from Mavis

Dear Helga,

I hope you are well, as always, thank you for a great, and extremely informative site on the treatment, and training of the lesser of our species, the beta male. The letter from Jennifer in this months PDQ really came home to me, as I experienced a very similar incident a few years ago. As you know, after I found "Alice" wanking in a pair of my panties, I gave him the choice to be my servant, or leave. Not surprisingly he decided to stay, and became my "sissymaid" as you call it.

However, I decided to look for other males who could properly satisfy me sexually; a thing that had been sadly lacking in our marriage just lately. At first it was fun, and I did meet very nice fellows, but none of these relationships lasted very long, until one night, I met this gorgeous looking guy. He had everything, looks, build, and acted the proper gentleman. We went out a couple of times, during which I told him of my husband. He thought it was highly amusing, and though it had put others off me, he became very curious and said he wanted to meet Alice. To cut the story short, I invited him round for dinner one Friday evening.

Alice acted the proper maid, taking his coat and serving drinks etc. She had also cooked a wonderful meal for us. George too, for his part, seemed highly amused that this so-called man, and husband of mine, was here serving us, dressed as a maid. He began asking all kinds of questions, such as, did I punish her, and how, also did we sleep together. He also wanted to spank Alice, I did not permit this, partly as I did not know him very well, though I am sure that if I had asked, Alice would have submitted to it, but also because I wanted this to be our night.

After dinner, we sat on the sofa kissing and cuddling, Alice by now was used to me being with other guys, and so was dutifully doing the dishes, as well as serving us as we required. It wasn't long before he started groping and kissing deeply, I didn't mind this, but told him to slow down as we had all night together. He didn't like this and began to get rough.

As you know Helga, my first husband had been a brute; I had had enough black eyes and bruises to last me a lifetime, and was not going to put up with this again. I fought back. At this he grabbed my hair, and started slapping me around, and began tearing at my clothes.

The next thing I knew was that Alice was there. Although George was quite a bit bigger than her, she dragged him off me, threw him against the wall, and twisting his arm up his back, frogmarched him to the door, and threw him out. I had remained in the lounge, but could hear the sounds of a scuffle going on, and Georges voice shouting threats, and being answered by Alice to either come back for more, or, putting it mildly, to 'Go away!'

When Alice returned, her hair was a mess, her cap having been torn off, dress ripped, and her pantyhose were in ribbons. As she said, it is hard to fight in heels, so she had kicked them off. She then poured a large brandy for me, and fetched a cold face flannel which she mopped my face with, asking all the time if I was sure I was okay.

I will never, as long as I live, forget her next words. "I don't think Mister George will be back Mistress, being beaten up by a sissy dressed as a maid is a bit more than the average male ego can stand!" But anyway, Alice went upstairs and drew me a bath, carrying me bodily up the stairs, and helping me undress. As I lay in soak, she tidied up the lounge and hallway, before coming in to dry and dress me in nightie and housecoat. That night, for the first time in many months, I invited her into my bed; not for sex, but to be cuddled, and hugged by someone I knew totally adored me, and with whom I felt completely safe and secure.

But it did not dawn on me until a couple of days later that, when I had originally found her in my panties, I had attacked her quite viciously. At that time, all she had done was kneel on the floor blocking my blows, and apologising. I realised then that she could have made mincemeat of me, had she so chosen; but instead, knowing that she had hurt me, she had allowed me to work my chagrin off on her body.

Effeminate, submissive, and sissy that she is, one thing that Alice is not, is weak. Once again, thank you for a wonderful site, please feel free to print this letter if you think it is worthwhile, love to all at PDQ, looking forward eagerly to next month's offerings, bye for now,


Thank you for your letter Mavis. How wonderful to hear from you, its been far too long. Of course it would be my honor to publish your delightful and informative letter. I know the readers will sympathize with your experience and I too am so pleased you weren't injured seriously. Isn't it interesting though that people may assume sissy's are weak when in fact at the basic, they're still men and can do what's required when the need arises.


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