Elizabeth's Report On Her Punishment Regime - Conclusion

Dear readers, as members of our popular forum already know, Elizabeth is a young woman undergoing long term punishment for her rebellious behaviour. Below is her confession and list of the sanctions imposed as a result of this behaviour.

I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves if the sanctions imposed are appropriate. I will say that so far as I know, this is a true account. Readers are welcome to email her guardian with suggestions for further sanctions.

Auntie Helga

The report concludes...

My Aunt was waiting along with my two other cousins who were at home - Nesta and Gaenor - as I walked into the kitchen followed by Gwendolin. "Elizabeth you will receive your weekly caning before we go to Chapel. Go and fetch the cane from the rack and bring it to me", she said. I walked obediently, without any objection to the hall, retrieved the two and half feet long and ¼ inch thick cane which I would soon be suffering the physical consequences of. I returned to the kitchen and held it laid across my outstretched hands for my Aunt to take from me. "You will receive 12 strokes as you do every week as part of your ongoing punishment for your disgraceful and repeated misbehaviour. Undo your cardigans", she said. I unbuttoned each of my three school cardigans in turn and stood straight with arms by my sides and the cardigans hanging loose.

Although I have now received multiple canings this does not reduce the feelings of fear of the pain I am about to endure nor the degradation of being dressed as a school girl, forced to bend over with my clothing positioned by someone else in front of my cousins. "Stand here child", my Aunt indicating with the point of the cane. I moved to the middle of the kitchen as I had been told. "You are being caned because you are an immature, disrespectful and disobedient little girl. I want to hear you thank me after each stroke in the usual manner. Do you understand?" She asked. "Yes Maam, I understand", I replied. "Bend over and touch your toes", she directed me. I bent so that my fingertips were on the toes of my school shoes. I remained still as my Aunt lifted my cardigans over my buttocks and laid them neatly across my back before lifting and doing the same with the skirt of my school gymslip. Finally to complete my degradation she pulled my grey woollen school knickers down and let them rest around my knees. I heard her swish the cane through the air two or three times and tried to ready myself for the awful pain I knew I was once again to receive as a consequences of my misbehaviour. Eventually a searing pain registered across my bare buttocks as my Aunt landed the first stroke. "One, Maam. Thank-you", I said trying not to let the pain carry into my voice. I waited for each stroke, giving thanks for it as I had been told and remained bent over to await the next. As each stroke landed the pain increased and eventually tears began to flow from my eyes. "Seven, Maam. Thank-you", I stuttered for the first time with the flaming pain which now registered across my bare behind and the very tops of my thighs where my Aunt had expertly managed to land the cane to maximum effect. "I am sure you wish you had behaved like a good little girl now rather than a mouthy brat Elizabeth.

Well let this be yet a further lesson to you and an excellent reminder to your cousins of the consequences of misbehaviour", my Aunt pronounced. I was sure that whilst enjoying my caning each of my cousins would be registering my Aunt's words as they had all at some time been the recipient of the cane although not for as long a period as I was continuing to endure. "Aaargh", I squealed for the first time as the next stroke landed across the striations of previous stokes. "Eight, Maam. Thank-you", I forced out as I began to cry freely. The strokes continued until the final one was delivered. "Ouch, I'm sorry", I bawled reduced as always to the screaming little girl corporal punishment was designed to deliver. "Twelve, Maam. Thank-you", I said. I was told to stand up immediately, the skirt of my gymslip and my cardigans flopping down across my thrashed behind making me wince and draw breath again and put my hands on my head. I was made to stand with tears pouring down my face, sniffling, three cardigans slopping around me and my thick grey woollen knickers around my ankles whilst my Aunt reminded me of how I deserved to be caned regularly for my misbehaviour. "I am sure it will help you to be on your best behaviour at Chapel", she finished. "Yes Maam", I spluttered. "Right we are leaving now so Gwendolin we will leave it to you to get Elizabeth ready", my Aunt said.

It was a cold morning and Gwendloin left me stood in the kitchen whilst she put on her shoes to add to her just below knee length brown cord skirt, cotton blouse and pulled on her three quarter length pale green coat. My cousins were always dressed smartly for Chapel and they all wore a skirt or dress never trousers to attend on a Sunday. Gwendolin told me to pull up my knickers, straighten out my gymslip and button up my cardigans. I did as I was told trying to be careful as I dragged the rough wool of my knickers across my caned backside. "Right I think you should put your thumbless mittens on", she stated. I made the mistake of showing my disappointment on my face rather than responding positively to another deserved childish humiliation. "When I tell you what you are to do I expect you to accept this and learn from it Elizabeth. Don't you understand that", Gwendolin shouted at me angrily. "Yes Miss, I'm sorry Miss", I replied submissively realizing my error and recognizing the need to avoid being allocated further consequences. "I would have thought your caning would be enough to make you respectful for more than two minutes but obviously not", she responded firmly. "Mum please can you give Elizabeth a few smacks she has been rude and disrespectful", Gwendolin shouted. "I am just getting ready. Gaenor please can you apply what Gwendolin deems appropriate", my Aunt replied. I bit my lip as my cousin Gaenor, who is a primary school teacher, walked into the kitchen and hoped any consequence would be limited but accepting there was to be one. Gwendolin said, "I told Elizabeth she would be wearing her mittens to Chapel and she has displayed a very poor attitude to complying with this so I think it would help if she were to receive a few smacks immediately before we set-off." "Of course", responded Gaenor to her sister. "You over the end of the kitchen table", she said to me taking me by the arm and bending me over the table end and telling me to stretch out my arms. "Put your feet apart you silly girl", she continued as I felt her take the bottom of my gymslip and pull it up over my back taking my school cardigans with it. Next I felt my knickers being pulled down painfully over my behind and lodged with the elasticated waist biting into the tops of my legs. She then started to smack my behind hard. "You will learn to do what you are told and respect your betters", Gaenor spoke slapping me at the end of each word. By the time my Aunt arrived I was crying and pleading how sorry I was as Gaenor continued my spanking.

My Aunt asked Gwendolin what I had done and she said I had shown a bad attitude and not accepted my need to wear my mittens. Gaenor stopped and my Aunt told me how disappointed she was with me and that she would decide later if I needed further punishment. Gaenor pulled my knickers back up and Gwendolin told me to straighten my uniform out. I was still crying as I pulled my gymslip and school cardigans down and made sure the buttons were still fastened. Gwendolin told me to hold out my hands and she then fitted in turn a grey thumbless woollen mitten over each of my hands and fastened them at the wrists. "Put your hands on your head and keep them there until we are in the Chapel and I give you permission to take them off. This will give everyone more chance to see you are wearing your mittens and if asked you will explain why you are wearing them. Is that clear Elizabeth?" She asked. "Yes Miss", I replied still crying and my nose running.

I had to walk the twenty minutes to Chapel with my mittens on my head dressed in my school uniform with my cardigans and gymslip in full view whilst my cousins and Aunt were smartly dressed and wearing warm coats. I kept my eyes down so as to avoid the looks of people we passed. At Chapel Gwendolin made me keep my hands on my head and I was obliged to explain to several people why I was standing with my hands on my head because of my poor attitude and disobedience. Most people at Chapel have seen me dressed in my school uniform over the past year but this in no way negates my humiliation. Many of the people are close friends of my Aunt and my mother and take a great interest in whether I am learning from what they regard as my much deserved punishments.

During the service I was allowed to remove my mittens however sitting on the hard seats was very painful due to my caning and spanking being so fresh on my behind. I was thankful that the three cardigans provided at least some cushioning although did not stop the rubbing of my woollen knickers as I stood and then went down to my knees to pray.

When the service was complete Gwendolin took me to the Chapel rooms and gave me over to the supervision of Mrs. Jones who organises the refreshments. I had to serve tea and coffee and then she sent me to circulate around the room to offer cakes and biscuits which ensures I am seen by everyone in my schoolgirl uniform and have to answer the inevitable and humiliating questions which follow. I collected and washed up the cups as people finished their refreshments and Mrs. Jones returned me to Gwendolin. "Elizabeth has been very good Gwendolin", she said and I was relieved I had performed my menial duties well. "Thank-you Lynn. Unfortunately she has been less well behaved at home this morning", Gwendolin replied. She turned to me, "Hands out let's put your mittens back on child". I obeyed this time without question as I did not want to find myself being spanked again in public. She tied my mittens firmly in place. "Hands on head, go and stand over there facing the wall until the adults have finished talking" she said pointing to the wall of the room. There were still at least twenty people in the room who heard me being talked to and dealt with like a naughty child by my younger cousin. I was ashamed as I walked with them all staring at me to the wall and put my nose firm to the wall. I was left there for 15 minutes for everyone to see me. I was then marched all the way back home with my mitten covered hands still firmly on my head.

When we got home my Aunt directed me to peel vegetables, wash-up and lay the kitchen table for Sunday lunch. My Uncle was away on business and she had invited some neighbours and their daughter around to eat. This made clear to me that humiliation would be heightened further as the daughter, Angela, had been in my year at school and was home from University for the weekend where she is doing a Ph.D. The guests arrived and it was obvious that Angela who was not aware of my stupid misbehaviour and resulting punishment was shocked to see me dressed in my childish school girl uniform with my hair cut short. To make me even more aware of my status Angela was casually dressed in a white cotton blouse, skin tight black jeans and short black boots with her long brown hair beautifully styled and spreading across her shoulders, light and simple make-up and gold chain around her neck and a matching bracelet.

My Aunt looked at me and said, "You should explain to Angela about your misbehaviour and how your appearance in your school uniform forms only a small part of your punishment". I spent the next 5 minutes explaining my being drunk, not attending Chapel, lying to my parents and others, behaving in a loud and boorish manner, letting people down, being disobedient and disrespectful, my childish and selfish stupidity and my disgraceful and long running self-pleasuring before listing the punishments I had been given and the long list I was now serving. It was a severe lesson to me of how I had reached the position of a junior school girl whereas Angela was a mature young woman.

My Aunt then said, "Elizabeth has been naughty again this morning so she will be having bread and water for lunch". She then turned to me and told me to serve everyone else their lunch. It was a full roast beef dinner followed by apple crumble. I was allowed to sit at the table on a hard wooden stool such that I continued to feel the painful discomfort of my red behind. I had two slices of brown bread only on my plate and a cup of water which I ate slowly whilst watching everyone else eating their roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and vegetables. When they had finished their main course I cleared away the dishes served the next course to them and was then sent to do the washing up. After which I served coffee and completed the clearing up.

When I had finished my Aunt said in front of everyone that given my poor behaviour that morning I was to receive a harsh spanking. She said she hoped her neighbours and Angela would stay and watch as it would help my learning. She turned to me and said, "That is correct Elizabeth isn't it. It would be a better lesson for you not to misbehave to have your spanking watched by others and of course particularly Angela who used to be you peer but is now obviously greatly superior to you?" I forced myself to reply, "Yes Maam it would be even more humiliating as well as painful to have others observe me being spanked for my naughty behaviour this morning". They replied that of course they would stay and Angela said, "It is always good for a young woman like myself to understand there are consequences for behaving thoughtlessly. I have not forgotten having to spend weekends in my school uniform with a sore bottom and seeing this I am very glad I learned from it". My Aunt continued, "Elizabeth go to your room and fetch your hairbrush and Gwendolin will you fetch the leather paddle please". As I left the room I gasped and shuddered at the possibility I would be feeling both of these implements across my already sore behind and in front of other people than my family.

When I returned my Aunt was already sat on a high stool in the middle of the kitchen with my three cousins, her neighbours and Angela sat or stood around. I passed my Aunt the wooden backed hairbrush and she place it next to the short thick leather paddle on the kitchen table. "Unbutton your school cardigans", she directed me. I unbuttoned each of the six buttons on each cardigan in turn before my Aunt put my mittens back on and fastened them at the wrists. At this point Angela asked, "Why is she wearing so many cardigans?" My Aunt told me to explain. "I hate wearing cardigans anyway and so being made to wear any type of cardigan is a very effective punishment. Obviously wearing a school cardigan as part of my school uniform punishment both adds to my personal humiliation but also makes me look more childish. As part of my original punishments I have worn either unstylish cardigans, charity shop cardigans or school cardigans.

Unfortunately I have continued to misbehave with the result I was deservedly given as part of my current sanctions the humiliation of having to wear a minimum of two navy wool charity shop cardigans at work and a minimum of two school cardigans at all other times. I have found this and continue to find this deeply degrading and humiliating. It is therefore a much deserved punishment for me. When I recently misbehaved yet again and undid my school cardigans without permission I was punished including having to wear four school cardigans to Chapel for four weeks. When I had completed this punishment my Aunt decided that as a further sanction I would wear three school cardigans to Chapel and this means I continue to wear them all day on a Sunday frequently. As you can see it makes me look very childish as well as being uncomfortable. I pray for the day I will no longer be wearing any cardigan", I finished almost sobbing at the ongoing punishment of cardigans I knew had many months yet to run and looking down at the three cardigans hanging open in front of me.

"Over my knee Elizabeth", my Aunt pointed and I laid down as ordered such that I was hanging over her lap with my toes off the floor and my fingertips only just touching it. "You have been very naughty and now today you are still not accepting your need for punishment. I am going to give you a spanking to remember and I am sure our guests will soon see your willful behaviour corrected and the naughty weak little girl you are emerge", she said. She pulled the skirt of my gymslip up and laid it over my back and I could feel the hem rest against the bare skin on the back of my head. She pulled my grey wool knickers down and I could hear a few gasps caused by seeing the horrible items or my doubt striated and already very red behind and legs. "You will soon be regretting your rude and disrespectful behaviour this morning little girl and first you will be feeling my hand", my Aunt said. The first slap landed on my behind and I winced at the pain. I am spanked almost every day by my Aunt and even if it is only a hand spanking she has never failed to make me cry with the pain even before the added humiliation of being punished in such a demeaning and childish way is added.

It was a horrendous spanking which seemed to last forever and when I lifted my head from my position bent over my Aunt's knee it was only to see the legs and feet of the small crowd watching my punishment. My Aunt moved from buttock to buttock relentlessly and I was quickly crying as each slap landed on my tender and sore skin. "Perhaps this will teach you to do as you are told you silly little girl", my Aunt spoke loudly to ensure her words were clear above my bawling and cries for mercy. Eventually she stopped and removed her arm and hand which were holding me firmly in place. "Stand-up child", she ordered and I did as I was told sniffling and crying. "Stand straight, put your hands on your head you silly girl", she continued, "I'm sure you don't feel like a smart girl now for not doing as you are told do you Elizabeth?" "No Maam, I'm sorry Maam, I will behave, I've learned my lesson", I whimpered looking down at the floor. "I'm afraid more of your usual excuses we've heard before after each transgression is not good enough", my Aunt replied, "If you had learned your lesson we wouldn't be doing this. We wouldn't have to spank you like a naughty child in front of other people. You would be dressed smartly and behave like an adult like Angela not have to be dressed and treated like a school girl and have your bottom spanked wouldn't you?" "Yes Maam and that is what I want to do", I replied. "Well that is not going to happen any time soon is it as you keep misbehaving and being selfish. It is not enough that you have learned a lesson alone you must be punished when you do wrong and be made an example of", my Aunt added. "Back over my knee and we'll continue with the hairbrush", she ordered patting gently on her lap to indicate where I should lie. I was going to beg more but realised it was pointless and that my degrading spanking in front of my cousins, neighbours and Angela would be continued and I would be humiliated as the naughty child which I deserve to be treated as.

I took a deep breath as my Aunt adjusted herself and re-tightened her hold across my back and on my arm so that I could not reach back to cover my behind. She started again to spank me but now with the even greater impact of the back of my hairbrush. My behind was on fire and I started yelping with the pain as she first smacked one buttock and then the other before turning her attention the backs of my legs which had been spared the worst of her hand spanking. She stopped occasionally to allow herself to take a breath and adjust her position rather than to check if I should be spared further punishment. I pleaded for mercy and how sorry I was for my poor attitude. By the time she stopped my backside and legs were in agony and I struggled to stand-up. "Hands on your head Elizabeth, stand to attention child", my Aunt barked at me.

My gymslip and cardigans flopped around me as I stood with my knickers around my ankles. I was still crying and my nose was running - I was made to look like a five year old and at that moment I felt like one. "My my you are a cry baby when it comes to accepting the consequences of your own actions aren't you Elizabeth. You haven't grown up like Angela has and learned how to act responsibly. No you keep on behaving like an infant don't you?" My Aunt told me. "Yes Maam, I have been childish and I am sorry. This spanking is what I deserve and I promise I will learn from it Maam", I answered feebly through my tears. "Perhaps we should ask Angela to take you to meet your old school friends in your school uniform so you can tell them what a silly little girl you are. Would that be a good lesson for you?" She continued. The highlighting of the stark contrast between Angela and myself made me appreciate how feckless I have been and how hopeless. My Aunt looked at me awaiting a reply. "I must do whatever you decide I need to experience both to help me improve and to punish me. To be paraded dressed in school uniform would be very humiliating indeed Maam". "Do you think that you have learned your lesson now being spanked in front of our guests?" She asked. "Yes Maam. My bottom and legs are unbearably painful and having this done in front of them has been deservedly humiliating", I replied still struggling to get a hold of myself.

"Well I think you need some further physical punishment so that you never forget today and your disobedience. I think you will find that this leather paddle will ensure that is the case", she said picking up the 12 inch thick tan leather paddle with its short handle from the table. She grasped my arm and span me around so that my behind could be seen by everyone in the room. I could hear someone draw breath as they saw my flaming red backside and legs. "That must be very painful and is going to be sore for a long time", Angela said before continuing, "What are those metal strips?" My Aunt replied, "That is Elizabeth's chastity belt which she wears all of the time to prevent her masturbating repeatedly as she has shown herself partial to doing. She has been wearing it all of the time for eleven months now. It is a punishment and it works doesn't it Elizabeth." I knew I must reply, "I behaved in a disgusting and vile way pleasuring myself, as I was deservedly under curfew which prevented me seeing any male friends, for which I needed to be punished. Being confined to this belt at all times is a reminder to me of my depraved behaviour, is a punishment I deserved and has helped me to behave in a more submissive manner fitting to my immaturity." My Aunt continued sparing me no humiliation, "Elizabeth will be getting her weekly pubic shave shortly so if you want to see how the belt fits Angela you are most welcome to observe. It will also be a further deserved humiliation for Elizabeth." Angela replied, "I have never seen such a thing so I will accept your invitation, thank-you."

My Aunt returned to the next stage of my spanking, "Elizabeth perhaps you should ask Angela if she would like to paddle you as I am sure that would be very embarrassing for you." I was in pain and still trying to stop crying but had to reply, "I would be very humiliated Maam". "Don't talk to me child, turn around and ask your former peer", she retorted. I turned around so that I faced everyone, my hands in my wool mittens still clasped on my head, knickers around my ankles and gymslip and cardigans hanging disheveled from me, crying, my head bowed to the ground and somehow managed to speak, "Please Angela would you spank me with the leather paddle - it would be a deserved and painful further humiliation for me."

The next thing I knew my Aunt was lifting my gymslip and slapping my legs causing me to yowl with pain. "You do not address your elders and betters by their Christian names you stupid child do you! Do it properly and your paddling will be even more severe now." I gasped at my own stupidity and repeated my request in the required and appropriately respectful manner, "Please Miss Wilson would you spank me with the leather paddle - it would be a deserved and painful further humiliation for me." Angela said, "I have been spanked and caned myself for misbehaviour but thankfully not since my second year at University but I have never done such a thing to anyone else". My Aunt was quick to address her concerns, "Well Angela you obviously learned from your mistakes and the punishments you were given were enough not only to punish you but correct you. That is why you are now a mature and responsible young lady. Elizabeth unfortunately has shown herself still to be a little girl, and a very naughty one at that, who needs to be constantly supervised and punished. As a child she may be corrected by any responsible adult such as yourself and in fact in this case being punished by one of her former peers will be even more effective in making clear to her what her lack of progress and immaturity has led her to. I will be happy to demonstrate how to use the paddle. After her further insolence this paddling will need to be even more severe than I had planned. Is that okay?" "Yes if you think it will help I will do it", Angela replied.

My heart sank at thought of the paddling I was to receive. My Aunt had bought this paddle about 6 months ago and every time I had been the recipient it was exceedingly painful. Now I was to suffer the additional humiliation of being spanked by one of my school friends. My Aunt took me by the arm to the edge of the kitchen table and told me to lie with my stomach and chest on the table, head turned so that Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, Miss. Wilson and my cousins could see my face and then loosened my knickers from around one of my ankles and told me to separate my feet so they were about two feet apart. She pulled my gymslip up over my back taking my school cardigans with it. "Right you insolent, disobedient and disrespectful little school girl let this be a further lesson to you. I want to hear each stroke counted in the usual way. Is that clear?" My Aunt ordered. "Yes Maam", I replied trying to gather myself for the first stroke.

I did not have to wait long as the thick leather paddle landed on my already stinging skin. "One Maam, thank-you", I said gritting my teeth even though I knew I would soon be reduced to the cry baby my Aunt wanted. She continued relentlessly and I could hear her asking Miss. Wilson if she was clear as to how to apply the paddle. I was already crying when the paddle landed on the previously untouched skin of my inner thigh. The pain was horrendous and I shrieked with the pain but this did not prevent my Aunt following with further blows alternating to the same area on each leg. "Thirty-five Maam, thank-you", I counted out. "Right Angela here is the paddle. Do not spare any force when paddling her, she needs the full benefit of each application", my Aunt said. There was a short break during which I took some deep breaths before my punishment resumed. Any hope that her strokes would be weak was soon removed as she landed the paddle across the backs of my already reddened thighs. "Thirty-six Maam, thank-you", I said as I burst into tears again. The strokes landed with even quicker pace, I was in agony and completely humiliated by my position naked from the waist down apart from my knee socks and shoes with a school friend spanking me like a naughty infant. "Sixty Maam, thank you", I blubbered. I could hear Miss. Wilson talking to my Aunt. I was in agony, mucous from my nose was running onto the kitchen table together with my tears. "Do you think you have been sufficiently punished for your misbehaviour today Elizabeth and deterred from any repetition?" My Aunt asked. "Oh yes Maam I have. I will be good and do exactly what I am told without question. I thank you and Miss. Wilson for teaching me this deserved and painful lesson", I replied hoping that at least this stage my day of punishments was finished. My Aunt continued, "Unfortunately as your cousins and I know that you repeatedly say you have learned your lesson but then misbehave so I think I will apply a few additional reminders. Hopefully this will ensure that you are not lying when you say this".

Immediately I felt searing pain as my Aunt expertly landed the paddle on my inner thigh and I screamed in pain. My paddling continued until I counted, "Seventy-five Maam, thank you".

I was told to stand-up and put my hands on my head and my Aunt, pinned my gymslip and cardigans to my cardigan collar so that my backside was on display before she hooked my foot back inside the leg hole of my knickers so they were left crumpled around my ankles. I was crying and my nose was running. I was taken by my Aunt to the corner of the kitchen and told to face the corner and stay there whilst they had coffee. I was so humiliated and pained by my spanking that it was a relief to stand in the corner sobbing whilst my cousin, Aunt and neighbours openly discussed my punishment and behaviour.

After 20 minutes I was told to come back from the corner and I did this with my hands still in mittens clasped on my head and taking small steps as I was hobbled by my school knickers around my ankles. My Aunt said, "Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are going now what would you like to say to them". I knew what was expected and complied humiliating though it was, "I apologise for my behaviour and thank you for watching my spanking. I hope you can see I am being dealt with as I deserve and need". Mrs. Wilson replied, "Well I hope you learn from it Elizabeth because at the moment you seem to be going backwards so that you need to be treated more like an infant than even a junior schoolgirl". I was horrified at the thought I could face being treated like an infant school girl as yet a further punishment.

My Aunt asked my cousin to go and fetch a blanket for me to lie on whilst she shaved me. She wiped my nose with a tissue as if I were a three year old, untied the ties on my mittens and told me to remove my school cardigans and my school gymslip. I complied stripping to my shirt, school tie, woollen vest, green knee socks, and brown shoes and with my wool knickers still around my ankles. She then put the mittens back on my hands and secured them in place and told me to put my hands on my head.

"As you can see Angela the belt has a steel waistband and then a further piece of steel which passes between the legs and the whole piece is locked firmly in place here and can only be undone with this key. Elizabeth can go to the toilet without the belt being removed and her pubic area is completely covered by this piece of steel. There is no way of her pleasuring herself by forcing her fingers beneath the piece of plate", my Aunt described as they both moved around me as she pointed out the features. "It has certainly brought to an end your heinous and wicked fumblings hasn't it girl?" My Aunt asked standing in front of me. "Yes Maam I have no ability to touch myself anymore which is what I needed as I had no self-control and deserved the punishment of someone else controlling my sexual parts", I replied humbled in front of my former school friend.

"She only comes out for her four times a week supervised cold showers and when she has her pubic area shaved which is what we will do now", my Aunt directed as she unlocked the belt and allowed the piece between my legs to come down, "Lie on your back on the blanket Elizabeth, arms stretched out like a baby having its nappy changed and legs apart. " I did as I was told and as my Aunt got to her knees I looked up at Miss. Wilson who was stood over me as I lay like a baby. "Every week Elizabeth has her public area and round to her anus dry shaved so that she is like a baby. Hair of any sort is a sign of a mature woman and obviously not appropriate for her as you have seen demonstrated by her behaviour today I'm sure you would agree", my Aunt said turning to Angela as she spoke. "Dry shaving is quite uncomfortable and leaves the skin a little sensitive which is another deserved discomfort for our naughty child to serve", she completed as she picked up a razor and started to shave me.

It was so humiliating as she first scraped my pubic area before pushing my legs up into the air and backwards, where she asked Miss. Wilson to hold them, whilst she shaved between my buttocks back to my anus. "Good job done. We always have her wear her mittens whilst she is shaved so that she does not make any skin contact with her pubic area even by accident", my Aunt said to complete my humiliation. "Well I would have never have thought anyone would need such a device to be worn at all times", Miss Wilson said as the strip between my legs was put firmly back between my legs enclosing my privates and locked firmly in place, "Is it alright if I tell other people about this", she asked. "Of course", said my Aunt it will humiliate Elizabeth further and hopefully also serve as an example and reminder to other young women like yourself of the potential consequences of such depraved behaviour.

My mittens were removed and I was told to redress in my school uniform. I shuddered with pain as I pulled my scratchy wool knickers over my red raw spanked legs and bottom before putting back on my gymslip and school cardigans and standing to attention. Gwendolin put my mittens back over my hands, tied them at the wrists and told me to stand to attention with my hands on my head.

"Elizabeth Miss. Wilson has to go now so what have you to say to her", my Aunt demanded. My humiliation could not have been more complete. I was dressed as a schoolgirl with my hair cut short in front of one of my school friends who was the same age as me and who was dressed stylishly, with beautiful hair, jewelry and make-up. I had been spanked in front of her across my bare behind, been paddled by her, served corner time and been striped to my chastity belt and had my privates shaved in front of her. "I apologise for my misbehaviour particularly my disrespectful use of your Christian name and thank-you for paddling me. I hope you can see I am being dealt with as I both deserve and need and that you feel able to make a further example of me as I deserve", I finished. My Aunt then said, "Elizabeth will be writing you a formal letter of apology for her awful rudeness detailing her punishment." Miss .Wilson said, "I was shocked by you being dressed like this when I arrived but having heard from your Aunt of your long running misbehaviour and seen your continuing immaturity I have no sympathy. You obviously need to be dealt with as a child and I am sure your Aunt will discipline you as long as is required to reeducate you no matter how long this may be." I was so ashamed and I hung my head so that I looked at the floor. "If you have anything further she should serve as punishment once you have her letter of apology you must of course say and you are most welcome to come and administer Elizabeth's disciplining when you are next here. It is clear that you have helped her deserved humiliation." My Aunt showed her to the door.

Gwendolin marched me upstairs to the punishment room and made me stand in front of my desk. "What are you gasping at Elizabeth", she asked. "I have had these knickers on for nearly three days and the dried sweat makes them very coarse and itchy and their rubbing against my deservedly sore and tender behind and legs hurts Miss", I replied. "Well spending the next hour sat on your sore bottom will be another good lesson for you won't it. Sit down and write down this line, "I wear woollen thumbless mittens because I am a naughty, immature and childish little girl". I want four sides of A4 with no mistakes. When you have finished put your hands on your head girl. Begin", Gwendolin ordered. Despite my pain and discomfort the repetition of writing the line 128 times reminded me again of what I had become through my own ill-discipline. Once Gwendolin left the room and then returned necessitating me quickly getting to my feet and wrenching the wool of my knickers across my badly caned, spanked and paddled behind. When I had finished Gwendolin sent me to face the wall with my arms folded uncomfortably behind my back whilst she checked my work. Thankfully it met the required standards.

Gwendolin told me to strip to my underwear. I took off my three green school cardigans, my shirt and gymslip folding them neatly, even though they were going to be laundered, and placed the school tie on the shelf where the other school uniform items I wear are kept. I was told to place the uniform items in the wash basket, adding to the endless laundry it is my responsibility to wash and iron for the entire household. Even though I knew the cold shower on my legs and backside would be painful I asked Gwendolin if I could have a shower but she said that it was not my place to ask and given my behaviour such a privilege was hardly appropriate today. I went to the toilet, washed my hands and face and cleaned my teeth.

She said I would wear the woollen school underwear, I had spent nearly three days in already, unchanged again to bed. I was told to put on my grey wool ankle length nightgown. I was told to clasp my hands behind my back whilst Gwendolin pulled a grey wool bonnet firmly onto my head and roughly fastened it in place by buttoning the woollen straps passing under my chin. My head had at least been spared encasement in wool all day but now this meagre release was removed as I was fixed inside my childish headwear. To complete my nightwear my hands were again enclosed in childish woolly mittens, which I had made the mistake of not accepting before Chapel and had spent the last hour writing lines about.

Gwendolin made me stand in front of the mirror so I could see my own nightwear and its humiliating appearance as well as ensuring its discomfort.

I returned to the kitchen under Gwendolin's close supervision where my Aunt, Gaenor and Nesta were baking cakes. "Your behaviour today has been a disgrace Elizabeth and I hope you are ashamed of yourself", my Aunt stated. "I am sure your legs and backside are at least a painful reminder of the consequences of your continuing childish behaviour. As well as writing a letter of apology to Miss. Wilson in which you will ask her if she thinks there are further punishments you should serve, you will wear thumbless woollen mittens to walk both to and from work for the next two weeks. I have agreed with your Matron that she or one of the other senior nurses will untie them as part of your inspection on arrival and that they will put the mittens back on your hands before you return home and you will write a detailed description of your regime this weekend including your punishments under detention conditions and this will then be published publically, as previously, for your humiliation and as an example to other young women who may be tempted to behave like spoilt little girls as you continue to do. It was yet a further blow on a day when things appeared not to be able to get worse.

"Right we will give your mouth a thorough soaping. Nesta please could you pass me the soap dish", my Aunt finished. "Hands on your head and open your mouth wide", she ordered and she started first by rubbing the bar up and down my tongue and then rubbing pieces of soap onto my teeth (which would make the taste last even longer). She relathered the bar of soap several times and inserted it into my mouth and moved it from side to side. The taste was horrible and as soon as she had finished and told me to close my mouth the inevitable soapy drool started coming between my lips. My stomach rumbled as the sweet smell of the cake already in the oven started to fill the air. My Aunt recognized the look and said, "That cake will be beautiful and we will be eating it later. You however will have to be content with the memory of your cereal for breakfast and two slices of bread and water at lunch because of your terrible misbehaviour won't you." "Yes Maam", I replied soapy drool washing down my chin. I receive no supper as part of my ongoing punishment.

"Gwendolin it is 4:30 pm so not a time for a 25 year old woman to go to bed at the weekend but absolutely correct for a naughty five year old girl so please take Elizabeth to the punishment room, supervise her prayers. Make sure she does at least twenty minutes on her knees, then make sure she is in bed and the light is off", my Aunt continued.

I was taken back to the punishment room and Gwendolin stood over me while I got on my knees to say my prayers making sure that my bare knees were on the wooden floor before I brought my hands, enveloped in my grey woollen mittens, together. I said my prayers out loud. My behind and legs were still filled with pain which got worse as I knelt for what seemed like hours. Finally my cousin told me I should say one further prayer and I finished with, "Most merciful God, we confess to you, before the whole company of heaven and one another, that we have sinned in thought, word and deed and in what we have failed to do. Forgive us our sins, heal us by your Spirit and raise us to new life in Christ. Amen. Favor us, Lord, and deliver us. Lord, come quickly and help us. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning is now and will be forever. Amen."

Gwendolin pulled back the two grey blankets on my low bed and told me to get in and lie on my back. I winced as the wool of my knickers rubbed against my spanked, caned and paddled backside and legs as my cousin tucked the blankets in tightly. "You don't start your shift until later tomorrow do you so you will be able to get some chores done tomorrow to catch-up on your laundry duties and get the toilets shining won't you Elizabeth?" My cousin asked looking down at me lying under my blankets with only my head covered by the wool bonnet visible. "Yes Miss", I replied through the soap in my mouth. "Good night I am sure you must have learned to improve your discipline today and lights out at 5 pm is another reminder. Do not get out of bed.", my cousin said as she closed the door and locked it. It was dark outside so when she switched off the room light I was left to sleep in the black.

This is how I spent my weekend which I hope shows that I am being severely punished for my multiple misbehaviour and in particular my heinous acts of masturbation.

It has been a further salutatory lesson for me to have to spend hours writing this piece and then having to rewrite it when my Aunt was unhappy with the lack of detail I had included. Before first writing the piece I was spanked severely and on the second occasion I was spanked and paddled and made to sit bare bottomed with my knickers around my ankles on a sisal mat to improve my attentiveness.

As you can see I am being treated like a schoolgirl except when I am at work and kept under close supervision and punished severely for any, even minor, failings. I am ashamed of my behaviour. I have learned my lessons and will not repeat my mistakes. I hope that in three months my Aunt and mother will recognize that I have been punished adequately and allow me to resume a more normal life. I will, of course, amend my lifestyle and not smoke, reduce my alcohol consumption, attend Chapel regularly and dress appropriately to Chapel including wearing a dress or skirt. I hope that other young women reading of my misdeeds and the deserved consequences I am serving will take from my example the need to avoid the serious, childish and selfish mistakes I have made.

I would like to thank you for providing me with the further humiliation of making an example of me to even more people by sharing this description.

Yours faithfully,
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