Bobby could hear his mom calling him from across the field. He really didn't want to go home but knew he had little choice in the matter. He, his mom and his twin sister, Robin, were going shopping for Easter clothes which is only a week away on the 8th of April this year.

Gad how he hated going shopping with them. He felt that boys could just dress in a nice pair of pants and a shirt for this day and that would be it. However his mom wanted him to have a new suit and tie. He had grown a little over the past winter so his old suit would not fit him, plus it was all dusty as he never wore it from last Easter. He hated that suit as well, it was one those suits with shorts and he felt like a sissy wearing it, after all he was 10 years old at the time and now he is 11.

He hoped they didn't have another one like it this year because surely his mom would buy it, even over his objections. Again he heard his mom calling even louder his name only this time threatening him with a spanking if he didn't get there quickly. He took off in a run towards his home then the first mishap occurred, his feet splashing up the water and mud from the recent late March rains. As his foot came down it dug into the loosened soil causing him to slip and slide and eventually falling onto the mud and rain soaked ground. He found himself all covered in mud and the loosened grass. Mud smattered all over his jeans and his shoes, his shirt becoming quite soiled as well. Gad he hoped this wasn't a sign of how the rest of the day would go.

He picked himself up and continued his jog but at a slower pace soon he was upon the stairs leading into his house. His mother was standing at the door too. STOP! His mom cried out, I just cleaned this house and you are not going to traipse through the house covered in mud. The mud on his shoes started to slide as he tried to stop causing him to once again fall down on his behind. His mom started laughing at him just sitting there. Go to the side door and come in but wait there for me young man. He scurried on up and headed towards the side door of his home. There inside that door was a small alcove with a couple of stairs that led into the kitchen and other stairs leading into the basement. Bobby looked up to the kitchen doorway and there stood his mom and his sister.

Bobby, his mom began, close the door and remove all of your clothes right there down to your skivvies. His mom always called his underwear skivvies but not his sister's those were always mentioned as panties. It seemed silly to him as they both covered the same area. He started to disrobe as he knew his mom was not about to just allow him to go change in his room. Soon he was down to his undies and just stood there. Now take them downstairs and put them in front of the washer, not on it. Bobby hated going into the basement, it was dark and always looked foreboding. Even with the lights on it was scary. He did as he was told though not wanting to incur his mom's wrath. He also removed his shoes and socks as they too were covered in mud and quickly headed back up the stairs and into the kitchen. I drew you a bath, his mom said, so get it done and I will put some clothes on your bed to wear to the store. Bobby ran on into the bathroom as he was still in his underwear, not that he minded being seen by his sister as they have seen each other this way on numerous occasions since they were small. The warm bath water felt great to him as he eased his way into the tub.

He shampooed his hair as some mud splatter had hit is auburn hair, and then washed his body from head to toe, even under his nails. He knew his mom would check. His undies were dropped down the laundry chute just prior to his getting into the tub. After bathing he got out and dried himself off then wrapped the towel around his waist and headed for his room.

Bobby's mom was still in the room but looked puzzled. He like most boys had his room a mess with dirty clothing just dropped about the room. Bobby you don't have any clean pants or shorts, you didn't put them in the weeks wash. Why are all your clothes dirty? Why can't you be more like your sister Robin and stay clean for a day? All Bobby did was respond with the usual I don't know mom.

Well wait here while I see if your sister has something that you could wear. At that his mom left the room. He knew his sister had some jeans even if they did have some embroidery on the pockets they could pass for boy's pants if you didn't look too close. He heard his mom going through her drawers and saying yes this will do and no to other things. Soon she was returning to his room. Bobby, she said, you are just going to have to wear these things until I get the laundry done and then shoved a pile of clothes into his hands. Bobby looked down and gasp at what his mom had given him. There was a pair of light pink shorts and panties and a matching T-shirt emblazoned with a picture of a girl and the writing of "I'm Am Mom's Little Princess" I can't wear these they are girls clothes mom, he bellowed. You really don't have a choice, his mom said, it is this or a dress, you decide. Her other stuff is just too girlie and I know you would never wear lacy panties or her tops. Definitely not he thought, but still what if he his friends saw him. They'd tell everybody.

Just put them on for now and we will go to the other mall across town okay, so you won't be seen. Bobby thought about it and said okay but nowhere where my friends may go. Who knows maybe you will be better behaved this time, his mom went on, and you know you don't want to attract attention to yourself. Now get dressed and I'll go get your sister ready, meet me out by the car Bobby, just don't forget to comb that mop of hair you have.

Bobby dropped the towel from round him and stepped into the panties, gad these felt so different then the undies he wore as a boy. As he pulled them up over his buttocks he gasps from the electric that ran through his body from the feeling of the silkiness of the undies. He liked these and wondered if maybe these came in boy's undies too. He then pulled on the elasticized waisted shorts and thought these were strange; they had no fly how was he supposed to go to the bathroom. The shorts went to about 4 inches above his knees unlike his boy shorts. Those had cargo pockets and hung just past his knees, these pink shorts had no pockets. He pulled on the T-shirt and found it too was a little short leaving his belly-button exposed, but it fit else wise. He then realized his shoes were still in the basement. Mom he called out I still need some shoes and socks. His mom came back in carrying a pair of his sister's shoes and some socks. They were sandals so he could live with that. The socks were anklets and trimmed in lace.

You need to wear those his mom said because we are also going to get you some new dress shoes. The stores won't let you try them on without socks on your feet, you know that. Yeah that was true so he went ahead and put them on, mashing down the lace to try to make it less noticeable. He then went out of his room and caught a glimpse of himself in the hallway mirror; he looked like a girl with his curly uncombed hair. He decided if he had to go as a girl he wasn't about to comb his hair and head on out to the car knowing his mom wouldn't waist time checking his hair. He climbed into the back seat and waited. Soon his mom came out with his sister and they got into the front seat. His mom started the car and they were off to the mall about 10 miles away. About half way there his mom noticed his hair but said nothing; he looks so darling there she thought, just like a little girl. She wondered if she could coax him into wearing a dress with his sister for Easter and even go to the towns Easter Parade.

They arrived at the Westwood Mall about 20 minutes later. His mom and sister quickly got out of the car, but Bobby sheepishly looked around outside the window. He wanted to make sure his friends were not there. Then even then he got out of the car slowly.

His mom grasps him by his hand and his sister by hers and they headed into the mall. Luckily they didn't need to go through the long corridors to the stores. In the middle of the mall was a meet The Easter Bunny thing set up and it was surrounded with kids waiting to get their pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. Bobby wanted no part of that, thinking what if his friends were to see that picture.

They headed into the Penney's store and right to the boys section. They looked at the suits and his mom allowed him to choose which one he wanted. He picked a light Blue suit instead of the usual black suits most boys wore. Then again Bobby always liked to stand out in a crowd. He went over to the changing rooms to try it on but was stopped by the clerk. 'I'm sorry little girl but these rooms are just for boys' she said. But I am a boy he said before realizing what he had said and how he was dressed. The clerk looked at him and just said okay and let him go in. whew! He sighed as he entered. He quickly tried on the suit, came out so his mom could see him and then went back in and changed back. Thinking to himself this is going quicker than I thought.

Next they went over to shoes and Bobby got a nice pair of penny loafers in black. He loved this style of shoe as they too were different from the oxfords most boys wore, plus he would get new shiny pennies for the tops of the shoes. they were done in just over a half hour, great he thought, now if he can hurry his sister along he could be back in the car and no one would have seen him.

As they headed into the girls sections Bobby saw them, racks and racks of different dresses, lace trimmed ones, brightly colored ones, button-back and zipper back dresses. Oh god he thought so much for just in and out here. His sister ran to a rack of the brightly colored dresses and started looking at each one of them, then over to the flower Printed dresses, and then the fancier dresses. Not choosing one of them.

Then he heard it 'Robin hey Robin over here' he looked towards the noise and saw his sister's friends and he knew each of them. There was Laura and Kristen, they ran up to each other and did that all kissy face stuff, why do girls do that he thought. Then the three of them once again started going through the dresses, holding some up against them or each other, chattering how cute they were. Bobby thought they were just being silly. The Kristen noticed Bobby and head straight for him. Calling hi Bobby and waving at him. Soon his sister and the girls had him surrounded. Their girlish scents wrapped him in their essences. Kristen then asked Bobby why are you dressed like that. Before he could answer his sister said he always wears my clothes at home is he cute. 'That's a lie' he retorted. It's because all my regular clothes are dirty and you know it. Laura said 'That's okay Bobby we are just teasing, come on and help us pick a nice dress.' He didn't really want to but he did want to get this done with so said okay. They went through once again only picking out different dresses this time to try on. The girls went into the changing rooms and came out to show Bobby's mom.

Bobby just sat on one of the benches watching them coo at the dresses. His mom too ooohed and awed at few a few of them. Laura saw Bobby watching them and seemed to be sad, at least to her. So she approached him. You look bored Bobby, she began. It isn't fun just watching us is it? Bobby agreed he wasn't having fun at all. Then Laura got this twinkle in her eye and looked right at him. I know what would be fun she said. What's that, replied Bobby. You can try on some dresses with us Laura spoke softly. I can't I'm a boy he said. Yes you can no one would know except us and we won't tell honest. Bobby thought about it for a moment. If you promise not to tell anyone what I wore here today and the dresses I'll do it, but Robin and Kristen need to promise it to me too. Laura told him to wait there and went and got the girls. Once again they surrounded him each promising not to tell anybody.

They grasp him by the hand and took him into the changing rooms. Laura quickly pulled of his top and began placing a dress on over his head. Soon he was standing there in a bright yellow dress, the mirror in front of him reflecting a very pretty girl. As he was lost in thought one of the girls grabbed his hand and pulled him back out where his mom was. There he stood in the girls section a boy in a dress, the girls saying how pretty he is and then his mom enjoined them. Bobby started smiling at the attention and was enjoying it. He thought his mom would yell at him but just the opposite occurred. His mom then said for him to go change but he wanted to stay where he was lavishing in all the praise.

The girls said they needed to try on a couple more dresses to his mom and re-drug him into the changing room. Soon he was in another dress a blue satiny one that pouffed out from the waist. then another flowery dresses before he was allowed to change back into the shorts outfit he wore to the store. While he changed back the girls took some of the dresses out to his mom, who was waiting for him when he came out. His mom was all smiles and seemed really happy for reasons that escaped Bobby.

Laura and Kristen had taken some dresses over to their moms calling out to Robin they'd see her in school. Bobby, Robin and his mom then went to the girls shoe department and got Robin a pair of white Mary Jane patent leather shoes with a silver buckle. They put all the clothes on the checkout racks and his mom paid for everything at once, his suit, Robins dress and yet there was more stuff there. They all headed out to the car got in and headed home.

On the way home Bobby's mom asked him if he had fun today. He readily agreed that this had in fact been a fun day, he even admitted to liking the dresses he had modeled for his mom.

The next week went by quickly soon it was Saturday. They would be attending the Passover services at the church and forego those of Easter morning. They went to church at the 6 O'clock service, Bobby was in his suit looking real good according to his sister, his hair now neatly combed, the pennies shining brightly in his penny loafers.

Bobby really felt good about himself. Robin was wearing her Easter Dress of yellow and with lace trim that had pink flowers woven into the lace along the bottom of the dress; it had a peter pan collar and buttoned up the back. Bobby even helped her button it up. He though Robin looked so pretty and wondered why don't boys ever get to look pretty like his sister.

That however was a fleeting thought as they arrived at the church. The services were not very long which Bobby really liked, he wanted to go back home put on his jeans and go play. As they were leaving the minister called out to his mom and ask to speak to her about an upcoming bake sale she always participated in.

Bobby spotted Billy and Ned Playing in the church yard and told his mom to go ahead he would just play with his friends. Bobby watched as his mom went back into the church with his sister. He then ran over to where Billy and Ned were just throwing around a football. He joined them and soon was involved with tossing the ball around too. Billy bragging he is going to be the next quarterback at the middle school next year told Ned to go out for a pass. Ned ran down the parking lot as Billy threw the ball. He placed that ball right into Ned's hands. Ned did want to be on the football team too, but wanted the glory of being the Wide Receiver. He bragged a little bit as he brought the ball back over to Billy. Saying they are going to make a great passing team on the football team.

Billy then told Bobby to go out for a long pass. Bobby took off running down the parking lot as Billy lofted the ball. Bobby jumped to grab the ball as it came down but hit the fence along the back of the parking lot, falling over it, it's barbed ends grasping onto his suit pants, piercing them and scratching Bobby's skin. As Bobby went over the top of the fence he could hear the pants beginning to tear and be ripped across the back. He landed on his back on the other side. He looked up and saw Billy and Ned asking if he was okay. Billy reaching out his hand to Bobby to help him up. Bobby with Billy's help managed to stand and looked at his new suit.

The pants were ruined; they were ripped across the seat of the pants and partially down one leg. Just then his mom also showed up and looked at him. Robin too but was covering her mouth with her hand. Look at your new suit his mom exclaimed. It's ruined, how are you going to be in the Parade tomorrow. Bobby didn't know what to say. Finally he said I'm sorry mom really I am. Bobby's mom was really miffed now and told him to just get in the car.

The ride home was extremely quiet, yet Bobby thought only a week ago his mom seemed so happy at the store. When they got home Bobby went to his room and changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. He came back down and just sat in front of the TV, he knew he was going to be punished for ruining his new suit. Minutes seemed like hours; even dinner was quiet except for the occasional chatter of his sister. He didn't even hear what she was saying until his name was mentioned. He heard his sister say 'He did it last weekend and no-one knew who he was, I think it's a good idea. WHAT, WHO, WHERE Bobby asked trying to get his thoughts organized. As to what his sister Robin was talking about. Then he heard sure we can curl his hair like last week when that one clerk thought he was a girl. 'That's right' he heard his mother reply. But he can't wear that short set to the parade his mom went on. 'No', his sister said but he can wear my other dress you bought, we know it fits him because he tried it on, remember.

Again his mom agreed. Then it dawned on him they were talking about him being in the parade dressed as a girl. He just sat there now listening to their conversation. They chatted on how it would work. It even began to sound plausible to him.

Bobby, BOBBY! His mother called shaking him from his train of thought. Yes mom he answered. We have decided since you cannot stay home by yourself while we go to the Parade that you will go tomorrow dressed like your twin sister.

While there we will address you as Melodie. Can you remember that name, he nodded an assent. If anybody asks we will tell them you are Robin's cousin. So for the rest of this day I want you in a dress so you get used to it, your sister will give you one of her play dresses and you will put it on. Do you understand me young man or should I say young lady from here on out. Bobby knew not to make waves and wind up getting into more trouble. Robin called him and said come-on so I can pick out a dress for you.

Bobby followed her on into her room. Soon he was back in the living room in a plaid button-back dress with piping along the hems and sleeves. He felt funny at first but then found he liked this article of clothing too. One could easily lounge about on the sofa without binding at his knees. Then his mom he needed to learn to walk like a girl so as to not give himself away, they practiced for over an hour and both got tired. All those ways to sit cross-legged or crossed ankles, walking one foot in front of the other, Bobby hoped he remembered it all as they walked down the Parade route. By bed time Bobby really felt relaxed in a dress. As he crawled into his bed he thought to himself what would mom say if I wanted to still wear dresses after tomorrow. Would she think less of me for wanting this? While pondering these thoughts he drifted off to sleep, dreaming of wearing the pink dress he had saw in his sisters' closet.

The next morning Bobby was up early as was his mom who was busy making breakfast. He had put the plaid dress back on to stay in practice for the day. Robin came down a little after him and said good morning and how nice he looked. The parade was scheduled to begin at 2 o'clock so he had time he thought. After breakfast he helped his mom clean up the dishes, she washed and he dried them placing them into the cabinets, the silverware into the drawers. His mom looked at him and said 'If I'd know this was all it take to get you to help out here you'd been in dresses long ago'. Bobby giggled at that while his mom was once again smiling at him. His mom sent him up to take a bath and told him to put some of her bubble bath oils in the water. He ran to the bathroom and began filling the tub pouring two caps fulls of the bath oils in the water. He always loved the smell it left on his mom and sister; he just thought it was a natural girl smell.

He took off the dress and without thinking dropped it down the laundry chute, that and along with his underwear. He loved the aroma as he sank into the warm water. He thought to himself he could stay here forever. At that time his mom walked into the bathroom and told him to stand up. Just as I thought we need to get rid of that hair on your arms and legs Bobby, girls don't have that. I got a cream that will dissolve that hair for now, so let me apply it.

Bobby stood covering his front but his mom just pushed his hands aside and began applying this lotion that smelled like cucumbers. She put it everywhere from his ankles to the bottom of his neck, even all around his butt and pee pee. After about 10 minutes it began to itch, he hoped he wasn't allergic to this stuff. He didn't want a rash like when he fell into the poison ivy a few years ago. His mom handed him a wash cloth with some body wash on it and told him to wash his whole body until the cream was gone, she washed his back and his butt while he did the rest. He was amazed he was now hair free, not a single hair below his chin. He hit the lever to drain the tub but it became clogged from the hair having him to have to pick it out. His mom then wrapped him in a towel and sent him to his room.

In his room he saw the light blue panties he was to wear today but his mom had told him to wait for her. His mom came in and had her dusting powder with her and using the powder puff began powdering him with this scented powder. To Bobby it smelled good too.

Then she had Bobby put on the panties. These panties were different from the other ones he had worn these were silkier and felt so much nicer, then his mom put what she called a satiny camisole on him. He loved the feeling as it went down across his chest so much it sent shivers throughout his body. His mom told him to sit on the bed and stick up his legs as she came towards him with a pair of opaque tights. The feelings as they were brought up his legs were fantastic he thought. She had him then stand up and pulled them up over his butt pressing the silky panties against his now hairless skin. He thought he was in heaven and if girls felt this every time they got dressed in these clothes.

Again he sat as his mom put a pair of black Mary Jane shoes on him. Finally she helped him put on the dress. It was a shiny silvery blue dress that he had tried on at the store. He loved the feeling of being in before and now he was getting to wear it again. He was so happy a tear began to form in his eye. His mom noticed it as well and told him to not to worry everything would be fine not knowing that this was a tear of joy.

He was dressed and felt wonderful. His mom then did his hair using a curling iron and hair spray to hold the curls, applied some light make-up to his face, even a little lipstick or gloss, lastly she placed a necklace around his neck with a silver cross dangling on the end. His mom then told him to go wait downstairs for her.

Again he caught a glimpse of himself in the hall mirror. He was now a very pretty girl, not just a boy in girl's clothes, and he liked what he saw. He sat on the sofa, even remembering how to sit properly like a girl, smoothing the back of his dress as he sat thinking 'My Dress' to stave off any wrinkles in the dress. Soon his mom and Robin came down also fully dressed. He thought they both looked so pretty and he would be walking with the prettiest girls in town. They headed out of the house shortly afterward driving downtown a bit early so as to find a good parking spot and because some of the streets were being blocked off. Once there they all got out of the car and headed towards their position in the Parade route.

There they waited until it was time to begin. While there Laura and Kristen spotted Robin and came over. They again started their chatter about their dresses but this time Bobby joined in with them, Kristen looked at him and told him he is just too pretty to be a boy, Bobby blushed at that. Robin noticed it and told Bobby it's true you should have been a girl, most of the girls thought you were a girl just going through you tomboy phase. Again Bobby began to blush, then he heard his mother calling 'Come on girls it is time for the parade.'

They all began the parade together down main street, Bobby holding his head up high, walking in the girlish fashion he had learned only the day before. Bobby hoped the parade would never end as he felt just so right being there and even dressed as he was. As they neared the end of the parade Bobby began to tear up as he knew this would be the last time he could do this like he was. His mother heard him sniffling and saw the tears on his cheek as they got to the end. She knelt down in front of him asking what's the matter honey. He looked into his mom's eyes and then told her he wanted to go on being a girl, to wear these nice clothes and he was afraid that his mom would hate him for it. She assured him she could never hate him and if he wanted to keep wearing the dresses she'd let him.

It has been over a year since that parade; Bobby is now Melodie as he liked that name. He is now attending an all-girls school with Laura, Kristen and his sister Robin. His boy things now a thing of the past. He, his mom and his sister are now as they should be.
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