I had a small business working with shoes and other leather goods. I had a rather large call for items that were used by women who had turned there husbands or sons into sissies. I sold many things that I had to fit the person and would have them come in the evening because they worked during the day. The men or boys would come for measurements as well as the fitting of the leather garments, some also had to have locking devices on them. I also did some work with iron or steel and had made some steel panties that would lock in place.

One lady that came in very often as well she would bring her sissy husband for things she would design and I would make for her. Not long after she started coming I found a need for financial assistance and mentioned to her that I was going to soon have to close the business. She sort of smiled and said maybe we could go into business together. She came in one evening and was very straight forward about how she would help but I would have to let her be the boss and that I would do as she said or it would not be a deal. Being close to having to shut down the shop and find other work at sixty years old. I did not take to long to agree to her terms. She at first was easy to work with. On top of that the work grew fast. I was busy at all hours of the day. Marie knew we would have to put on a new staff person to help.

The next day she came in with a man who was dressed as a female. I was let us say shocked to see such a thing. She old me that Karen would be my new helper, she explained Karen had in her other life been a metal worker and knew a lot about the type of things we were making.

The business flourished we were making chastity devises that were made of steel and locked very tightly. Marie said I was to make one for myself. I balked at first and Marie said that I should see how they work on a male if I was to make them properly. I then felt she was right before long I had it on and she came into the back area and looked it over my penis started to get hard with a woman staring at my penis trapped in the device. Marie reached over and took the key. I thought she was going to unlock it but she said that I was to wear it until she said I could remove it.

Our business grew like wild fire after we perfected the devices and the metal panties and cuffs and leg irons. Also women came in to have leather outfits made that were very sexy. I was one of the best whip makers in the country. The women bought no less than five each.

I built racks and crosses and many other items to detain men. I was trapped in some of them and whipped by many of the women. I found myself wanting to be Marie's sissy slave. Not long after I was dressed in women's attire and was under her spell wanting to serve her more and more. She soon took over the whole company along with some of her friends. All I wanted to do was be or do whatever she wanted.


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