from Ms Pvcpinny

Dear Helga,

My husband and I have been together for over forty years and I have been fully aware of his "unusual" needs and requirements from the very beginning. To that end, the only practical course open to us was for him to become my personal housemaid to look after the running of the household and take care of all my personal needs and desires.

Should my letter prove of interest to you or your readers, I will happily write again on the many and varied aspects of our happy and loving lifestyle, now spanning four decades, but to begin I wish to concentrate only one small aspect as a taster; his "naughty apron".

On a daily basis, my husband will always be in his standard domestic uniform comprising of a professional overall, tabard, several layers of aprons, rubber gloves and a suitable head covering. In addition, he will also be required to wear all manner of performance enhancing "accoutrements" that give me pleasure but perhaps make his life a little more difficult. I enjoy making him earn his treats- but we shall keep that for another time.

However, if my husband has transgressed, under-performed, disobeyed or generally dissatisfied me in any way, I make him wear his "punishment pinny". He positively hates being trussed into this excruciatingly embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable apron, but it is precisely his humiliation that brings me the greatest pleasure and why it is such a fitting chastisement for when he misbehaves.

Any bibbed apron can be modified to work as a punishment pinny but I find the standard PVC/cotton-backed, kitchen apron works best. All you need is a modicum of sewing skills and the ability to insert a couple of reinforcing eyelets. It is further recommended that the halter neck of the apron is adjustable too. To increase the embarrassment factor, pick an apron that is a pastel colour and has perhaps a floral pattern. My favourite is in baby pink with yellow and white swirling flowers and twirls and a slogan saying "Mummy's Little Helper". As soon as I pick it up my husband goes bright red and wants the ground to swallow him up. It really is such fun.

Anyway, to begin, measure carefully on the bib of the pinny where his nipples are located once the apron is put on and the bib is adjusted correctly. My personal preference is to have my maid wear his apron high up, so the bib is almost under his chin. Once you have aligned the apron correctly, simply pierce two holes into the fabric and reinforce them with plastic or metal eyelets large enough to be able to draw his nipples through. If you are unable to find eyelets, you can just as readily sew around the holes to reinforce them and stop them from fraying but eyelets are best as they will pinch his nipples causing extra discomfort.

The second modification is to cut a vertical slit directly in front of his groin area and then sew a hem around the entire circumference, enclosing a suitable draw string. I find apron ties/webbing to be ideal for this but a leather shoelace or similar works well too. If possible use a sewing machine to make the hem but hand-stitched is just as practical.

Once the refurbishment is complete, you are ready for fitting.

Before I put my maid's modified apron on him, I like to heighten his humiliation by making him wear a soft but heavy plastic, transparent nappy, which also has an open crotch. Put him onto his nappy, close the snap fasteners and pull penis through the opening. It is suggested you wear rubber gloves and a waterproof apron for his fitting as accidents can regularly occur and you do not want to spoil your clothes. Should an unfortunate spillage occur though it is a further reason for punishment...

Slip his modified apron over his head and align his nipples and then pull them through the eyelets. My husband has pierced nipples and so I like to make use of his piercings by pushing his studs over the eyelets and securing his bib in place, but don't worry if there are no useful piercings. Instead, or in this case additionally, use nipple clamps to ensure maximum discomfort and keep his bib fastened. Once satisfactorily positioned, the halter neck of the apron can be adjusted and ties can be knotted off behind the neck to keep the bib of the apron tautly stretched.

With the top of the apron now correctly affixed, gently (again you don't want any unwarranted accidents at this stage- see above) pull his penis through the crotch opening and fit his chastity cage. I favour the transparent, plastic kind that will display his now useless cock for all to see and remind him of his punishment. Once safely locked up, you can insert his urethral tube and securing it into the tip of his cage via the screw thread. I also suggest fitting a condom over the cage as over the course of the day there is likely to be a large amount of leakage. This is more necessary if you are not using a PVC or rubber apron as his discharges can soak into cotton or nylon material, messing up his apron.

Once the cock cage is locked and his wee-wee tube is in situ, pull the draw strings around his crotch hole tightly closed and knot off behind his chastity cage. Next, tie off his apron tapes securely behind his back and for extra security, add a small padlock. Finish the fitment of the naughty apron by linking the chain from his nipple clamps to the top of this cock cage and tension correctly so that any sudden movement will pull on both his nipples and his penis. It brings me great satisfaction to see him move very carefully when tethered up like this and it also slows him down considerably when performing his household duties allowing for further demerits.

To complete his attire, I like to humiliate him further by adding a soft transparent plastic bib which is also acts as a safeguard against drooling once you fit a gag (optional of course, but I do so adore a silent servant) and a matching plastic maid's bonnet before pulling on two pairs of gloves. The first pair are tight fitting surgical gloves followed by standard, elbow length, heavy duty rubber gloves. The combination of these will ensure most of his touch sensitivity will diminish over time again making his chores difficult to complete satisfactorily.

He is now ready to tackle his daily chores, or more importantly take care of my personal needs, of which there are many.

Ms Pvcpinny

Thank you for your letter Ms Pvcpinny. I know my readers will very much enjoy this letter. I just love the punishment pinny, so imaginative and humiliating for him, your detailed description will serve as both educational and to many, stimulating.


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