A few weeks after I had went shopping for bras, and after talking to Ashley several times on the phone, she invited me over to her house, which I was surprised to find out was only 3 blocks away from my house. It was a Saturday morning, and I was already up eating breakfast when mom came downstairs. She got herself some coffee and she sat across from me at the dining room table. After we told each other good morning, I said to mom, with some excitement in my voice "Mom, guess what?" She answered "What?"

I said "Ashley invited me over to her house!" She said "Really? That's great! When are you supposed to be going?" I said "In a little while actually." She said "That's great! By the way, do you plan on wearing a bra?" I was kind of surprised when mom asked that. I answered "Actually yes I was, considering Ashley loved seeing me in them."

She said "I'll tell you what. Why don't you wear one of mine?" I said "Mom, do you mean it? You've never let me wear your bra before." She said "Well, up until recently, I had no idea you were so interested in bras." I then said "Wait a minute I can't wear your bra." She asked "Why not?"

I answered "What if Ashley finds out it's your bra I'm wearing, and she makes fun of me?" Mom said "I think worst case scenario, she won't care, and best case scenario, she'll think it's really sweet." So I said "Okay, I'll wear one of your bras." Mom said "Why don't you go upstairs and wait for me in my room? I'll be up in a few minutes."

So, I went upstairs to mom's room. About 10 minutes later, she came up. She immediately went to her drawer and she pulled out a blue bra. She held it up for me to see and said "This is a Playtex comfort strap bra. This happens to be my favorite bra. Since I want you to make a good impression, I'll let you wear this." She then instructed me to remove my shirt, which I did. She then told me to turn around and lift up my arms. After doing that, she put me in the bra. I couldn't believe how comfortable it was. I said "Wow, no wonder this is your favorite bra." Mom said "I take it you like it." I said "I love it! It fits great and is REALLY comfortable."

She smiled and said "I'm glad you like it. Hey, it's almost time for you to go." So I put my shirt on, and before I left, mom gave me a hug and said "I love you and I'm so proud of you. Let me know how it goes with Ashley. I'll see you later." After telling mom I loved her, I put my sneakers on and started walking to Ashley's house.

It felt kind of weird walking around outside wearing a bra, even if it was covered by a shirt. Soon, I got to Ashley's house. I knocked on her door, she opened it, and when she saw me, she gave me a hug and she let me in. After she let me in, she smiled and asked "Cory, are you wearing a bra?"

I answered "Yes I am." She asked "Can I see it?" I said "Sure." So, I removed my shirt. Ashley said "Wow, you look great in that bra!" I said "I do?" She said "Yeah." I asked "Do I look better in this bra, or the bras I tried on when I was at the store?" She answered "You look better in those bras, but you still look great in that one. Honestly, I think you'd look better in a white bra. White's a great color on you."

I said "Thank you." She asked "Is that your mom's bra?" When she asked that, I got very nervous. However, I decided to tell the truth and see what happens. I answered "Yes, this is my mom's." Ashley said "That's really sweet of your mom to let you wear her bra." I said "Well, she told me this was her favorite bra, and she said she wanted me to make a good impression."

She said "Well, it worked." I then said "I guess mom was right." Ashley asked "What do you mean?" I said "I told her I was nervous to wear her bra, because I was afraid you'd make fun of me, and mom said that you wouldn't." Ashley said "Of course I wouldn't make fun of you." Ashley quickly changed the subject and asked me if I was gay. I told her that I was straight I just really loved wearing bras. She then asked me what I liked most about wearing bras and I told her what I liked most is how they brought out the best in me. For the most part, Ashley and I just sat around and talked about all different sorts of things, and before I knew it, three hours had gone by.

I told her that it was time for me to go. As I got up, she handed me my shirt and I put it on, and she came up to me and she wrapped her arms tightly around me and she said "Thanks for hanging out with me." I said "You're welcome. I had a great time." While she was still hugging me, she said "Just so you know I don't like you just because you wear bras. I like you, because of how sweet you are."

To say I felt good after she said that would be an understatement. Just before she let me go, she kissed me on my left cheek. I smiled and said "Thank you Ashley." She said "You're welcome. You deserve it. I'll see you later Cory." After I told her goodbye, I left and I started the walk home. I couldn't remember being as happy as I was during that walk home.

When I got home, I told mom everything, including Ashley kissing me, and mom said "I think she might be falling for you." I said "I hope so. I'd love to make her mine." After talking to mom, I removed my shirt and mom's bra. After putting mom's bra in the laundry, I put my shirt back on and relaxed the rest of the day, reflecting on the day I had with Ashley. Little did I know that things would just keep getting better.

The end
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