from Al

Dear Auntie Helga,

My childhood was a very humiliating time. The only positive thing I can extract from those years is the joy and fullness that makes me wear skirts and dresses today. First of all I want to introduce myself, I am a middle-aged man, and all my life I have struggled with the dregs left by my school, and the humiliations I had to endure on the part of the boys and girls in my class. My character has always been submissive and weak, and since kindergarten I have been subjected to of teasing by my feminine tendency.

So, one day the girls decided that since I looked like a girl I should dress like them, and they brought a uniform of skirt, blouse, panties and MaryJanes for me to put it on. The boys took care of undressing me, and the girls put the clothes on me in the blink of an eye. That was the first of many, many days when I left my house dressed as a boy and came back dressed in a skirt with my panties underneath.

And the worst was not it ended there, because most times the girls and boys made sure that everyone who passed by on the street knew that I was a boy dressed in skirts, and that underneath I wore panties, and for that they lifted them and laughed at great laughter from me. It was a tough time, but it made me stronger. Today I still wear skirts, and I do not care if they laugh at me ...


Thank you for your letter Al. How fascinating that that childhood experience can influence you life so profoundly today. The girls were simply a little fun at your expense but we can understand how humiliating this must have been for you yet you turned it positive and gained strength from it, a lesson for us all.

Auntie Helga

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