from Liz

Dear Helga,

My problem is I don't have much experience at this sort of thing, basically only what Aggie has told me. I see that your site has many letters on the subject, and I believe that Aggie has many more stretching back quite a while. Also, I have had a quick look at the forums, and am glad to see that early bedtimes seem to play a big part in it.

The main thing is, how far do I take this? I am finding it quite a lot of fun at the moment, and the freedom from chores etc. is very liberating, and while I do love to cook, it is very nice to have Jayne to do the mundane, everyday meals, leaving me to get creative when I am in the mood.

Aggie seems to want me to go out with other guys, which seeing she is his mum seems a bit weird. Though it has to be said that, when I go to the local, several guys seem interested, and this I find very flattering. Surprisingly a couple of his 'mates' seemed to see it as a green for go, when I told them I had put a stop to his nights out.

Please can you help me (oh gawd I sound like Jayne now!!!), since apart from Aggie you are the only one I know who has any experience at this, and while I love her dearly, I feel I need guidance from another source as well, I keep having this strange thought, that if I only do as she tells me, I might well end up calling her 'Mummy', in exactly the same way that Jayne does.

I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm whining Helga, as I say, at the moment, life is a lot of fun, I just want it to continue that way, and your note to me was very encouraging, so if you can think of anything else you think I should know, I would be very grateful for your advice and guidance.

By the way, I sent Aggie your reply to me as well, haven't heard anything from her as yet, but I'm sure she will be in touch quite soon.

I didn't mean it to sound so down when I started this letter, but it is good to have someone to be able to talk to on this subject, please believe me, your help is very much appreciated.

Thank you very much,


Thank you for your letter Liz. Everybody has to start somewhere and the fact that you are willing to try will be important going forward. As how far to take this is up to you, not Aggie, bless her heart, she has done her part and I'm sure will be valuable counsel going forward, but its your turn now.

If you feel comfortable having sex with other men then that's your choice, why she's pushing you to do this, I don't quite understand either but if you choose to do so, do it because you want to, not because she encouraged you. Aggie is a dear sweet person but this is your life and though she has pretty much had things her way, you are not her sissy son, you are a strong confident woman and my opinion is that she will respect your determination to do this your way. Besides, there will be plenty of fun for both of you as you train your sissy.


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