from Debbi

Dear Helga,

I've been a monthly follower of your site for quite some time looking forward to the updates at the beginning of each month. My husband and I are newlyweds with him 11 younger than myself. Bart has no idea about my interest in a female led relationship just yet although he is learning. When I met Bart there was something about him that told me there might be a future with him as my sissymaid. After we got married I learned about Bart's breast addiction more than any man I met before. I let Bart has his way which was showing me just how much he loved my breasts. For the last year Bart has put my bras on and taken them off at night which was a bit strange for me to begin with however he will do anything when it comes to breasts. The more I talked with Bart the more I learned that his addiction for my breasts was also as much about my bras. One day I asked Bart if he would like to try on one of my bras and pushed the issue just a bit until he let me put one on him.

Helga it was something to see for both of us. While Bart felt somewhat embarrassed I on the other hand saw potential. We played the game for a few weeks with me helping Bart put on one of my bras before we had sex. Last weekend I bought Bart his own bra and a couple pairs of panties surprising him one night after dinner. This time I showed Bart how to put on his own bra and got to see him in panties for the first time. It was then Helga I had to send you a message to ask for some help.

Bart wears his bra and panties every day with my goal of having him wear them all day long. In his mind he is only wearing panties because they came with the bras, silly man. I haven't talked about wearing anything other than his bras and panties just yet. Bart likes bras and either wants to wear them due to his breast addiction or does so because I ask him to wear them.

Helga do you get a feeling Bart is sissymaid material? What should be my next move with him, all out dressing him as my sissymaid or take it step by step? I'm not sure how to introduce Bart to the world of serving me as my sissymaid. My experience with him is more teasing to get what I want from him and it works.

Will you get back to me when you have an opportunity?


Thank you for your letter Debbi. Congratulations on your new marriage and of course I am very encouraged that you are taking it in the proper direction. Taking advantage of Bart's fascination/obsession with breasts and capitalizing on that is a great way to start him down the path to becoming your sissymaid. The fact that he did not refuse to wear a bra and panties tells us all we need to know about his capacity to be trained and molded into a proper husband.

I suggest a step by step approach, it seems to work easier plus it more fun to watch as he slowly accepts each item of clothing, or does some 'feminine' task like hand washing or ironing. Teasing works, making him excited in his silky panties to teasing and masturbating him through them while touching 'his bra' are possibilities, commenting about how much you love him wearing his pretty clothes. Its a process and I would be happy to help you.

Auntie Helga

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