Letter 8
From Nikki

Dear Miss MacDonald,

I wish to mention some of the benefits that accrue from petticoat discipline. Formerly our house was in constant chaos, because we all went out to work each day, and came home to a same unkempt and chaotic home, because we had no time, and were too tired, to do the necessary housework.

So it was decided by Mommie and Sister that since they made more money than I (I was a teacher), that I should stay home and be housekeeper and maid. I knew it was pointless to argue because I would be punished if I did, and they were absolutely correct, and you cannot argue with perfect logic. So, I accepted their decision as best for us all.

It took a while to learn how each of them wanted their laundry and ironing done; how they wanted their lingerie arranged in the proper order and in the proper drawers; and I had to learn how the cosmetics on each dressing table were to be properly replaced after each use, and how each wanted their beds remade each day, and all the other various feminine needs that needed attending to.

One of the exciting things about getting up everyday to face housework is how I am going to dress. I spend a few minutes in my nightie planning on the color of my lingerie for that day. After showering and shaving, I wear a bra, (I am so proud when I can hook all the hooks), pantyhose (tights), matching lace-trimmed panties, camisole and half slip. I prefer pink, of course, but I have lots of different colors. I feel so delightfully feminine as I dress, and it all feels so natural to me that I cannot imagine dressing any other way. The feel of the nylon and lace against my hairless skin sends chills through me and I know each day the joy of petticoat discipline. So I serve my women with delight and gratitude, because they were wise enough to see my potential to be a good little sissy. Then, over all of that, I wear one of my five pinafores, all trimmed with a little hem of lace, that I am proud to say I made as a project for my sewing class, that my mother made me attend after instituting a regime of petticoat discipline. At supper time, I change into black satin pants and, usually, a white blouse, always with some lace at the collar or sleeves. To feel so totally feminine is nothing less than bliss.

Of course I do all the food shopping and the preparation of meals each day, and prepare everything under their direction. Now when they come home they find the house spotless, and cocktails and supper are ready when they desire it. It is, I think, truly their castle, and they are its Queen and Princess. And I have found my true calling. I have turned out to be a very good housekeeper and maid. My days are filled with household chores of dusting, waxing, laundry, bed-making and bathroom cleaning. To some it might seem like drudgery, but to me they are acts of love for two women who have showered me with love, by sharing their precious femininity with me through the gift of petticoat discipline.

When I first came upon your wonderful web site I was so happy to learn, by going back through all the past issues of 'Petticoat Discipline Monthly', that there were so many of us who have been blessed by loving, patient and generous women to teach us the glories of petticoat discipline. Can a world directed by matriarchy be far behind? Thank you for all your efforts to bring us together for mutual support and education.If I am lucky enough to be on time for your Christmas issue, I want to again wish you, your staff and your readers a very happy Christmas from across the pond.
I am very respectfully yours,


Married women often find housework demeaning and boring, but once a man has had the right training he will find housework an intensely fulfilling act of love. As I have been at pains to point out, petticoat discipline is most effective when it gives the recipient pleasure. Once you have trained your man to enjoy the submissive softness and humiliation he feels in his sissy petticoats, then he will love doing his housework, and will be yours forever.

It is interesting that Nikki is permitted to wear satin pants after finishing the housework. Her mother and sister must be kind and easy-going: most women who impose a petticoat regime would not hear of their hubbies being allowed out of skirts within the confines of the home.

(Edit: Published in our Christmas Annual 2001)

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