from Penny

We pick up the conversation...

Dear Helga,

How nice of you to respond so quickly on a weekend. Oh yes Joe will pretty much do anything for sex which works well in our relationship.

Thank you for the questions as they made me think of exactly how I can see Joe in the near and far future. For now I would like to get him into either a French Maid or regular maid costume. Please correct me if I am wrong Helga. What I thought might work best knowing Joe so well is to get him into some kind of maid clothing. I think you will agree with me part of changing any man is to figure out how he thinks and his weaknesses.

Once Joe accepts he is my maid and must dress accordingly moving to a sissymaid should be easier for me. I myself love the pretty sissy dresses and would love to see Joe wear one every day however there has to be a starting point. Yes he is panty trained which was the first step. Joe doesn't mind wearing a nightie either which leads me to believe I can get him into more as time goes on.

Helga you asked about Joe as my slave. That to me is one step too far as I do love him. I am sure he will see the love I have for him by having him wear more feminine clothes where as a slave he would for sure think I hate him. The male brain in a funny thing don't you agree? As long as I show Joe love he will eventually do anything for me and enjoy it.


Thank you for your letter Penny. As you noted, I work weekends, I work everyday, not complaining but if I didn't there would be no way to keep up with my correspondence, something I also enjoy very much.

There is quite a difference between a French Maid and regular or hotel type maid. Perhaps the French or other frilly maid could wait a bit. Many wives start with a plain maid's dress, simple shoes, that sort of thing, put him to work.

The male brain is a mystery, showing love is always important. Though slave does connate the opposite and he could think that. That being said, you will find I think that your being strict occasionally will lead him into deeper submission, assuming this is what you want?


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