I must tell you that I counseled with this boy who I will give you his true story. I promise you it is true. My name is Thomas and I want you to know I don't feel comfortable telling you these things but I have to talk to someone or go nuts.

I am so Sissy

My father died in a car wreck when I was twelve years old. I had a really bad time dealing with his death. I began to act out in such a way as to make my mother miserable. She would often cry after I had cussed her out and told her I hated her. That is why I came to my friend to get help. As I was telling him about my actions I mentioned that I felt like a wimp for doing the things I did. When we had talked in about three sessions he told me I had to make amends with my Mother. What I did not know was that she had been also talking with him about my attitude toward her. I later found out that mother had suggested that I be punished for these actions.

One day i came home and began to use nasty language and calling her names that no one should call their mother. Before I knew it she slapped me across the face. It did not hurt so much as it woke me up. I began to cry and she pulled me to her and my head fell on her breast. Like a baby I sobbed and tried to tell her I was sorry. I also said something I did not ever think I would say, I told her I wanted to be her daughter. I was shocked that I had said that. We talked and I confessed that I had been doing something before my Dad had pasted away. Mother asked what I had done. I confessed to wearing her under things and acting like I was a girl.

We both went to our counselor the next day after getting a special appointment. He listened to what we had talked about at home. After listening to us he told us about the Petticoat Discipline Quarterly. He opened his laptop and we read a few of the stories and after a while he sent us home.

At home mother said that for a while she would be my Mistress and that I would do everything she told me to do. She took me to her bedroom and told me it was time for me to become her sissymaid and I with tears in my eyes removed all my clothes. She went to my father's closet and she opened it. I had never saw inside that closet. I now knew that my father had the same desires I had. She told me to go pick out a sexy outfit. When I had the things picked out I turned and saw she had laid out some pink ruffled panties and a matching bra. Also black Fishnet Stockings with a tiny pink bow on the top of each one. There was garters and heels. She helped me to dress and put on makeup and I did not need a wig because I always kept my hair long. She styled my hair and I was ready to be her little girl. Mother kissed me on my cheek and said that we must be off to shop for my daughter some nice things.

She took time to teach me how to walk like a girl and to hide my underpants from the naughty little boys. As we walked to her car and the top down she said i was so pretty and I got so hard down there. We arrived at the mall and began my new life as her Sabrina girl.

As we walked through the mall I was kind of naughty, I allowed my short dress to get a little high in the back and heard a few whistles from some men or boys. As we walked from shop to shop I walked right by one of my best friend Todd and he did not even know it was me. When we got to the Food Court Todd sat just across from us, mother whispered in my ear that I should give him a peek at my pretty panties. I slid forward and my dress slid up and I was looking in his eyes and knew he had messed his shorts at the sight he saw.

I knew that day was the start of my freedom from being always a guy. I do wear male clothes when I go to school and I wear them most of the time. I can not wait to get home and put on my baby doll pajamas. I am not gay I am very much a man just as my father was. I wonder what it would have been like for Dad and I to dress up together. By the way mom does take total control of me and I do most of the house work including washing out our underwear by hand.

Thanks for letting me vent

Sabrina Sissy Girl.

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