet. On our way to her house she asked me about the panty punishment. I said how did you find out about that. She said everyone knows and kids talk about it all the time. She said I think a lot of the boys would love to wear pretty panties. I said I don't like it but my Mom found it to be a good punishment option for her to use.

Arriving at her house she invited me in, we went in and she gave me some pop and a few chips. She ask me if I would let her see me in panties. I told her I did not have any that did not help me. She went to her hamper and got out a pair of pink panties and said go in the bathroom and put them on and come out without your pants on. I did as she said and when I came out she said how pretty I looked in them, she told me to turn around and she said they look so good on you.

From that day on she and I would go to her house and she would dress me and put makeup on me. We never had sex but she often spanked me.

I later married a very wonderful woman, Sara, she and I had a great life together and yes she knew about my panties and the best part is she liked seeing me in panties also.

Beth Sissymaid

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