from Sissy Melanie

Dear Auntie Helga,

I am very sorry that I did not reply that quickly but sometimes there is not enough time to write emails or any other free time activities. At the moment I have got the impression the longer I am mom's maid the more I have to do or mom wants me to do more. I do not know. Of course you are right and it is not only the wearing of nice dresses but also submitting to my mom and her friends of course. I owe mom a lot since she always cared for me and gave me a nice home to live in. I have never lacked of anything. So now is the time I can give her back what she gave to me.

Since my first email nothing really changed. But perhaps you can see in the way I am writing that I have become more calm and I feel more submissive than ever before. I did a little research in my little free time and I guess it is like that because of the chastity belt I am wearing for about four weeks now. Many other sissymaids say the same on the internet. Of course it is still hard to be not allowed and not be able to touch myself but slowly I realize that it is a great help in my new life because I do not have any dirty thoughts that could draw off my attention of doing the chores.

As I have already mentioned I have got the impression that I have to work a lot but occasionally I start missing my friends and free time activities like playing soccer or going to the movies. On the other hand mom got me many new maid's dresses which make me happy. Most of them are French maid's dresses in black and white with a petticoat like I already have. But there is also one dress in pink, one in yellow and one in brown with black frills which looks very noble and glamorous but still is a maid's dress. I am allowed to wear them on Sundays or special occasions if mom says so. You won't believe it but I am always looking forward to wearing them even though I have to work in them anyway. I have enough dresses now that I do not need to wear a dress twice in two weeks. In a way wearing these new dresses are a nice replacement for the free time activities I am missing at the moment.

Mom mentioned that I should let my hair grow so I will not need the wigs anymore in a few month. She also said that I should get done my fingernails professionally so they will be manicured French permanently. By the way my mom says hello. She would love to talk to you but because English is not our mother tongue it is hard for her to write. She understands a lot if she reads English but writing is too difficult for her. So if you have any questions or advice for her you could tell me and I would be happy to tell my mom. And if it was okay to you I would translate her answer into English and send it to you.

Thank you a lot for the nice conversation.

Best regards
Sissy Melanie

Thank you for your letter Sissy Melanie. How nice to hear from you and thank you for writing. I understand how busy you must be, being a sissymaid is a fulltime job. Of course being your mom's maid is a journey with an unknown route and she probably doesn't know the destination either. Just continue to obey and serve and so long as she's happy, it's all good. I am pleased to hear that feel more submissive, as you should and no doubt the chastity belt contributes to that but it's mostly mental attitude and the decision to serve her obediently.

What pretty new dresses, she has real taste and wants you to be as feminine as possible, long hair, new permanent nails and all. Please tell her hello for me and that I understand the difficulty in writing in another language, I share that limitation. I would love to hear if she is pleased with your progress, what, if any, her plans are for you.

Part One of this exciting story was published in January of 2018. This spring and into the summer it is our intention to bring the archive current, we have solved the storage problem.

Auntie Helga

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