Elizabeth's Confession

My dear readers, as members of our popular forum already know, Elizabeth is a young woman undergoing long term punishment for her rebellious behaviour. However recently she had begun to indulge in self pleasuring, an activity abhorred by her family and those seeing to her punishment. Below is her confession and list of the further sanctions imposed as a result of this behaviour including her introduction to a custom made steel chastity belt.

I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves weither the sanctions imposed are appropriate. I will say that so far as I know, this is a true account.

Auntie Helga

Dear Maam,

I have been instructed as part of my punishment to write a description of the disgusting behaviour which I have done and the resulting punishment I have been given.

I have been disciplined for over 18 months due to ongoing poor behaviour. I am 25 year old nurse but my behaviour has not demonstrated the level of maturity or responsibility to be expected. During this time I have moved to live with my Aunt so that I can be both punished for my misbehaviour and kept under close supervision in a manner which might be expected for someone much younger. I have been disciplined in numerous ways most recently including having either to dress in clothing of a style which would be worn by a much older woman bought from a Charity shop or spend time dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, adhering to a curfew, early bedtimes, written punishments and plenty of housework to occupy me. In addition I must attend Bible reading classes at our Chapel and carry out cleaning duties at the Chapel.

Unfortunately after many months serving my disciplinary measures without much social interaction due to my curfew and early bedtimes and the way I was deservedly made to dress I succumbed to the temptation of masturbation. I must make clear that I had been told specifically that any such activity was forbidden and would be dealt with in the most severe manner.

The first time I offended was whilst I was at work. I was dressed in my nurses' uniform and a baggy navy wool charity shop cardigan (part of my punishment). I had been working with this beautiful young trainee doctor for about 30 minutes. Of course dressed as I was he didn't really notice me amongst some of the other nursing staff. As he left to his next job I decided I could contain my needs no longer. I went to the staff toilet and sat on the seat. I had had no relationship with a man since my punishment had started over a year ago. I opened my legs so that I could reach up under my nurse's uniform dress and started slowly moving my fingers over my clit. At the same time I pushed my cardigan open, undid the top buttons of my dress and with my other hand rubbed one of my nipples through my vest. I continued to rub my hand back and forth over my mound. The feelings of arousal came quite quickly as I continue to fiddle with my nipple and rubbed my fingers back and forth over my mound with increasing speed and vigour. I had to bite my lip to avoid letting out a resounding groan as I climaxed sat flushed with arousal, one hand shoved up my dress and between my legs and the other pushed under the front of my dress fiddling with my nipple. I sat still for two or three minutes to recover my composure. My knickers were soaked with my sex but I couldn't do anything. I rebuttoned my dress which already was showing a damp patch from my soaked knickers and for once I was thankful of my long baggy cardigan. I straightened my dress, buttoned up my cardigan and returned to work. When I got home I made sure that when I got out of my uniform, knickers and cardigan they went straight in the washing machine (which was easy as I had to do all of the household laundry as part of ongoing punishment) so that the consequences of my disgusting self-pleasuring were removed without detection as I knew if they were I would be punished.

I realised that I needed to be more careful so on future occasions when I self-pleasured at work I made sure I inserted paper towels into my knickers so that I avoided staining my knickers and dress with the consequences of my release. Despite the unappealing situation of being locked in the stall of the hospital toilets my desperation to get personal pleasure meant I repeated my masturbation on multiple occasions whilst at work.

At home my behaviour was cunning and deceitful, I admit, to achieve pleasure from my activity. Here I was much more careful to avoid the greater likelihood of detection. I made sure that I was always doing the laundry, which I have to do for the whole household, the next day. I would carry out my masturbation in my bedroom lifting my wool nightgown up off my lower body to try and avoid staining it and lying or sitting on the floor so I did not create stains on my bedding. I kept my nightgown on in case I heard my Aunt or someone else approaching so I could quickly cover up my activity. I inserted toilet paper inside my knickers to minimize any staining.

I would sit and tease my nipples and rub my clit. I would work my fingers inside my pussy and use my thumb to work my clit. I would be soaked and eventually have to take a deep breath and covered my mouth with my spare hand to keep from screaming or making too much noise as I came. I am ashamed that frequently I continued using my fingers in my pussy through my climax, pumping them in and out of my pussy until my second climax ended before slowly removing them. Despite my best efforts sometimes my panties were soaked as were my fingers. I would lick my fingers clean and hide my wet panties until I could wash them with the rest of the laundry.

Fortunately my Aunt was observant enough to notice small stains which I failed to notice on some of my pairs of knickers and which I had placed in the laundry thinking there was no evidence of my masturbation as well as on the nightgowns I was wearing as part of my ongoing punishments. I thought I was being careful enough to avoid detection but the sloppy behaviour and standards I have demonstrated in many aspects of my personal life and behaviour over the past two years have proved my undoing.

I must admit that for eight months whilst serving the punishments which I was rightly assigned for my continuing misbehavior I sought pleasure by masturbating. In addition to this being a disgusting and sinful activity I had been told specifically not to do this. Sometimes I would repeat my activities multiple times in a single night to feel the satisfaction of being brought to climax again and again.

I have therefore been given a new set of severe sanctions as punishment for my disgusting behaviour, to prevent me repeating this behaviour and to make an example of me to others.

I have listed below my new conditions which are deserved and I hope you will see sufficient penance for my unforgiveable behaviour. Many of them were already in place because of my previous and long running poor behaviour whilst others have been added, extended or increased in severity
1. I am locked in a secure chastity belt at all times. I was fitted into my Chastity belt about ten days ago. It was a horrible moment to have to stand wearing only a wool vest whilst my Mother and Aunt fitted the belt around my waist and between my legs and locked it firmly in place. I was made to stand in front of a full length mirror so I could see clearly what my consistent misbehaviour culminating in my repeated masturbation has resulted in.
I have no one but myself to blame and the belt is a continuous and ever present reminder to me of the consequences of what I have done. I have had the humiliation of not only my cousins and sisters seeing my enforced chaste state but also friends and visitors to my Aunt’s house. My Aunt supervised me whilst making me try to pleasure myself so that I learned the futility of such efforts whilst locked in my chastity belt. I know I will remain in a chaste state until I earn release by a long period of exemplary and responsible behaviour.

2. Chastity belt is only removed to allow a cold shower four times per week which is taken under supervision

3. I must wear a knitted wool vest and knitted elasticated wool school knickers at all times including to work

4. I must wear a minimum of two cardigans to work

5. When I am not at work I must wear a school girl uniform, selected for me, at all times including in public including a minimum of two school cardigans.

6. At night in addition to my woollen underwear I must wear a knitted woollen nightgown.

7. At night and when possible during the day I wear thumbless woollen mittens securely fastened in place on my hands.

8. For at least 4 months I have to be naked from the waist down except for my chastity belt when in the house.

9. I am grounded at all times except for going to work and may only leave my Aunt's house under supervision at any other time.

10. I continue to attend Bible Class twice per week, serve tea and coffee after Chapel and do additional Chapel cleaning duties every week.

11. I continue to do all of the laundry and ironing for the household but now in addition I must polish all of the shoes for the household and clean all of the toilets

12. I am knitting myself numerous pairs of woollen knickers, woollen vests and thumbless woollen mittens

13. I am serving regular corner time for example with my hands on my head

14. I am sent to bed no later than 8:00 pm on week days and 7:00 pm on weekends and have to be ready for bed and in my nightgown and mittens at least 30 mins before these times. I am frequently sent to bed earlier than these times.

15. I have to sleep in the punishment room which has only a uncomfortable single bed and desk and chair for serving detention at.

16. I am going without supper

17. I am, quite rightly given my activities, subject to frequent inspections of my knickers including in public if required by my Aunt, my Mother, my female cousins and others

18. On Sunday if I am not at work I continue to be under the supervision of one of my cousins who decide what school uniform I must wear and will keep her occupied for the day with corner time, written punishments or other childish activities

19. I had to appear before the Chapel committee to admit my disgusting behaviour and ask for their view on whether I should be further punished. It was a complete humiliation to stand in front of them dressed as a schoolgirl and describe in detail what I had done. They decided that I should spend my holidays at the Church residential centre where I will spend my time doing supervised menial labour and praying for forgiveness for my sins.

20. I am receiving a 12 stroke caning to my bare behind every Sunday in front of whoever may be present so that I am severely reminded of my misbehaviour and status

21. I am receiving regular spankings with whatever implement my Aunt deems appropriate to both my bare behind and hands. To date I am sure not a day has yet passed when I have not been spanked on some days I have been administered more than a single spanking. This includes on Sunday when I suffer the pain of being spanked across my already caned behind.

22. I have to suffer the indignity of being laid out on the floor and having my privates dry shaved every week in front of any of my cousins who may be present.

23. I had previously for many months had my hair literally styled by having a pudding basin put on my head and my hair cut around it which left me looking very unstylish. However due to my further misbehaviour my Aunt decided I should suffer what she has termed a Catholic schoolgirl haircut to underline my status and make me standout in public. My hair has therefore been cut to a length one inch above my ears and at the front it has been shaved back from my natural hairline at least half an inch so that I have a bare forehead. I have to sit and have it maintained in this state at least every two weeks by my Aunt.

24. As you would expect following my deceitful behaviour and endless lying to try and cover-up my disgusting behaviour I have my mouth thoroughly soaped every day.

25. As well as my regular weekly caning and frequent spankings which continue to punish me for my misdeeds and prevent me from forgetting to behave correctly I was given a severe dose of corporal punishment for my offences. I received six strokes of the strap to the palm and back of each of my hands followed by 15 strokes of the strap to my bare bottom in front of family members which certainly made me regretful for several days of what I had done.

26. Finally my Mother decided that as well as having to explain my behaviour at Chapel I must write this piece. This ensures I do not forget what I have done wrong, the deserved penalties I am now serving for this disgusting behaviour and that I endure the humiliation of sharing this with others. I am to recognize that this may also include public sharing of these details to further my deserved shame and humiliation.
It has been made clear to me I will remain under these conditions for many months before consideration is given to whether my punishment for masturbation is complete. Even then I know I will be made to complete the punishments I was already serving and that these will be likely increased and extended for having masturbated whilst serving a punishment and having been told very explicitly not to do this.

I am ashamed at what I have done and being severely punished, forced to admit exactly what I did and to now wear all of the time a chastity belt to prevent me from repeating this has finally humbled my arrogance, boorish and childish behaviour. I would deserve completely to have my example shared publically for my own benefit by humiliation and hopefully to prevent other young women from repeating my multiple and selfish errors. I hope you are able to do this.

Yours faithfully,
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