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Hi. My name is Mattie (or 'Little Mattie Fanny' as some of the ladies like to tease me with due to my girlishly supple bottom). I was a failure as a man so I am now 'made' to live out my days as a big sissybaby, which Madame feels is a much more agreeable state for me. As much as I try to resist this 'pansification', strict conditioning and discipline have all but erased my huffy maleness, replacing it with a much more innocent and docile disposition. As such, complex adult thoughts are a thing of the past. I have been trained to behave like a soppy little girl who must only speak with in lispy baby-talk or I will be severely punished, especially if I give off the slightest suggestion of manliness.

A big part of my conditioning is that I have an an extensive nursery wardrobe with lots of sweet toddler dresses and sassy babywear to be shown off in. Madam likes me dressed in very frilly attire to help enhance my humiliation (the more ridiculous and babyish the better). This is of particular importance for when the neighbors see me out in the yard skipping rope or playing with my dollies. And when company over, it is customary that I serve as their source of amusement, endlessly modeling outfits and twirl around in extra short baby frocks until the group decides which one they'd like me to stay in for the remainder of the day.

But it is on Easter where the grandest opportunity to get dolled up and paraded around in 'extra special' attire takes place. Although this occasion tends to proceed at the expense of my utter misery, as a childish sissy it is hard not to become mesmerized by all the lovely pastels and cute bunny rabbit motifs. In all honesty, such themes simply make my heart flutter, especially because they look so similar to sweet nursery decor.

This year I was presented with a WONDERFUL Easter treat; a custom made outfit handcrafted by none other than Annemarie (formerly featured in PDQ under Annemarie's Petticoat Junction)! Madame wanted to ensure that I stood out this year so she commissioned her to make a very pretty Care Bears themed bubble romper, with colors so vibrant they make it look like pure candy! It has a toss mock jumper bubble with ricrac edging, pink heart buttons, and a peter pan collar. There is a handy pacifer-holder sewn directly into the shoulder and it also has a matching hair bow headband. The 'bubble' is very full to accommodate my extra puffy diapers, and there are snaps in the crotch so I can be given a quick diaper change before I embark on a long round of hunting for Easter Eggs. The romper itself was made specifically to have a tight, emasculating fit that firmly hugs my diapers to prevents then from sagging throughout the holiday festivities. It was also cut to be VERY revealing. This not only shows off my smooth, creamy legs, but also allows easy access to my sensitive thighs should I be in need of any impromptu whacks from Madame's leather school tawse (I imagine I shall be in a particularly vulnerable position whilst picking up Easter eggs).

Big hugs to Annemarie for helping me look so pathetic and ADORABLE! If any sissies would like to have their very own fantasy dress, she can be reached directly at spinneris@shaw.ca.

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