from Sissy Paul

Dear Auntie Helga,

My mistresses have given me permission to write and explain how I went from a man to a full time locked maid. It started a few years back when me and my wife were going through a rough patch. Her mother who had never liked me suggested divorce and said I needed a better attitude. At around this time I also made redundant and my mother in law said that she wanted a word re getting me a job.

Well I went to her house and she explained that I could either end up homeless and divorced or could take on a new role as a better behaved husband. She explained she had taken control of her late husband and lead me upstairs to her room and showed me the maids dresses he had worn. Well I was shocked and refused and she then pointed out it would be divorce and being out on the street.

She then said that I should undress and I could spend a few hours as a maid and afterwards she would suggest that my wife not divorce me so long as I did that for her and obeyed my wife. She pointed out that my wife would be in charge from now on as would she and the households chores would be mine. As she explained this she undid my shirt and I found myself feeling very confused and embarrassed.

My trousers followed and she laid out a bright pink maids outfit that did up at the back and she produced pink matching panties saying for me to get my pants off. Well I stood there unable to move blushing and she quickly pulled them down and I was stood there naked. I covered myself and she laughed saying that I need not worry about that little thing any more.

She went to a draw and produced a small box and said that this had worked wonders on her husband's attitude. She then explained about chastity devices and how lack of release would remind me of my new role.

Well I was blushing and it was made worse by the fact that I had an erection, she laughed saying it was tiny and she would soon get rid of that. I was led to the bathroom and made to kneel over the bath,she put on some rubber gloves and she firmly pushed her finger into my bum saying that this was how maids were released.

After I was led to the bedroom and laid back on the bed and the cage fitted, then I had my panties put on and was fitted into my new uniform. She explained that the pink one was to remind me that I'm no longer a man but a cockless sissy maid.

Then I had to stand and she explained in time I'd wear tights, have make up done and be feminised properly. She told me then to kneel and said that I was weak and she'd expected more resistance. That a real man would not have given in and deep down I wanted and needed ownership.

As I knelt she said for me to beg her and ask to serve. I did and knelt there for a good hour, finally I was put on the bed face down and told I needed a caning.

Well after a good twenty lashes and I was put to work, this she explained would be my life and my wife who I'll admit had been the main driving force and taken the lead in our relationship would be over to see her new "husband".

Sissy Paul

Thank you for your letter Sissy Paul. Few males have this opportunity to be supportive of the strong confident women in their lives, in time you will come to understand just how fortunate you really are.

Auntie Helga

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