from Elizabeth

Dear Auntie Helga,

The evening went without a hitch. We ate our food at Mcdonald's but mother could see that I was very nervous about being in public dressed as a girl. "Don't be so nervous" she said. "nobody knows you anyway so as long as you act as a girl nobody would even suspect you are a boy. You look very pretty". Those words made me flush crimson but it wasn't long before we headed home again.

Feeling relieved when we got home mother insisted that I stay dressed for the rest of the evening. Over the next few days mother brought lots of things home with her every night. Shoes, skirts, blouses, make up and hair accessories. Friday evening she told us all that I would be spending the weekend dressed as girl again. I protested several times which led to her storming off.

She returned with 2 pairs of my trousers which she stuffed into a carrier bag. "These are going to the charity shop" she said. "every time you play me up I will be taking 2 items of your clothing from the wardrobe and replacing them with 4 items of girl's clothes. Understand?" I was speechless.

Over the weekend I lost another 4 pairs of trousers.

Saturday I was completely made up and dressed again and spent the day walking with books on my head. Sunday again fully dressed and made up and spent the day serving meals and cleaning.

A couple of weeks later my mother took a few days off from work and told me that on Monday she was taking me to visit aunt Caroline to select my dress for the party. I protested yet again and lost another 2 pairs of trousers.

Monday I was woken early so I could be dressed and made up. I was dressed in a cream dress and heels even a spray of perfume. Mother took a pic of me as we left and my heart pounded as we walked to the car.


Thank you for your letter Elizabeth. You have this wonderful opportunity to experience being a bride and helping at the shop and your mother, bless her heart, simply wants you to look your very best. Those trousers are a distraction right now, I suggest you do as she askes.

Part One was published in last month's issue.

Auntie Helga

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