from Courteney

Dear Helga,

As you know Helga the Family has a 'Little Boy' named Ian who has been under Diaper Discipline for the past three years. Nana, my mother, and my daughter April have been such a great help in his 'training and tuition' and although he is 'our Baby Boy' his days are full of 'chores and duties' which need to be completed to a high standard.

Knowing that 'Baby' is busy undertaking all the household chores we, as a family, are free to enjoy our days free of all those mundane and tiresome tasks.

Unfortunately we had an incident the other day when April had to return to the house early from the pool as she had forgotten her sunglasses. Instead of working on his chores Ian was discovered in the toilet with his hands inside his diaper and a pair of my worn panties on his head. He was clearly 'trying to make squirties' like the Big Boys while we were all at the pool.

Rather than disturb Ian's disgusting behaviour April returned to the pool and informed Nana and myself of her discovery. My initial thought was to give Ian a severe thrashing with the cane however Nana, who is always 'measured' in her thoughts suggested a different response which has proved incredibly successful.

When we returned from the pool for lunch at the house nothing was mentioned however after we had eaten Nana took Ian upstairs to the Nursery and April and I relaxed in the living room watching Nana and Ian on the TV via the Nursery camera.

Nana removed his wet Nappy and Plastic Panties and, as usual, examined it for any 'tell tale' stains... Of course Nana discovered the results of his disobedient behaviour and she interrogated Ian causing him excruciating shame leading to a tearful 'confession!'

Instead of raising her voice Nana grabbed hold of his Tiny Pee Pee and pulling him towards her she softly 'chastised' him about 'playing' in his Diaper.

While Ian stood in the corner, naked, Nana prepared another diaper but this time she took a roll of hessian and laid it on top of the open diaper.

Nana then instructed Ian to lie on the bed, on the diaper and hessian liner and secured it in place. Standing up Nana then took hold of the bottle of Baby Oil and poured an amount down inside the front of the diaper and then secured the diaper tightly on Ian by wrapping adhesive tape around his waist a number of times making it impossible for Ian to take it off or get his hands inside it.

Two pairs of plastic panties finished off the dressing process and then Nana made Ian lie down on the bed face down. It was then that Nana's demeanour changed as she reminded Ian that 'playing with his Pee Pee' has consequences...

Nana then took a pillow and after instructing Ian to raise his Botty she forced it under Ian's body so that his diaper was directly placed on top of the pillow.

His wrists were secured into the Night Cuffs at the top of the bed and Ian was forced to 'hump' the pillow 'for Nana' and make Squirties!

Despite the soothing Baby Oil the effect of rubbing his Little Pee Pee against the rough hessian as he desperately tried to 'Go Squirty' for Nana because more and more painful.

Constantly encouraged by Nana to 'rub harder' and 'faster' it was clear that the pain he was suffering made it inevitably difficult for Baby to 'perform' Squirties.

Forbidden to stop Nana made Ian continue 'humping' the pillow and the fact that he was 'punishing himself' in this way made Nana's decision even more delicious!

After half an hour his tears began to flow and watching his padded Botty going up and down was incredibly amusing! Plus we could hear his pathetic squeals as his Pee Pee was getting sorer with each thrust.

The consequences of his 'disgusting' behaviour in the toilet resulted in a succession of days when his Pee Pee was far too sore to touch let alone 'play' with!!

Nana's punishment was really effective and Ian knows that it will be repeated should he misbehave again in the future,

Sorry to have gone on Helga but I hope this account proves helpful to those who have 'disobedient Little Ones' at home!!

Courteney (Ian's Mummy) xx

Thank you for your letter Courteney. It has been far too long dear, I do however appreciate the enclosed letter about your little one's misbehavior, so disgusting. I hope he learned his lesson with Nana's imaginative solution. Thank you sharing it with us.


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