By Lesley (and Penelope)

PDM IN THE 21st CENTURY - 2005/6


Following the successful 2004 Christmas Special one would have been forgiven for thinking that was back on the rails, however in those strange years it seemed that the only certainty was uncertainty! As the early months of 2005 rolled by not a thing was heard from PDQ as another of the mysterious absences took place. With the benefit of hindsight now it is apparent that Susan was experiencing pretty major problems and keeping the magazine going was probably not at the forefront of her mind.

Then, quite suddenly, in July 2005 "Petticoat Discipline Quarterly" was back online - but the enigma continued. The title remained the same and the first issue was numbered Vol 6 No 7 - which had many of us perusing the net searching in vain for the mysterious six issues that we had missed, which, of course, did not exist. Also, if the magazine was "Quarterly" surely we had missed only two! A bigger surprise was that the index of the first issue contained a note stating that, bizarrely, Susan would find it easier to publish a weekly collection of letters which would be uploaded to the web every Sunday and parcelled into monthly sections! So now we readers had a publication titled Petticoat Discipline QUARTERLY that would be parcelled into MONTHLY chapters within which there would be WEEKLY updates!! As Alice might have said - "Curiouser and Curiouser".


And so, each Sunday, on a surprisingly regular basis, a new batch of letters appeared. The very first collection featured a very good letter from "Jennifer" detailing the petticoat punishment of a miscreant schoolboy by a girl from his school and her mother involving a fair amount of very well-described public humiliations.

An outstanding item in the second week was a lengthy letter from "Mr Bunty" in fulsome praise of my Petticoat Discipline regime with Penelope. Mr Bunty apparently desired to be subjected to something similar. I suspect that like many men with this fantasy,in reality he would have it very different to his imagined idyll. Gentlemen, be careful what you wish for!

Finally for July, in the 31st July collection, my letter and pictures of Penelope's latest upgraded uniform appeared. This outfit, complete with even more startlingly frilly petticoats and long satin bloomers, was without doubt the most humiliating that we had yet produced for him - and now doubt made "Mr Bunty" salivate! It certainly did wonders for Penelope! It was in fact his previous year's Christmas present and Susan must have been in possession of the pictures for many months during the latest hiatus.


The first week of August included a classic letter contributed by me entitled "Faithful, Obedient and Petticoated" originally contributed to Madame magazine from a Mrs E.T. If one reads this you will see how much it influenced the lifestyle I achieved with Penelope. A brilliant model for any aspiring domina.

Mr Bunty again featured in August, this time extolling the virtues of Mrs G.P. and her maid "Susette Faggott" who had appeared many times in Madame magazine. Susan had obtained some pictures of said maid to accompany the letter and, I must say, Mrs G.P. had indeed done an impressive job of petticoating the hapless man.


September offered little in the way of letters of much interest to me but did include a superb set of drawings by Chrissy illustrating a lovely petticoating story. A typical lazy male is observed by an older, more experienced lady doing nothing to help his overworked wife. Taking the younger woman under her wing the two conspire to bring the errant husband under petticoat discipline, the final picture showing him, fully en femme, on his hands and knees scrubbing as she teases him. Excellent.


Sadly, these three months were not a golden period in the history of Far too much of the content was geared towards adult babies for my taste and there was little in the way of new contributions from petticoating wives or girl-friends. The main thing was that at least the weekly updates continued!


On the 25th of December 2005 a much better collection was published under the Christmas Special banner. I had made Penelope write relating his experience when I made him drive to the petrol station and fill my car, at that time the most public exposure to which he had been exposed. There was also a very good letter from "Elaine" describing how she had caught her husband crossdressing and used the opportunity to impose petticoat discipline on him.

Things were looking up - what would 2006 have in store?


The new format of a weekly collection of letters continued. This of course meant that Susan was entirely reliant on a regular receipt of publishable letters and, it has to be said, the quality was best described as "variable"!

January's collection did feature some nice photos accompanying letters introducing two European male maids, Celestine from Italy and Clothilde from France. Also I got involved in an exchange of letters with "Mandee" and "Nancy Jo", two transvestites who wrote taking exception to a view that I expressed in a letter to the effect that "PDQ" was a site for petticoat discipline enthusiasts which did not, in my view, include voluntary sissies and crossdressers. Clearly no "discipline" is required to get them into skirts and dresses! To my surprise Susan MacDonald did not agree with my view and, I have to say, the content of the site at this time increasingly reflected her acceptance of all types of crossdressing rather than specialising in Petticoat Discipline.

As you may gather at this time I was becoming rather disillusioned with what I had previously regarded as by far the best petticoat discipline website on the net. This was rather compounded by some comments made by Susan to me in private correspondence to the effect that I should be more open-minded in my attitude towards CD's and sissies.

This correspondence continued in March, following Susan's February holiday. Mandee wrote, I must admit, a very well written letter to the effect that men could enjoy petticoating. I still contended that, in that case, we weren't talking about Petticoat Discipline. March also featured an excellent letter from a Louise Cooper describing her petticoating of her partially willing husband, who she had christened "Julia" where she had cleverly taken advantage of his willingness to occasionally wear frillies to thoroughly petticoat him.

In these issues also we were starting to see some excellent art from Eustace and Lana though it did not at this stage appeal to me as it featured petticoating of children.

This was to change for the better when, come June, Lana contributed two pictures, on of a youth and one of a husband both being petticoat-punished by dressing as maids and doing the housework - much more to my taste!

Following on from the earlier French and Italian contributions there was also a letter and pictures from Germany from a lady called Ingrid showing her housemaid-husband. Generally, though the April to June issues were disappointing to me, a great majority of the letters continuing to feature sissies or babification.

Fortunately July showed, from my perspective a distinct improvement. A superb letter from a Dutch lady, Ellen Koster-Bos described the petticoating of her philandering husband, Lana contributed a lovely picture of a husband forced into a frilly nighty for being disrespectful to a friend of his wife and Abigail's drawing of another husband being petticoated was also right on the mark. With Chrissy also returning with another of his series of domestic petticoating pictures PDQ was right back on form!

August continued well with another petticoated husband picture from Lana and at least four very good letters covering domestic discipline and humiliation.

September and October highlighted another excellent Lana picture of a husband under petticoat discipline and the German contributor, Ingrid, provided a further picture of her maid Zophee. Having patched up my disagreement with Susan I also contributed two old pictures that I had discovered of Penelope in some early outfits that I had used before starting to get his delightful uniforms custom-made by my friend.

November and December produced two real highlights. A letter from Lynda related how she had taken part in a number of sorority initiations whilst at college involving forcibly crossdressing boys from a nearby fraternity. She also mentioned that her son-in-law was now petticoated by her daughter Jaclyn. Sure enough a letter from Jaclyn titled "Trapped by his Mother in Law" soon appeared, describing in superb detail how mother and daughter had petticoated the hapless son-in-law. This, to my mind, is one of the all-time classic letters in PDQ history.

PDQ now being updated weekly we had both a Christmas and New Year (Hogmanay in respect of Susan's apparent ancestry) both of which had plenty of interest. I was pleased to contribute two pictures of Penelope in his Xmas present pinnies, a very kind gift from my friends for which he was obliged to thank them most humbly and in a manner most enjoyable to them!!

These "Special Issues" also contained some stories and features rather than just the staple diet of readers letters which was good to see.

So, for well over a year now Susan had managed to keep the site regularly updated and, despite my views on the nature of some of the content, I looked forward to continuing to enjoy and contribute to the site in the coming years. Nobody realised the major events that were to change in everything in 2007.

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