from Julie

Dear Helga, My name is Julie, a fairly new Mistress although I'm more of a wife than Mistress to my husband of 11 years. We have only been at this for 14 months with some ups and downs in the beginning. It was me learning to deal with my new found power over Jack not so much him having problems. Maybe you can help me answer a few questions if you have time to do so.

Allow me to give you some history first if I may. I used to tease Jack about having a maid or telling him to call the maid when he asked for something. Anyways one night we talked about the subject of husband maids which led to sissymaids. Jack led the conversation while I listened and took several mental notes. We have always had a fairly open marriage and were used to expressing our own ideas without the fear of offending the other.

I decided to accept Jack's offer to be my sissymaid. Yes I said Jack's offer. Is it that common for men to want to be sissymaids Helga? I always thought they were forced into it. Jack started to dress much like any other sissymaid which became a full-time thing which was at my request. He only wears pink satin styled sissy dresses at home so he pretty much looks like a 4 year old girl. Jack is a sissymaid and not a sissy baby as I don't care for the baby look. He attends to all of the work at home right down to cooking the meals.

Unlike some Mistresses or wives I don't punish Jack unless he steps out of line which is rare. He knows his place as well as his position in the household. Once again he asked to be my sissymaid so he pretty well does what he is told without any questions. Jack became my sissymaid partially because of me teasing him about having a maid. Well here is where my questions come in Helga now you have some history. I have teased Jack many time about cutting his balls off if he didn't do a good job. It looks as though the more I said it the more he thought about it and so did I. To make a long story short I have researched having Jack castrated with him agreeing with me. I mean what guy wants to have his precious balls removed? My sissymaid does. Thinking of Jack's chastity device and it not working with no balls I let him know the penis would have to go too thinking he wasn't going to like to hear it. I was only teasing knowing a prince Albert piercing was an option to hold the chastity device in place.

Helga am I losing it or do other Mistresses and wives look into surgical procedures? Jack showed me a picture of a sissymaid with no balls and another without either penis or balls. Would something like that be real or are the photos doctored up?

I would love to hear your perspective on the subjects above.


Thank you for your letter Julie. I suppose each of us had to grow into being a Mistress, though some aspects don't take all that long, some do and of course for your sissymaid it is a harder road, usually. It is not all that unusual for the man to initiate this lifestyle, I get emails all the time from husbands wanting their wives to take the dominant role.

It is becoming more common these days for the sissymaid to be physically corrected by castration and a penectomy, a fairly simple surgical procedure. While I'm sure there are many photos online that are fakes, it does happen fairly regularly and could be something you consider. Finding the medical assistance can be easy or difficult depending on where you live, but that said, most tattoo/piercing parlors can help since they are often into serious body modifications. Please note however that I am not advocating you do this but merely providing a bit of general information.


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